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I’m excited to be here. They’re excited to have me. I’m just ready to get the show started. @ReggieBullock35 is with the #LakeShow.

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Yes Markieef would be a good addition as well. #LakeShow.

2012-13 missed games: Nash: 32 games Gasol: 33 Hill: 50 Bryant: 4 Howard: 6 World Peace: 6 missed 176 total games 2018-19 missed games: Ingram: 11 Rondo: 32 McGee: 7 LeBron: 18 Ball: 10 games and expect more Kuzma: 4 missed 124 total games (so far) (2/2) #LakeShow.

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2012-13 vs 2018-19 worst record: 17-25 | 2-5 after 41 games:17-24(11th) | 22-19(6th) 57 gms: 28-29(10th) | 28-29(10th) Record of last 25 gms: 17-8(3rd best) | ?? last 40 gms: 28-12(2nd) | 5-10 After the season: 45-37(7th) | ?? (1/2) #LakeShow.

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#Lakers are 2-4 since Lebron returned. Also, before he got injured they had just got blown out at Nets & Wizards with him. Yes, they were the 4 seed, but they were only 2 games out of 10th place (the standings were deadlocked). #lakeshow have been equally bad w/ or w/ out King..

Remember when LeBron and Magic said that a lot of work needed to be done, and that success wouldn’t happen right away? It seems that the media is ignoring that, because it doesn’t fit their narrative. #LakeShow.

Fin. Lakers 113/117 Hawks. LeBron: 28 pts, 16 ast, 11 reb. Kuzma: 19 pts. Ingram: 19 pts. Bullock: 15 pts Rondo: 13 pts. KCP: 13 pts. (Jaja, re tarde no?) #LakeShow #NBA.

#TripleDoubleAlert: 26 PTS 10 REB 15 AST LBJ tallies his 5th triple-double of the season. #LakeShow.

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People are now Upset with The Zubac Beasley for Muscala Trade One Thing @MagicJohnson and Pelinka should do Right Now is to Fill the open Roster Spot created on that Trade Get a good free agent right now #Lakers #LakeShow.

Embiid leads Sixers past Lebron-led Lakers, 143-120 #LakeShow.

We need a new fucking coach , matter of fact we don’t need no coach at all . LeBron can coach us #LakeShow.

@LakersNation Kuzma was the one with the hot hand, yet somehow to begin a quarter he always started on the bench for half of it. Luke. #Lakers #LAKESHOW.

@IBreatheWonder @LakersReporter When Sacramento and clippers have a better record than the lakers with Lebron james a change is needed. #Lakeshow.

🏀 LAL @ GSW 🔖 101 - 115 #LakeShow (27-26) #DubNation (37-15) 📊 Rajon Rondo -37 MIN -12 PTS -8 REB -11 AST.

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Kyle Kuzma y Joel Embiid tuvieron un duelazo en la victoria de #HereTheyCome sobre #LakeShow.

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@Lakers @MagicJohnson Pls Sign ENES KANTER We Need Dominant Big Guy on the Paint #Lakers #LakeShow.

#LakeShow still have a chance to make the playoffs imo, if they deserve to miss the playoffs please respond to this tweet explaining why they deserve to, just asking for your opinions..

VAMOOOOS #LakeShow 💪💪💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛.

Eu amo muito o fato do Lakers ter absolutamente tudo pra dar certo, mas que eles são tão incompetentes que conseguem arruinar tudo. Nunca mudem, @Lakers. Ver vocês sofrendo é bom demais. #lakeshow.

#HereTheyCome gana en casa 143-120 a #LakeShow con 37 puntos y 14 rebotes de Joel Embiid.

LeBron’un yanına en az 1 tane All Star seviyesinde oyuncu lazım hevesle oynaması için o sahaya %100’ünü koysa bambaşka bi Lakers izleriz #LakeShow.

Need to get back on D. Giving 91 pts halfway through the 3rd is not gonna cut it #LakeShow.

Siguiendo la #NBAxESPN desde 1997 y con mis Lakers!! Saludos desde Alvarado, Veracruz. #LakeShow.

@JaValeMcGee literally screaming for the ball might just be my favorite play of this game. #LakeShow.

Kyle Kuzma explodes for a career quarter-high 23 points after 1 in Philly! #LakeShow #NBAonABC.

I’m excited to be here. They’re excited to have me. I’m just ready to get the show started. @ReggieBullock35 is with the #LakeShow.

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