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🚨 OFFICER DOWN: Please pray for the family and friends of Spartanburg County Deputy Austin Derek Aldridge who was shot and killed in the line of duty. He responded to a domestic incident and as he approached, he came under fire and was struck by gunfire. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!.

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You people saying “read the last line”, do you know what it means for you and your family to “be with” alleged criminals over their travails? Again, best to steer clear of things like this. Ignore it completely. It doesn’t win you any points, and it takes away some. Abeg..

family line by conan gray is pluto jks song and i wanna cry now — i haven’t listened to the album yet!! i’m gatekeeping it from myself until i’ve been at least a little productive but this is making me even more excited to give it….

@Tomas_Mier Yeah you really weren’t lying about family line and the album in general ofc.


@on1yangel_ i just kept crying harder and harder with each song 😭 but family line and summer child realllyyyy got me.

i love family line so much but it’s so sad i get ill listening to it i want to hug anyone who relates to it:(.

my god conan this album is beautiful but family line was meant specifically for tears. #Superache.

@wtfisaconangray people watching the exit astronomy movies footnote memories disaster family line jigsaw yours summer child bestfriend 🥲🥲.

the way bella said yeah when we were listening to it i was thinking about you after family line im so 😭😭😭.

どの曲もいいけど、ひとまずFamily line聴いて泣きそうになってる、、、Kidkrowの時のthe storyみたいだな.

it’s almost 4am and i’m still crushed over summer child and family line @conangray.

@piggysmallzbutt family line by conan gray i don’t actually i just relate to it bc it’s literally my life so i’m just sobbing now LMFAO.

y’all imagine is conan gray saw my tweets about family line. he would send me to therapy🏃🏻🏃🏻.

This tweet was obviously a jab at the Ikweremadus. If he was cool with the family, it could have maybe been interpreted as him supporting the family, but obviously he’s not because Ikweremadu still shaded him recently. The last line is a clearly sarcastic jab. PO is petty sha 🤭.

いやFamily Lineえぐすぎて1回止めた なぜか心臓のバクバクが止まらん Matildaと一緒で刺さる人には刺さるしよりspecifcだから危険でもある.


family line: sto piangendo tantissimo, non posso dare un voto, è indescrivibile, la prima volta che sento qualcuno parlare attraverso una canzone di una situazione come la mia, grazie conan non so che dire grazie..

@conanlyrics you know ashley believes that there’s something between you and i or scattered cross my family line i’m so good at telling lies.

Great to see Harborne Carnival back this Sunday celebrating its 25th anniversary down #Harborne High Street. Looking forward to meeting residents and enjoying the food, music and vibrant atmosphere it always brings!.

i want to turn myself inside out every time i listen to family line. i want to cry and hit my head on a wall and break the wall.

Me coming out of my room after listening to summer child and family line from Conan Gray:.

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le canzoni che mi hanno colpito subito al primo ascolto sono disaster, best friend, family line e footnote (RAGA L’OUTRO) + non ho tenuto conto dei singoli che tanto mi piacciono tutti.

@Bootsandbandana @MaggieMobrules The royal family should not be allowing this to happen it’s bad for the whole monarchy if we are being lied too, these children are in the line of succession people will turn on them if there dna is in question!.

@WritesBright Oh yes they did. They used a pandemic to line up the coffers of friends an DC family Track and Trace £37bn, PPE contracts - at least £9bn wasted and probably more. Brexit - currency traders betting on a run on the £. Now record borrowing and the poor have paid for all this!.

They have diabolically calculated destroyed my house they destroyed my cars they have destroyed my career and they have strategically dismantled everything I worked hard for and make me look like a damn fool on and off line I hate these people local & my family entirely.

@lanadelgrayy it was all manageable till i listened to family line and now im crying on my bed.

- emoji [logoxvn | Happy day emojis] - theme [logoxvn | Bear family] [logoxvn | The sky never looked so blue .] [logoxvn | 90s with Teddy bears].

matilda by harry styles and family line/summer child by conan ??? the girlies with toxic families are LIVING rn.

#Superache Family Line!!! 😭😭 @conangray I love u.

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conan gray en serio escribió movies y family line y pretendió que siguiera con mi vida como si nada.

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