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PSG ✅ Marseille ✅ Bayern ✅ Dortmund ✅ Leipzig ✅ Gladbach ✅ Liverpool ✅ Club Brugge ✅ Shakhtar Donetsk ✅ And today Real Madrid become the 10th team to lock in a Champions League place next season ✅

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Hüseyin Bozan
Hüseyin Bozan ()

@cokiyigol 🇩🇪 Dortmund 🇮🇹 Milan 🇫🇷 Marsilya 🇪🇸 Barcelona 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Liverpool

Teej 🇯🇲
Teej 🇯🇲 ()

@CAPTAlNHO @UtdEIIis They actually have some even said he’s better than Sancho which is funny cuz Dortmund sold him to accommodate Jadon

Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt ()

@FW_Dortmund @VeraAmVormittag Mal ehrlich, kleinere Autos tun es auch. 😉 Im Ernst, die Menschheit wird immer dümmer. Erleben wir hier auch immer wieder und häufiger.

Goal ()

Borussia Dortmund have given Man Utd an August 10 deadline if they want to sign Jadon Sancho, according to Bild 👀

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Punnen Thomas
Punnen Thomas ()

@TaintlessRed Think we have a good chance of signing Sancho next summer if he does indeed to decide to stay at Dortmund this summer.

Denoh ()

@Vintage_Utd Sancho will have a huge impact in United when he signs , and United have a better chance of winning a major trophy before Dortmund🇸🇳🇸🇳 ()

Les joueurs de Dortmund vont renoncer à une partie de leur salaire

Keiroshy dot Com
Keiroshy dot Com ()

Ha rendido en el Dortmund, realmente no le he dado seguimiento como es debido pero confio en los que dicen que mejoro mucho en el Borussia y que merecia regresar al RM.

قمر د ن _niyi👑👑
قمر د ن _niyi👑👑 ()

@realMkasim Then he should have remain in Inter Milan might dent his beautiful records

P R I N C I N H O ✨🇯🇵
P R I N C I N H O ✨🇯🇵 ()

Hakimi qui fait ses adieux au Borussia Dortmund mais pas à son club formateur pour qui il a prétendu clamer son amour depuis toujours Ligaments croisés contre Bologne ça vient 🙏🙏🙏

informazione sport
Informazione sport ()

Hakimi, messaggio di addio al Borussia Dortmund: Non dimenticherò mai il Muro Giallo

Naija Reports
Naija Reports ()

Now on Naija Reports Jadon Sancho turns down lucrative new Borussia Dortmund deal?

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Ross Davidson
Ross Davidson ()

@decokiko Hard one to think he won’t do it in Prem when he’s been class at Dortmund and in champs league etc, Defo got more about him that that lot and even James. He’s just rapid! Saw thing utd saying there no paying anymore than 50m

Red Devil Chronicle 🔰
Red Devil Chronicle 🔰 ()

People shocked at this but it’s not a coincidence this comes out after Dortmund announce they expect big losses. The current market can’t last forever. £50m-£100m for a single player has become the norm and it shouldn’t be.

Sam ()

@Rashfordesque1 According to @cfbayern, Dortmund are only looking for around £90m. Can see us paying 85-90 with add-ons

Karan ()

Dortmund demanding 100 mil, United not paying more than 50. Pretty clear what’s happening here.

Boru Dortmund new
Boru Dortmund new ()

Watzke: Borussia Dortmund ‘economically as stable as very few in Germany’ - BVB Buzz

Peaceful Ernesto🥇🎗
Peaceful Ernesto🥇🎗 ()

FIFA should make a rule for some refund if a player bought from a club doesn’t perform. Then some clubs like Dortmund will learn not to rate any small 20yr old in their team 100m. They still owe for selling us dembele’s prototype.

Declan Mcgrath
Declan Mcgrath ()

@FabrizioRomano is the reports that man united will only pay 50 million for jadon sancho true? Or fed out to manipulate Dortmund?

L A N R E 🌹
L A N R E 🌹 ()

@KOLA__BEAR Na nonsense dem dey talk, if dortmund sell am for that price walahi e go pain me

News-Blog ()

Borussia Dortmund – Watzke: BVB gibt kein offizielles Saisonziel aus

J The Funky Homosapien
J The Funky Homosapien ()

So #Sancho wants to move to #Utd and Utd desperately want Sancho and Dortmund are happy to Woodward deciding whether to release the story that they are will only pay £50m

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Woodward is a genius, Dortmund suffered huge financial loss due to the Coronavirus and would be desperate for any money they can get. It’s a bait, Jordan Sancho will play in Old Trafford next season.

Depedro Mackz
Depedro Mackz ()

@gaz_paine @markgoldbridge There wasn’t a global pandemic when you bought those This is all down to Dortmund lowering their price which so far they said they won’t. James cooper said yesterday that there is no way Utd will pay even close to the asking price of 100mill+ with the pandemic

Piłkarski Ś
Piłkarski Ś ()

Manchester United nadal poluje na gwiazdę Borussii Dortmund. Jednak nie chcą oni przepłacać na Jadona Sancho. Chcą Anglika za dosyć śmieszną kwotę. #BundesTAK #kanałangielski

Fight For the Planet
Fight For the Planet ()

@LeftistFun @dave_dortmund I find it all interesting, i like seeing how people think. I only get annoyed by individuals who are jerks

Shaz ()

@Adroit_Cadet He’s a £100m+ player in a pre-covid market. In today’s he won’t be worth more than £70m. Every club in the world has lost match-day and TV-rights money as a result of covid. For Dortmund to still demand a high price is stupid, the market isn’t the same.

Razor Ramon
Razor Ramon ()

@Malachians This is all pet of Master Negotiator Ed’s plans. He’s got Dortmund right where he wants

Goal ()

After scoring a hat-trick against Dortmund, Andrej Kramaric then bagged his fourth with a no-look penalty 🙈 😅

B/R Football
B/R Football ()

PSG ✅ Marseille ✅ Bayern ✅ Dortmund ✅ Leipzig ✅ Gladbach ✅ Liverpool ✅ Club Brugge ✅ Shakhtar Donetsk ✅ And today Real Madrid become the 10th team to lock in a Champions League place next season ✅

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☚ #JYPE_TreatGOT7Fairly #gatadadevatos ☛
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