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Feels like Ceballos has finally clicked with Arteta. Moving the ball much quicker than he was under Emery. More decisive and sharper, no dallying in possession.

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Tó Encarnado
Tó Encarnado ()

Quem é melhor e quem quer vir ? Marco Silva ? Vitor Pereira ? 🤔🤔😭😭 Os benfiquistas não querem JJ, Emery, Paulo Sousa etc etc

alex D
Alex D ()

Emery is so much fun, the only bitch i know that is down to go to Target with me at 9:30 am

Austin ()

The kardashians at least don’t try to project a higher meaning, they know what they do and are fine with it

FOX Sports Brasil (de 🏠)
FOX Sports Brasil (de 🏠) ()

Mesmo com sinal verde de Emery, Jesus continua como sonho de gigante europeu 👉

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Edu Pérez 💯🏆
Edu Pérez 💯🏆 ()

@ch_ete 😁😁yo es que no puedo con Emery, macho. Casi prefiero que vuelva Neville😜

🦖 Gunnerson 🦋
🦖 Gunnerson 🦋 ()

@arseblog The first Arsenal boss in my lifetime that knows how to pressure the board into signings. Sir Wenger never said anything about signings and Emery didn’t speak English.

Fran García
Fran García ()

@SelitoRbb Yo creo que de los entrenadores sin experiencia en Europa. Marcelo Gallardo gana en consenso. Prefiero a Valverde, Emery o Marcelino, pero este es top también.

#SayNoToArteta ()

@ImNawaZz aise hi tu mere bhai @aaronramsey ke liye bolta tha shuru Emery ke plans mein fit nahin ho rha etc etc Trust Emery Ball aur pata nahin kya kya dekh liya anjaam Salle ek Spanish ko kaise trust kar skta hai tu

Alex Norton
Alex Norton ()

Night and day from what Emery displayed during his time at Arsenal. Emery caved in to the front office and media at every turn and never established a culture. Love seeing this from Arteta

Odile Ammann
Odile Ammann ()

Very sad to learn that my English teacher in high school, Carmen Emery, passed away on July 1. She was only 61. Carmen was a brilliant teacher, enthusiastic and passionate about her work, & keen to use interactive & innovative teaching methods which kept us engaged. A role model.

Qoute Love & Life
Qoute Love & Life ()

Love someone who leaves so many holes in you that if they were to walk away, half of your soul would go with them. Emery Allen

Vashthestqmpede ()

@emerysmith33 A little minor 2 5 1 nice! I didn’t know you played? Are you a jazz fan Emery? :)

Estuu🦊 ()

@Maikez_ @RESACADEPORTlVA Voro le pega un cabezazo al presidente de la APV porque dice ojalá vuelva Emery. Espectacular JAJAJA

Afc ()

Meanwhile Emery wanted Zaha and got bullied by the board😭 Levels

Mike ()

@Faaabianskiii It’s the public slander Emery handed down to Özil saying he never wanted to try and that he was lazy. I’ve also never seen Arteta deploy Torreira as an AM.

Bennay ()

@arseblog Enjoying the way Mikel publicly ‘manages up’ in a way that Emery never quite managed to do beyond a few hints. Be nice if he didn’t have to obviously, but it’s reassuring that he’s as direct about his expectations with the execs as he is with the players

Flappyhandski ()

If Arteta is fine with Torreira being sold and Ozil being dropped, does that not mean Emery was somewhat vindicated in his midfield decisions?

Loïc ()

@Stevearsenal2k @arseblog Which really turned out the worst way possible because Emery got backed

david rojo
David rojo ()

@RESACADEPORTlVA Parejo filtra que se peleó con Guedes porque le dijo que ojalá vuelva Emery

Iván Jiménez
Iván Jiménez ()

Manu Vallejo le hace un mortadelo a la mascota del VCF porque le dice que Ojalá vuelva Emery.

Balsa 💯
Balsa 💯 ()

Fernando Gomez deja encerrado en paterna a Tamara Gorro porque dice que ojala vuelva Emery

FOX Sports Brasil (de 🏠)
FOX Sports Brasil (de 🏠) ()

Benfica tem entrave para fechar com Unai Emery após ouvir recusas de Pochettino, Allegri e Jorge Jesus 👉

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404 Not found
404 Not found ()

@vcfnew @RESACADEPORTlVA Kangin bloquea en Twitter a Carlos Soler porque le dice que vuelva Emery

Mike Morbid
Mike Morbid ()

#HorrorMovieTrivia Matt Ross had to gain weight and wear a fat suit to play Emery.

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Mon Dong
Mon Dong ()

@SelitoRbb Seguramente teniendo en cuenta también su trayectoria en Sudamérica. Valverde tiene dos ligas, Supercopa, etc más lo que hizo en Grecia. Emery en Francia lo ganó todo por sistema, y luego sus 3 Marcelino tiene una Copa y se acabó lo que se daba.

Bill the Lizard
Bill the Lizard ()

The only people who have anything to fear from free software are those whose products are worth even less. -David Emery

Òscar Selfa
Òscar Selfa ()

@RESACADEPORTlVA Paco Camarasa filtra que se peleó con Jorge Mendes porque le dijo que ojalá vuelva Emery

Héctor Gómez
Héctor Gómez ()

Ayer comieron en Valencia Juan Villalonga y Unai Emery. En la comida había más gente pero NADIE del Valencia CF y en ningún caso estuvo Anil Murthy. De hecho, ahora mismo Unai no está entre las principales opciones para el banquillo del Valencia CF. Bon día

LUCHA 🇨🇩 ()

Emery-Patrice Lumumba notre héros national aurait eu 95 ans ce 2 juillet 2020. Lumumba n’est pas mort, il est vivant dans le cœur de millions de Congolais et d’autres hommes/femmes à travers le monde. Ses idées et son combat sont toujours vivaces ! Fiers de poursuivre sa lutte.

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Simon Collings
Simon Collings ()

Feels like Ceballos has finally clicked with Arteta. Moving the ball much quicker than he was under Emery. More decisive and sharper, no dallying in possession.

☚ Jackie Nava #Felizdomingo ☛
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