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Bubs can still sling it (I can rewatch this all day) #GoPats.

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@ChrisGem65 Good morning sweet Mary Happy #VictoryModay I believe the offense would be on fire after this Have a magnificent one 🏈👍👊💞💖 #GoPats.

Die Bills bleiben dran. Ab jetzt beginnt die heiße Phase der Saison! 🔥 #GoPats.

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Ontem o pessoal do #GoPats e o do #GoNiners suaram frio, mas São os primeiros a atingirem a marca de 9 vitórias e garantirem uma season vitoriosa (e provavelmente a vaga nos playoffs) Leiam a tem uma 🤔🤣🏈.

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Bubs can still sling it (I can rewatch this all day) #GoPats.

Patriots fans are NOT happy with Rob Gronkowski #GoPats.

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Good Morning. The Patriots beat the Eagles on defense yesterday and that is “FINE BY ME”. Have you all forgot the score of the last Super Bowl? Defense wins championships. To those who thought that win was boring I disagree. I enjoyed that win just like the Super Bowl. #GoPats.

Good morning Tweeps! Happy #VictoryMonday, hope everyone has a great day!🏈🍩☕️#GoPats.

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@c_maaaaac @nick_merritt23 We are far from mad, we are just getting started !! Seven is heaven !! On to Dallas !! #GoPats.

A Win and I got to hold the flag with a couple of amazing call that a great Sunday! 9-1 #GoPats @ Lincoln Financial Field.

Will Smith, Kevin Hart, Rocky Balboa. Your boys took a hell of a beating. #GoPats.

I’m gonna enjoy the fuck out of walking into my boss’s office, kicking the door open, Brady jersey on, pats beanie on, sunglasses on, big ass balls dragging behind me, telling him to pay up. #LFG #GOPATS.

Essa é pra vc @gabrielbiro17 olha quem está em segundo #GoPats #NFL100.

Looks like the Eagles forgot @Edelman11 was a quarterback at Kent State #NEvsPHI #GoPats.

Even though the Patriots are down by 1 at the half,this is a heck of a game. Eagles may have picked up something from the Ravens but the Patriots cannot quit,cannot back down and cannot give up. The Pats never usually lose twice in a row. #NEvsPHI #GoPats.

Die Defense hält die Pats am Leben offensiv ist das ne Katastrophe #GoPats #PHIvsNE.

Maybe the Patriots should have Nkeal Harry lineup at left tackle. Gotta be an improvement over Newhouse. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #gopats.

- OL continua fraca, não dando tempo pro Brady. - BB ajustou a defesa e ela voltou pro segundo quarto BEM melhor. - Queremos ver o N’Keal Harry em ação, não só bloqueando. - Brady ajuda a gente também né, alguns passes questionáveis. #GoPats #NFLnaESPN.

They need more Harry in the 2nd half. Come on Josh use your 1st round he’s ready. #GoPats.

HT, 9-10; la defensa cerró con 2 sacks, ofensiva inoperante y cuando han llegado a zona roja, nada más no puede, el juego d carrera, no se ha presentado, la OL pésima, Brady sin tiempo y mal, hasta Edelman a cooperado c/malas jugadas, aún así, siguen en el juego #GoPats #NFL100.

Honestly, at this rate, why not just throw a fade to Harry? Nothing else is working in the red zone. #GoPats.

¡Marcador en la primera mitad desde Philadelphia! #PatriotsEnEspañol #GoPats.

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@TomBrady, where’d you get that camo jacket man? I absolutely love it. #GoPats.

Sup @scottzolak can I get a shoutout for the newly engaged couple?! Great taste in UNIs #GoPats.

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@lMinglewoodl @ASFreed Thanks! But heading to the Big Dog with the boyz! #GOPATS.

@NFL_DovKleiman @RobGronkowski I am not falling for the banana in the tailpipe Dov? I hope you know that line is from Beverly Hills Cop! #GoPats.

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