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🤯@ESanders_10 to @RMos_8Ball 🏄‍♂️ #GoNiners #SFvsNO.

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To my dear sweet friend @heykayadams your thoughts on my #goniners. Happy holidays to you and your family and the @gmfb crew..

Ordered myself an early Christmas gift 🎄 lol #GoNiners.

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A un año de su partida, #Los49ers usaron insignias en honor a la memoria de Tony York. #GoNiners.

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Como cuando despiertas y ves la clasificación de la ☝🏼 #GoNiners #BattleTested 🎨 @espn.

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Words Can’t Express How Proud I Am To Be A @49ers Faithful, Through The Bad & The Good, It’s Been A Pleasure To Represent This AMAZING Team ! #GONiners  !!!!! 🙌🏽♥️💛🔒.

Y por cierto, solo si asisten al taller sabrán qué es eso de “La Perrada”. Gracias a ti Roger! #GoNiners.

I love it!!! I need that scarf 🧣 😍😍😍 You all Look Great!!! And hope you get better #GoNiners.

#Kittleschorsch mit dem Move am Ende. 😂🔥 #GoNiners @Footballerei.

Look at these fools trying to force feed people a narrative that they themselves made up. I call this #FakeNews #GoNiners.

Grande dia pra estrear minhas meias 🤗❤🥰🌟 #GoNiners @JimmyG_10.

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Do we just keep posting this? Yeah go on then. #GoNiners.

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@49ers_fr JG à la hauteur!! Heureux pour l’homme qui efface les doutes en avançant dans la saison! LE KIFFE !! #GoNiners.

Those rams delivered. Its in our hands now, I would of said we had no chance against the Seahawks at theres, but beating saints at there stadium yesterday was huge. #GoNiners.

My few neighbors were most likely very concerned about my family & I during that Niners game today. Such a roller coaster of emotions, and every form of “fuck” was obnoxiously yelled. My mother & pets may still be scared. We got that W tho baby, #GoNiners.

The Hot Hand RBs Last three games; Mostert: 260 Rush Yards, 70 Rec Yards, 4 TD, Avg Coleman: 51 Rush Yards, 19 Rec Yards, 1 TD, Avg Breida: 54 Rush Yards, 4 Rec Yards, Avg (1 Game) Wilson: 27 Rush Yards, 7 Rec Yards, Avg (2 Games) #49ers #GoNiners.

The 3 Hot Hands WRs Last three games; Sanders: 213 Yards, 1 Rec TD, 1 Pass TD, Avg Samuel: 167 Rec Yards, 53 Rush Yards, 2 TD, Avg Bourne: 87 Yards, 2 TD, Avg #49ers #GoNiners.

Im so proud of Jimmy man. Dude is Fucking killing it the last few weeks. Feels so good to have a Top 10 QB. #GoNiners.

It’s official! Thanks to the @RamsNFL The @49ers take the No. 1 Seed in the NFC and we are the BEST team in the NFL. #GoNiners #BangBangNinerGang.

@jenniferleechan Tough to see! Hoping for the besf!! Get well Richburg!! #GoNiners.

#49ers @49ers coming out of the death trio at 2 - 1 is excellent. Should have been 3 - 0. This is a very special team. Congrats. Atl. Next #GoNiners.

Hitner been my favorite since he signed. Faith till his last day. #GoNiners.

49ers finish their ‘gauntlet’ 3 weeks at 2-1 with the loss being a game that could have gone either way. This team is legit. #GoNiners.

🤯@ESanders_10 to @RMos_8Ball 🏄‍♂️ #GoNiners #SFvsNO.

Epic game. No shame. We held Ravens to their lowest yards and lowest points, of the season. Jimmy’s fumble and not running on 4th & 1 killed us. Losing by 3 in Baltimore, in the rain, to the best, or second best, team in football doesn’t bother me. See you in Miami. #GoNiners.

I ❤️ my @49ers DEFENSE!!! In both losses of the year the opposing team only scored a total of 3 points to beat us!! And we’re still doubted? 🤣 #GoNiners.

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