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The Special Session @UN_HRC on #Iran has just voted on the resolution ▶️ Condemning Human Rights Violations in #Iran ▶️ Establishing a Fact Finding Mission with a broad majority (25+/6-/16 0) This is good & important news!.

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Iran defeats Wales 2-0, in stoppage time. What a game the winner of Iran vs US goes through..

@emilykschrader Hi Emily ..thank you so much for your support Please use the term -🔥 barbaric Islamic regime occupying Iran instead of Iran ...because there is nothing Iranian about a fanatic regime which was forced upon us by Jimmy Carter and Western Powers. #IranRevoIution #MahsaAmini.

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@jordanbpeterson Professor, you have to look at the root of the problem. Remember when American CIA operatives overthrew DEMOCRATICALLY elected Iranian leader back in the 70s? That is exactly what led to this problem of extremists being ushered into Iran. I mean what else can you expect?.

@USMNT With Love from Iran❤✌🏻 You may not believe me but you have made Iranian people more happy than Americans. #مهسا_امینی.

@SlippinBenny 💯! Owning them from the flanks pushing if Iran switched their formation we’d of def got a 2nd early 2nd half they had no answer.


Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations): Iran: provide Arash Sadeghi with the specialized medical care he needs, immediately - Sign the Petition! via @Change.

🇵🇹 Carlos Queiroz is stepping down as the manager of the Iran national team..

@IndyRamblers53 @MenInBlazers True. But Iran now can play for a draw to advance. Attacking and pushing the pace while playing for a win has never been a US strength. Especially this group and coaching staff. Always been a play not to lose squad. Cost us against Wales.

@harrypetersbruv @stacks_bobby If they kept the scoreless draw we could’ve gotten in with a lot more scenarios Draw England and Iran Lose to England draw Iran beat them both on GD Beat either England or Iran.

@Toni_Padilla Y si empata posiblemente también si Inglaterra gana hoy a los americanos. Me ha gustado mucho Irán, y Gales me ha parecido una de las peores selecciones del mundial, horrorosos los británicos..

@433 Good to see Asian teams are killing it. Many many congratulations Iran. #FIFAWorldCup2022 #Iran.

Football is a beautiful game😂. Wales 2 nil drubbing by Iran 😂. Who would have thought???.

Why are BBC acting like it was some smash and grab. Iran dominated and should have been ahead way before they scored. Analyse the game properly..

ADIÓS A BALE 😯 Irán 🇮🇷 derrotó 2-0 a Gales y con esto deja casi eliminado a los galeses de la Copa del Mundo 🌍 Esta es la tercera victoria de Irán en un Mundial. #LaVozDelFutbol #Qatar2022.

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Okay these two goals by Iran? Absolutely epic😂😂 sorry but loved to see Wales crestfallen. See ya next time, buddies! #WalesVsIran.

No quiero ni pensar en el sábado la puta madre. Lo de Irán fue buenísimo, pero imaginate tener que esperar al minuto 98 del partido para respirar, me muero..


Stop someone said in iran and the us’s game the winner gets iraq I CANT 😭😭😭😭.

Gutted, but honest enough to say Iran by far the better team 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿.

Iran protests: UN fact-finding mission to investigate crackdown: #international_crisis.

La prossima sarà Iran vs. USA 😱😱😱 No, non è solo calcio #GallesIran.

@iran_azadeh قدر دان انسانهای مینه دوست باید بود اما بت سازی و قهرمان پروری مفید حال جامعه نیست زیرا قهرمان اصلی جوانان بین 14 الی 18 ساله بی ادعا کف خیابانها جان میدهند... قهرمان آنانند.

@BTSMelonArmy In Mashhad,Iran, Majid Rahnavard’s extrajudicial politically-motivated execution is imminent. The Islamic Republic regime has even set the time and the place. Just today, @UN_HRC held the regime in Iran responsible for gross human rights violations #مهسا_امینی.

@ReutersIran Majidreza Rahnavard’s life is in serious danger. He is an Iranian protester who was arrested in the recent uprising in Iran and falsely accused of killing two security guards. #MajidrezaRahnavard #MahsaAmini.

@LeanderAlphabet Iran winning is perfect! We always knew we needed to win a game to get out of the group. Now a win over Iran will most likely do that. IMHO, this is a great result for @usmnt. Any result today vs England makes that a certainty!.

تویی که بغض کردی از استرس چشم از تلویزیون برنداشتی با هر گل بهترین لحظات زندگی ات را تجربه کردی هر سلیقه ای داری تو برادر منی، هم وطن🇮🇷 #Iran #FIFAWorldCup.

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Iran URGENT SOCIAL MEDIA HELP NEEDED. This young man will be executed tomorrow in Masshad. Please spread the word on social media. His name is Majidreza Rahnavard. #MajidrezaRahnavard #MahsaAmini.

Majidreza Rahnavards Leben ist in ernsthafter Gefahr. Er ist ein iranischer Demonstrant, der bei den jüngsten Aufständen im Iran festgenommen und fälschlicherweise beschuldigt wurde, zwei Sicherheitskräfte getötet zu haben #MajidrezaRahnavard #MahsaAmini.

This is funny but why do wales fans think they have a better side than Iran? This is only their second World Cup EVER.

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