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I must be doing something right when the most radical liberal politicians and media pundits in America are calling for my resignation!

Liberal Foto,Liberal está en tendencia en Twitter - Los tweets más populares

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saket साकेत ಸಾಕೇತ್ 🇮🇳
Saket साकेत ಸಾಕೇತ್ 🇮🇳 ()

What is funny that wokes keep attacking @BJP4India in the name of liberal rights and out of internal competition, the good in one state is neither promoted in other states nor is taken away as proven template.

Goyo Saavedra
Goyo Saavedra ()

Si justificas la reprensión policial contra manifestantes pacíficos, como ocurrió en la plaza no sos liberal, sos autoritario.

Oliver Yates
Oliver Yates ()

@eytanlenko @vjmahon It they did that they would not need to hand out billions to their mates to build national oil reserves. Remember it seems the only way to solve fuel security is to store more oil not reduce its totally liberal!

Daniel Arreola
Daniel Arreola ()

@JamesYoder I have not worn any since the Indiana loss. I want my kids to go to Notre Dame anyway. Better school and less liberal garbage. I’m turning in my UM stuff until they show me they actually are a serious program.

Gustavo Petro
Gustavo Petro ()

Fernando porque la política no se divide en tres, sino en miles y millones de personas con causas y singularidades diversas y porque ustedes confunden ideologías como la liberal, la neoliberal, la socialdemocracia, con el centro indefinido y son bien definidas.

Annika H Rothstein
Annika H Rothstein ()

Muslims protesting outside the French embassy in Stockholm, demanding anti-blasphemy laws in Sweden, & it enrages me. They came here fleeing oppression in their home countries, came here to seek shelter among liberal values, & now they demand those values replaced with extremism

Liberal Foto,Liberal está en tendencia en Twitter - Los tweets más populares
Praveen ()

धर्म निरपेक्षता दो या दो से अधिक कट्टर, धार्मिक विचारधाराओं के मध्य से होकर गुजरने वाला सरल और सुगम मार्ग है @HansrajMeena #भारत_धर्मनिरपेक्ष_राष्ट्र_रहेगा

Nupur J Sharma
Nupur J Sharma ()

Enraged over the ‘liberal’ denial of Grooming Jihad (Love Jihad). Trying to gather my thoughts before I completely lose it on these shameless little urchins who rather piss on Hindu dead bodies and celebrate suffering of Hindu women at the hands of Muslims.

Andy Ngô
Andy Ngô ()

Today the city of Portland sent in a crew to take down a homeless encampment in the wealthy liberal Laurelhurst neighborhood that had grown for weeks. Antifa & allied far-left activists have tried to prevent this, going so far as smashing up the business that does the cleaning.

Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham ()

I must be doing something right when the most radical liberal politicians and media pundits in America are calling for my resignation!

Liberal Foto,Liberal está en tendencia en Twitter - Los tweets más populares
Ehsan Jami
Ehsan Jami ()

Mr. President, @LeefbaarRdam also won the election. But the left liberal parties hebben ons keihard uitgesloten! I know hoe dat

Lí Kbraw
Lí Kbraw ()

Pessoal, a burrice de quem votou no Boulos é algo óbvio. Vcs não entenderam, tem os novos burros que não sabem votar. Sabe aquela turminha elitizada e metida a besta, progressista e liberal? Pois é, são os mais novos burros que não sabem votar e atrapalham a vida de quem sabe!!

Marxista de Schrödinger
Marxista de Schrödinger ()

Esse é o momento em que a Esquerda Liberal e a Pelegada faz todo tipo de comentário absurdo sobre cenário político e participação política. Chega a me dar ansia de vômito ler as análises que a galera tem feito

Whimsy नीरा 🇮🇳
Whimsy नीरा 🇮🇳 ()

The liberal political scientists see only what they want to see ... They are proven wrong in their analysis & projections over & over again yet they carry on shamelessly, defiantly !

kim jong deux
Kim jong deux ()

@jocelkx Honestly at the very least have a party that subscribes to the basic values of liberal democracy (free speech, govt accountability, secularism, anti-authoritarianism).

Liberal Görüş
Liberal Görüş ()

@onur_kvk @ceyhunelmaci ah be, keşke yapsaydın, yakışırmış gerçekten, eyvallah :)

dark souls friend
Dark souls friend ()

do you think if the soviets won the cold war that thered be liberal nerds arguing online about when america went against adam smiths vision or whatever

Vivo Por Ella.
Vivo Por Ella. ()

People and situations aren’t linear: the laws and rules of liberal societies and systems generally are, though.

֎ ()

@BaronPunished galactic aryan empire vs liberal republic break off planets. Funnily enough there’s also a third power in the mix. an autonomous (((merchant))) planet that control the galactic economy. great show

Oliver Farry
Oliver Farry ()

@cszabla To be fair, they didn’t. Many led very detached lives, and were fairly discreet. And Ireland, while not particularly liberal in those days, was not in the business of constraining anyone who still maintained loyalty to the crown, particularly their property.

Nuffsy Nuff
Nuffsy Nuff ()

👉🏽This is a very revealing video! A typically mouthy stupid liberal as safe as a baby in mommy’s loving embrace, talking whatever shit pops into her empty head! If it was a conservative up there barking like a rabid dog 🐕 at liberals, they’d soon be dead or seriously harmed! 🤔

Mrs KC
Mrs KC ()

Absolute abuse of power by @JustinTrudeau and the @liberal_party

#VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare 🌊☮✊🌊
#VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare 🌊☮✊🌊 ()

@MaryBittel I got put in the penalty box for tweeting a funny and insightful YouTube video by Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck. Wish I had seen your memes. Following so I don’t miss the next one!😊

Pandu Semesta24
Pandu Semesta24 ()

Isu khilafah itu yg mengiringnya adalah kelompok Liberal dan PKI yg bertemakan islam dan NKRI , padahal isu itu hanya untuk digunakan sebagai obat anak n cucu PKI dan pok Liberal yg tdk kuat berhadapan dengan Petarung Patriotis Garda Pancasila n NKRI yg asli

Dersu Uzala🏴 #ViraSP50
Dersu Uzala🏴 #ViraSP50 ()

Resumo do discurso do Bruno Covas: - o outro lado é radical - Eu não tenho ideologia (liberal sempre diz isso) - Lei e Ordem (olar, bolsominions 😉) - vamos fazer frente ampla (liberal + direita + extrema-direita = nada de novo no front) - o outro lado é radical

Samuel ()

Ante tanto influencer libertario de veintipocos pontificando por aquí desde su experiencia vital de cafetería de la facul y redes sociales quiero repetir: Lo peor del liberalismo es el -ismo, y un liberal que antepone el dogma al sentido común es tan peligroso como un comunista.

Thiago Mota
Thiago Mota ()

a direitada liberal já começou a expor sua tática pra enfraquecer a candidatura Boulos: semear a discórdia entre as esquerdas

Helen Grieve 🇬🇧 🦊
Helen Grieve 🇬🇧 🦊 ()

@ChristineEasda1 We very rarely watch live TV these days, but even my very liberal husband was commenting on the lack of white faces in the Christmas adverts this evening.

Jaci ()

@GMegalogenis Breaking: Liberal Party stoush over social housing. Vic Libs demand Andrews take action, Fed Libs say Andrews running a socialist scheme to entrench inequality.

Andy Ngô
Andy Ngô ()

The wanton violence in the nation’s capital today demonstrates that BLM-antifa is not going away. They’re emboldened. They are an existential threat to the Constitution & liberal democracy. My upcoming book explains how we got here & how we can stop them:

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