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How wonderful is this pic? Vivian Lyra Blair, young Leia from @obiwankenobi, in an Episode IV Leia style outfit..

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The #ChristianMcCaffreyFoundation launched ‘The Logan Project’ today to honor Logan Hale. For more info: ….

Today the #ChristianMcCaffreyFoundation launched ‘The Logan Project’ to honor Logan Hale. Help us deliver his dream of connecting children in hospitals, through gaming. Visit for more.

BREAKING: Helicopter crashes in Logan County, West Virginia, killing all 6 people on board - @BNNUS.

Six people were killed in a helicopter crash on Wednesday evening in Logan County, West Virginia, according to the deputy director of the county’s Office of Emergency Management..

Convencionales Elsa Labraña, Rodrigo Logan e Ivanna Olivares no tienen sus vacunas al día #CooperativaContigo.

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unfortunately won’t be able to meet them this time but james and logan were literally in arms reach of me so that will have to do this time :’).


logan lerman in una romcom?? ci stiamo finalmente evolvendo come società???.


Can’t believe people supported this guy and believed in him just because “ He has a reputation, he won’t sacrifice that” Bro….. Look at Floyd, Logan Paul, and other celebs/influencers. They are doxx with a reputation When money is involved they DGAF 😴.

@muradzaviqare @loganJknox Sebagai kakak, aku dan kak Logan mengurus emosional keduanya. Aku mengurus Sang Dewa dan kak Logan mengurus Kano. Kami ingin keduanya kembali rukun meski pandangan mereka berbeda..

snickers almost got jumped by this raggedy ass buff chihuahua when logan and i walked to the plaid and she was just sitting there like wtf is that LMAO.

Schoolboy Logan Mwangi, five, was found dead in the Ogmore River near Pandy Park in Bridgend last year. His mother Angharad Williamson, stepfather John Cole, and a youth who cannot be identified for legal reasons are being sentenced today.

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15u edge out a 5-4 win over New Level Blake. Logan Schuster went 6 strong IP with 6 Ks, 2 ER. Mason Smithwick and Evan Heidinger both went 1/2 with 1 RBI and a SB..

hi logan who apparently has tweet notifs on for me bc i don’t update my finsta anymore.

@Nerdserker1 @CBR The last theater movie I enjoyed was Logan. Kind of a fitting end to Marvel and 20th Century Fox for.

- No le pegó a las personitas que no me hagan enojar, a lo mejor solo un simple codazo. ¿Cómo estas Logan?..

the taking of deborah logan is so good 😭😭 like idk maybe it’s just because i love the lesbian daughter but like also it’s just really good lmao.

@whynotbuymore Hey Logan 🫡 Sharing You my Genesis collection “Planet of Macro Arthropods”.

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@Nick_Ginto Toller Film. Und tatsächlich mit einer klitzekleinen positiven schwulen Szene, als Logan ganz selbstverständlich auch ein junger Mann als Sex-Partner vorgeschlagen wird. Sehr ungewöhnlich damals 🥰👍🏼.

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@kartershutup Yeah good, I read the first post and a gun spawned in my hand, and then despawned when I read the second. You’re on thin ice KarterShutUp from twitter dot com.

Logan Paul is niche 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 Aew fans are delusional.

@ppredictors .@rowanlmao_ Caterpillar Duo global takeover when? (I made this up on the spot because we didn’t have a duo name yet and also Carl the Cancer Camp Caterpillar is what brought us together so I thought it fit lololol).

@ody_nomoretwit @logan_megacoin 시간이 다가올수록 점점 가기 싫은.. ㅋㅋㅋ 사실 한국에 젤 조와 ㅠㅠ.

@angel2222_ @logan_megacoin 근데 캐나다 안가심 안됨? 국가 인재 손실이 큽니다~.

Estoy leyendo cada barbaridad para contrincante para tanto Logan como Jake Paul son MUY superiores a Jagger y luego he leído Sandor xd.

is the winner of the roe vs wade fight gonna fight Logan Paul next?? 🤷🏼‍♂️.

@LoganYenser1 @charliekirk11 Logan, I have a question for you. If fascism is a far-right ideology, why then was FDR such a big admirer of Benito Mussolini and fascism?.

Ignore my hair I have not slept in too long and the double espresso literally did shit all what is the point.

@myfavstripclub @shannonsharpeee Facts. The comments are funny as hell, but it’s a different story when you got a gun pointed at you. At that moment you realize this is literally your last moment, so yeah Logan almost shit himself. I woulda passed out, fuck it y’all gonna kill me anyway.

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