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Throwback to Jurgen Klopp managing the Arsenal players of today 📸.

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@smtm_LFC75 No moaning pls. Klopp-: “We are not Disneyland, we do not need to excite everyone in every second.” 😂😂.

@israelloranca El Liverpool ha dado hoy una exhibición más con Fabinho-Wiljnaldum-Henderson. Claro que pilota un tal Jurgen Klopp..

I don’t care I Hope Klopp would play attacking footballers more when we come to humiliate your team at emirate.

En vez de invertir tanta plata por neymar, porque no pagan por un buen dt como klopp o pochettino. @realmadrid.

@frosland Du mener den beste playmakerern som samtidig spiller spiss og er rå i gegenpress samtidig som han rydder opp på egen 16 meter ? Et unikum av en moderne fotballspiller. Nier og tier i ett derfor vil ikke Klopp ha flere playmakere men box to box spillere på midten !.

@ZayyanUmar Even though Klopp had never lost against you, with the array of superstars, I was expecting at least a draw. Tough luck.

Foi um jogo brilhante pro início de temporada. Foi excelente, um desempenho cheio de poder, energia e paixão que você precisa contra um time tão bom do Arsenal - Jurgen Klopp após o jogo. #LIVARS.

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@husseinyousse12 Pasó Klopp con la Champions 2019 en la mano y se cagó de risa.

Eu tô tão eufórico com a vitória do Liverpool que lançou um poster do Star Wars novo e eu nem dei a foda pra isso. Tô processando ainda oq fez o time de Jurgen Klopp na tarde desde Sábado..

Jurgen Klopp: Vi um jogo brilhante do meu time. Foi excelente, foi um desempenho cheio de poder, energia, ganância e paixão..

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Dritter Sieg im dritten Premier-League-Spiel für Jürgen Klopp und seinen FC Liverpool. Der Champions-League-Sieger bezwang Arsenal an der Anfield Road ohne große Schwierigkeiten mit 3:1..

Durch das 3:1 gegen Arsenal hat Jürgen Klopp saisonübergreifend 12 Premier-League-Spiele in Folge gewonnen und damit den alten Rekord von Brendan Rodgers gebrochen. Sollte er #TheBest Welttrainer der Männer 2019 werden?.

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It was a brilliant game so early in the season. It was outstanding; a performance full of power, energy and passion which you need against such a good Arsenal team - Jurgen Klopp #LIVARS.

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It is funny reading almost every one say that Liverpool are miles ahead of us and our targets are different from theirs. I could swear that when Klopp was appointed, half of the same folks said he is useless and Wenger is the LORD..

Mo’s third goal was absolutely amazing, but the pedigree of the boys is sensational..

You know how good this team is when a team like Arsenal turn up, and you just know 3 points are secured before the whistle has blown, #klopp.

Anyway, Klopp just said the defensive line is not higher, so there’s that discussion over Going from TAA‘s interview, the activity of LFC’s is likely a product of week-by-week tweaks to the system relative to the opposition, JH attacking right halfspace before penalty.

Throwback to Jurgen Klopp managing the Arsenal players of today 📸.

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