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Chinese dragon got your tongue, kids? @NBA #CourtingCommunists.

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Walking a bit faster, Lumi was forced to stop and shiver as a cold breeze flew by. Then suddenly, an earthquake shook the ground causing the little fox to fall in the snow. When she looked up, an Ice Dragon was staring right at her..

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Saudades dos sábados a noite quando saiam os eps de Dragon Ball Super e era um hype enorme no mundo inteiro que acompanhava.

郡山やべえじゃん みんな大丈夫かな? おい大丈夫かリプくれ.

#아무도_믿지않을_거짓말을_해보자 사실 고양이가 저임.

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Tagging @nanyanagar who just reminded me that books really do affect real life emotions.

イヤホンして爆音でDragon Ash聴けば、いつもと変わらぬ夜。またはそれ以上.

you know you’re in australia when a dude drives past your house singing rain by dragon at the top of their lungs 😖.

You know how Hamon keeps Joseph pretty fit in his old age? Is it the same with Ki in Dragon Ball? Cuz Master Roshi definitely shoulda just died of old age by now.

外が静かだけどあれだ 確認のためにドア開けたら指持ってかれるやつだ.

Y la princesa, harta de príncipes azules desteñidos se acercó al dragón y le dijo: Perdona, tienes fuego?🐉🔥.

I still remember the whole class laughing when I said mother & daughter with an Indian accent and that basically never left me for the two years in school..

@FiredUpHeir Jinx giggles and appears behind Sei. Her massive breasts are pressing against the dragon´s head. You called me~.

@hiro11290326 今日の電波弱いですよねー😭 耐えましょ!耐えましょ!.

去年のドラフト当日の私「やっと帰宅や!ただいまやで〜ささ、ドラフトドラフト!」 母「あ、根尾くんドラゴンズやで(サラッ」 私「待てやwww」.


@moriyoshijon Thank you for your hard work! And it makes me so happy to see 7th Dragon III here. Game deserves so much more love..

@NAIRO_716 @dragon_tokage52 当然あると思います!実験心理学などは人間の感情も反応と捉えますが、反対に、このスズメバチ今怒ってるとこちらが感じるなら、感応しているわけで、やはり怒っているのではと思います。.

@FlashtheArtist Maybe I’ll color her one day lol just imagine she’s brown and cream.

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@YsgolBrynCollen Edie and the Welsh Dragon waiting for dinner in the cafe! Shopping next! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿.

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@ATMBigDawgEv Certain movies should NEVER be touched. No remakes, prequels, NOTHING! - Scarface - The Last Dragon - The Goonies.

You banish a Medium chromatic or metallic dragon that emanates from two allies. After exposure ceases, a miracle is barely visible and does not obscure vision..

@BD_dragon_hina 嫌いなんてアイドルがオタクに言わないだろ。俺もじつは嫌われてそうだけど.

Coils of smoke rose from the broken city like dragon’s breath, the sunset bright with flames of colour. She fixated on the hue of burgundy ribboning across the clouds, memorizing the colour of freedom. A far explosion brought a smile to her lips as she began to count the dead..

From Wuhan to Chennai, from Yangtze river to Ganges, China & India join hands and stand together. Dragon and Elephant have a tango. Let us jointly work for a better future of our country and people, and the world at large..

Chinese dragon got your tongue, kids? @NBA #CourtingCommunists.

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