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Halftime in Philadelphia. #GoPackGo 20 #FlyEaglesFly 27 What are your thoughts on the first half?.

#GoPackGo Foto,#GoPackGo Foto by Bally Sports Wisconsin,Bally Sports Wisconsin on twitter tweets #GoPackGo Foto

I really hope @AaronRodgers12 is ok mentally and physically! He’s already done so much for team! We love you 💚💛 #GoPackGo.

Bin ja kein Freund vom fordern von Entlassungen, aber es ist an der Zeit die Weichen endgültig umzustellen. #packers #GoPackGo @PackersGermany.

Die Packers sind einfach kein Team „on the same page“! Immer wieder versagen andere Mannschaftsteile. Keine Konstanz, kein Effort! Sehr enttäuschend von Coaches wie auch von Spielern #packers #GoPackGo @PackersGermany.

Henry ha sido una locomotora imparable, esperemos la defensiva no se canse 👏 #GoPackGo.

Now it’s 1 AM and I’m on to the 96 season 😬😫 #GoPackGo.

They’re a great team! But… any given Sunday 💪🏽#GoPackGo 💛💚.

Game Recap: Packers, Playoff Hopes Fall to Eagles 40-33 #Packers #GoPackGo.

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I don’t care what anyone says, the Packers fanbase is full of non-believers. Jordan Love can fucking play. I have been preaching this for the past year and half but no one else believed in him. He proved every doubter wrong in the two drives he played tonight. #GoPackGo.

A defesa vai estar destruída no final do jogo. Minha nossa. #GoPackGo | #NFLNaESPN.

DL com o vigor de 3 idosas tentando pressionar o Tannehill Piadoca hein #NFLnaESPN #GoPackGo.

I guess grabbing a blitzing linebacker as he runs by you is not holding… #Packers #GoPackGo.

🧠 @AaronRodgers12 profite d’un 12e joueur de Tennessee sur le terrain pour jouer rapidement et trouver @ChristianW2017 pour un TD ! #GoPackGo.

@ChristianW2017 regardless of the outcome of this Szn. You are a phenomal football player and things will only get better! Stay golden young 👑 and we always got your back! #GoPackGo I’m also an NDSU fan in #Wisconsin Love You Brother!.

40 Year Old Randall Cobb Just COOKED The Best Defense In The League #GOpackGO.

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You sure you still can’t come out of retirement? 😅 #GoPackGo.

It’s a weird feeling: I’m so calm, because I know we’re trash, so this performance is exceeding my expectations. #GoPackGo.

Although we lost, I saw a lot of fight in this team. Though a lot of things need to change. Love looked promising. Hope Rodgers is okay. We are not dead. #GoPackGo.

Will the #Packers shut down Aaron Rodgers for the season: @CoachMLaFleur: “I wouldn’t say that” #GoPackGo.

I had $100 on packers today I anit even mad I lost my coin that was a good game with the eagles 🦅 we put up a good fight. #Packers #GoPackGo.

Derrick Henry looks like that player you created on Madden and turned everything up to 99. #Titans #GoPackGo.

Special Teams STILL being our Achilles Heel is a damn shame! #Packers #GoPackGo.

This defense is not good but I’d appreciate if it could be not good a little bit quicker, get the offense back on the field #tnf #GoPackGo.

This one’s going to be fun! #Titans lead the #GoPackGo 7-6 with 5:41 left!.

The irony is holding Henry to about 3-4 ypc is great. But when they run him 50 times it’s still going to hurt! #GoPackGo.

Meu próprio meme de 2 anos atrás está vivíssimo Desta vez, uma lástima #NFLnaESPN #GoPackGo.

Henry runs up middle everytime. Everyone in stadium knows it. Stack box. Stop run. Get pressure. Bingo. #GoPackGo.

@ChristianW2017 is insane!!! Impressive catch with AROD awareness #GoPackGo.

I might go to bed early tonight. I love my @packers but 6am comes early and, well, it’s not looking too good. Not sure. #gopackgo.

Woods ALWAYS holds the ball out for extra yards every single time he catches it. #TENvsGB #GoPackGo.

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