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Zack Greinke leaned back a few feet from the mic and said 43 words in his press conference. It was performance art, really..

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Notes from today: The Greinke trade so far didn’t go as planned for the Astros Torres is so locked in right now The Yankees pitching looks so locked in and is much better than people believe The Yankees are 7 wins away from a World Series win. #YankeesTwitter.

Guess what? Greinke could’ve pitched 9 innings of 1 run baseball with 20ks and they still would’ve lost 1-0. Not. His. Fault..

FanGraphs’ ZiPS () projections gave the #Yankees a chance to win in Houston tonight and to beat Greinke. What did they do? They beat Greinke. Per the same projections, they have a chance to beat Verlander in Houston tomorrow night in Game 2..

Greinke let up more hits than all of the Yankees pitchers combined, Em..

¡GRACIAS YANKEES! Hoy gane y con momio positivo, Greinke venía de una mala salida y confié en los de New York. Calidad, Calidad y Más Calidad 🔥🔥 Mañana iré con NFL, estén atentos 👀.

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Masahiro Tanaka threw one-hit ball for six innings to outpitch Zack Greinke, and Gleyber Torres had a homer and five RBIs to lead the Yankees past the Astros in Game 1 of the ALCS..

If JV gave up 3 runs in 6 innings, the Astros still scored 0. If Cole gave up 3 runs in 6 innings, the Astros still scored 0 Greinke gave up 3 runs in 6 innings, yet the L is his fault. Make it make sense, dweebs..

“don’t even mention greinke. we the f’n yankees. you a hater if you don’t like gleyber 22 man he is just a baby”.


Astros twitter streets: Thu- Gutsy win, bring on the Yankees. Tonight- Bats suck , Greinke sucks, I hate baseball.

I liked Greinke’s runs should mean your still in the game and we’re still in this ’s our bats that are not on at the moment and they need to wake up #Astros I #TakeItBack.

@SlamCentralNYY Greinke pitched well. If u don’t believe that idk what to tell u lol..

Greinke is actually pitching his balls off but because the lineup has again decided to go AWOL, a 2-0 deficit at home somehow looks insurmountable. So, you know, any time now, @astros..

Greinke got away with that last one to Stanton. Fastball. Middle..

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Greinke Ks Judge, Encarnacion and gets Stanton to fly out to shallow CF. Yankees 1-0 entering B4. Greinke has three Ks, is at 42 pitches (28 strikes) through four. #Astros.

Zack Greinke addresses the challenge of facing Yankees hitters:.

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Hinch makes it official Game 1: Zack Greinke Game 2: Justin Verlander Game 3: Gerrit Cole.

needs to go. He screwed Greinke by starting him in a playoff game and man, what a horrible job of having Miley give up HRs..

comparing 2019 guaranteed salaries: Zack Greinke: $31,500,000 Rays’ Starting Lineup: $22,600,000.

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Zack Greinke really had fear factor, going for Astros today. Playoff Greinke over his L5 postseason starts has ERA. #intimidating.

The Rays kept their season alive after jumping on Astros pitchers in Game 3..

If astros can win tomorrow, I’d assume that shifts around the ALCS pitching order. Game 1 - Cole Game 2 - Greinke (gets home start) Game 3 - Verlander (at yankee stadium) Gotta win tomorrow.

This is my concern. Greinke keeps this at 3 or 4 runs and this game is right there. He didn’t, underbelly of the pen didn’t work either..

Lmaooo. Astros fans talked shit to me about how Greinke was better than any of the Yankees pitchers and he got lit up like a Christmas tree by the Rays. The Astros have a problem then because the Yankees offense is stronger than the Rays..

Zack Greinke leaned back a few feet from the mic and said 43 words in his press conference. It was performance art, really..

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