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If they actually do give us the iPhone 12 today, I’ll shave off my eyebrows. #AppleEvent

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Rozetked ()

Во время презентации Apple Event пользователи увидели намёк на дату анонса iPhone 12. Возможно, следующий ивент компании пройдёт уже 30 сентября.

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Ice cream 🍦| HYLT 💗
Ice cream 🍦| HYLT 💗 ()

Todo mundo falando da atualização e eu aqui com meu iPhone 6 na atualização 12 ainda 🤡

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Miggy ()

convincing my moms girlfriend to buy me an iphone 12 pro thank you rich lesbian aunt energies!!!!

MacMagazine.com.br ()

Supostos benchmarks do iPhone 12 Pro Max revelam chip A14 Bionic, 6GB de RAM e performance… decepcionante? » (por @lgcribeiro)

Craig Reckless
Craig Reckless ()

My iPhone 7 Plus is 4 years old this month 😂 still going strong! This was gonna be the year I get a new one but they didn’t even announce the iPhone 12 the other day and I don’t feel like spending a grand on a phone when I’ve barely made a penny since March 🙂

IAppleTimes ()

Okay so it was REAL iPhone 11 Pro models running iOS 14 (18A373) stable version still has toggle to limit frame rates to 60Hz But this doesn’t confirms that upcoming iPhone 12 Pro models will come with 90Hz / 120Hz display. Let’s see for how long it remains🤞

Jae ()

me looking at all the ios 14 stuff while im still on my iphone 5 with ios 12

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Xavier Naxa 🇲🇾
Xavier Naxa 🇲🇾 ()

Saya tiada maklumat setakat ini, mungkin selepas pelancaran iPhone 12 iaitu akhir Oktober atau hujung tahun ini. Cuma yang pasti dalam tahun 2020.

The Times Of India
The Times Of India ()

Apple showcased one of the key component of iPhone 12 at Watch and iPad event via @gadgetsnow

ً laur¡nha!!✿
ً laur¡nha!!✿ ()

#AppleEvent   iPhone 12 Cavani Parabéns Kakashi TABELA DO MEDO Damares Parabéns Grêmio Elogiado Wanessa Camargo Leo Duarte Mamãe Globo Baby Yoda Sony Andressa Urach Dores Hélio never say never jesy

Alex ()

i vividly remember the first day flappy bird was released to the app store. every single person with an iphone was mad yelling playing that shit in the halls before school started. we were like 12. weird.

ARX8x ()

iOS 14 is signed for iPhone 11. It may be falsely shown as unsigned because of the buildidentities for research devices (which happen to be iPhone 12,1)

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Anita ()

$1,400 for that iPhone 12? That shit better free my uncle when I press unlock 😂‼️

Wiglym🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ()

pazzesco iOS 14 peccato che io sia ferma al 12 con il mio iphone 6 che a breve mi manda a fanculo quindi sto andando a vendermi il culo per comprarmi un altro iphone ciao 😃

Osh + The Machine
Osh + The Machine ()

Me digging up Steve Jobs so I can ask him when the iPhone 12 come out #AppleEvent

Benjamin Mayo
Benjamin Mayo ()

In the event, Apple says the iPad Air CPU is 40% faster thanks to A14. But note the old Air had an A12 chip, not A13. A12 was about 15-20% slower than A13. Basically, expect them to say the iPhone 12 is ~20% faster than iPhone 11.

Sevgi ()

Aşkım benim kıçımda don yok sen iphone 12 istiyorsun #iPhone12 #iOS14

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Dus🎧 ()

When Apple comes out and says “ iOS 14 will arrive in October next to iPhone 12” #AppleEvent

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Android Authority
Android Authority ()

What is the Apple A14 Bionic chip that will power the iPhone 12?

Muneeb🧃 ()

oomf keep on texting me about how much excited he’s about iPhone 12 ,who’s gonna tell him that my broke ass don’t give a flying fuck about it😭🤧

HIM. Mr. Ola 🦧- 🦍- (OG)
HIM. Mr. Ola 🦧- 🦍- (OG) ()

So some people will be pressured into getting the new iPhone 12 when it’s out 😂. Nothing bad if you can afford it tho but don’t be pressured. Use your iPhone 6, 7, 8, X and 11 with peace of mind. There will always be an upgrade

𝐶𝑒𝑦𝘩𝑢𝑛 ()

iPhone 12 de parmak izi okuyucu geri gelecek ve güç tuşunda olucak. Bakın bu bilgiyi her yerde bulamazsınız

🐠 ΣΜΕΡΝΑ 🐠 ()

Έπεσαν σε μίνι κατάθλιψη αυτοί μετρούσαν αντίστροφα για την παρουσίαση του iPhone 12 δεν το παρουσίασαν εχθές και κοντεύουν να τρελαθούν Χριστέ μου ποσό ανισόρροποι μπορεί να είναι κάλε σε λίγο απόντα σκουπίδια θα τρώμε κι αυτοί iPhone 12 ονειρεύονται φαντασμενοι

GIGAZINE(ギガジン) ()

最新のApple Watchには「USB電源アダプタ」が付属しないことが判明、iPhone 12も同様の可能性

ギズモード・ジャパン ()

#AppleEvent まとめ!! ・iPhone 12はお預け ・Apple Watch Series 6 と寝たい ・Apple Watch SE は覇権スマウォ ・iPad が第8世代で Penci に対応 ・iPad Air が iPad Proだった(良い) ・Apple One でまとめてサブスク ・Apple Fitness+ で在宅エクササイズ

Bomdialeo 🇧🇷
Bomdialeo 🇧🇷 ()

A câmera do meu iPhone depois que a Apple anunciar o iPhone 12

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瀬戸弘司 / Koji Seto
瀬戸弘司 / Koji Seto ()

iPhone 12 をフライングで入手しました。 斬新かつ洗練されたデザインで、さすがアップルといったところでしょうか。 一応ティムにも確認をとりましたので、本物ということで間違いはないと思います。 私のフォロワー限定で公開しているので、RTなどはお控えください。 #AppleEvent

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Jon Prosser
Jon Prosser ()

If they actually do give us the iPhone 12 today, I’ll shave off my eyebrows. #AppleEvent

Jon Prosser
Jon Prosser ()

UWB (Ultra Wideband) is coming to a bunch of new Apple products! Not just AirTags. 🤗 Apple will have their U1 chip in Apple Watch Series 6 (Apple Watch Pro), HomePod Mini, AirPods Studio, AirPods Pro, AirPods 3, iPad Pro, Apple TV, AirPods, Macs - and iPhone 12 (obviously).

The Verge
The Verge ()

Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup won’t have high-refresh 120Hz displays, says analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

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☚ #BTS_Universe_Story #BackDoor2ndWin ☛
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