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Puny Earthlings! #InvaderZim: Enter The Florpus is streaming on @netflix now!.

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#InvaderZim #EnterTheFlorpus I loved this movie to bits. I am SO HAPPY to see and hear these characters again after years since the last episode. They were amazing and it really makes me wish they would bring Zim back to live with new episodes already !! MIGHTY NEED FOR MORE.

I stayed up till 3 AM to watch #InvaderZim #EnterTheFlorpus. Zim did not lose a damn step after all these years. Damn, that was so good!.

I once again have to say how much I love and adore #InvaderZim #EnterTheFlorpus..

#InvaderZim #EnterTheFlorpus Invader Zim Enter the Florpus That anime intro is on point, very JoJo esque The Animation so clean OMG i am dying It reverts to their normal style after intro..

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🎶Peace is nice🎶 🎶Peace is nice🎶 🎶Peace is better than CHICKEN AND RICE🎶 🎶Peace peace peace🎶 🎶Nice nice nice🎶 🎶Peace peace chicken chicken rice rice rice🎶 #InvaderZim.

Puny Earthlings! #InvaderZim: Enter The Florpus is streaming on @netflix now!.

What to Watch Friday: #Mindhunter Returns, #InvaderZim Movie, Jim Gaffigan Special and More.

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Invader Zim: Enter the florpus was a genuine treat. The fact that they recaptured the magic and style of the show after all these years is amazing. Highly I watched it twice. #InvaderZim.

never to be finished WIP and a colored sketch. The new movie was cute. #InvaderZim.

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I watched #EnterTheFlorpus in german and in english now and both dubs are just really fantastic!!!!! <3 #InvaderZim.

Just a public service announcement for people of my generation that there is new #InvaderZim on @NetflixANZ tonight #invaderzimentertheflorpus.

Woo-Hoo! I had hoped for another season, but this will do nicely. #InvaderZim #invaderzimentertheflorpus.

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#InvaderZim That was the best thing I could have ever asked for from this movie. Everyone got spotlight and development as necessary. Professor Membrane is also just the absolute coolest.

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#EnterTheFlorpus #InvaderZim Phase 2 of my plan Gir Gir where are you I have a mighty need to rule the world.

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That was everything I ever wanted it was worth every second of waiting #InvaderZim.

#EnterTheFlorpus has proven once again the bizarre beauty that @JhonenV put into creating #InvaderZim , it feels like a complete ending to the story of this show and you can tell that this team wanted to end this on the highest note possible. If you love Zim, WATCH THIS MOVIE..

It was worth the wait. Now to wait another 17 years for another! #InvaderZim #EnterTheFlorpus.

los primeros segundos de #InvaderZim con Dib haciendo un resumen con estética anime son geniales!.

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#InvaderZim #EnterTheFlorpus Was everything I ever wanted to be and more. Way funnier than I thought it would be. Definitely on of my favorite series to make a return like this. It made me realize how much I missed these characters and this type of humor. 10/10 would watch again..

Y por fin terminamos con Enter the Florpus, fue una estupenda película que conservo lo que hizo grande la serie original y al mismo tratando nuevas cosas gracias a la madurez y experiencia de Johnen Vázquez. Es algo raro porque no puedo decir que hubo algo malo con -#InvaderZim.

@AngryJoeShow hey man, you should do a review of the new Invader Zim film just released on @netflix. #InvaderZim #InvaderZimEnterTheFlorpus.

IF YOU HAVE NETFLIX GO WATCH ENTER THE FLORPUS!!!!!! ITS AMAZING #InvaderZim #invaderzimentertheflorpus.

Who needs work, or school, or taxes when you can have Enter the Florpus ?? #EnterTheFlorpus #InvaderZim.

Watched it in German, going to watch it again in English!! #EnterTheFlorpus #InvaderZim 👌🏻.

I have literal tears in my eyes. Enter the Florpus was perfect. It was a perfect balance of comedy and legitimately touching moments. I had to keep pausing the movie to either rewatch funny scenes or absorb the sweet moments. #InvaderZim #EnterTheFlorpus.

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