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Lukaku altra categoria mentalmente, quando tutti abbassano i giri chiama la squadra a tenere intenso il pressing.

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@SteT1953 “You are a very stupid man, sir!” Went with my grandad who’s a united fan (actually from Manchester so we’ll let him off!) Said Gnandulliet was excellent. Like Lukaku but good 😂.

@koma0225_Lukaku とりあえず、駒の1周目は俺諦めるけん、2周目にかけよう!笑.

Romelu Lukaku and Eden Hazard goals for Belgium 🇧🇪: Romelu Lukaku: ⚽️: 52. Eden Hazard: ⚽️: 32..

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#RUS 🇷🇺 1:4 #BEL 🇧🇪 No confronto dos já classificados, o duelo valia o 1° lugar do grupo e a Bélgica não tomou conhecimento da Rússia Eden Hazard ⚽⚽🅰️ Lukaku ⚽🅰️ Thorgan Hazard ⚽ De Bruyne 🅰️🅰️.

@koma0225_Lukaku とりあえず、駒が2週目並ぶ時に、俺が1部終わっとって並べそうだったら一緒に並ぶ?.

Para invierno necesitamos un delantero tanque que tenga experiencia en segunda y primera no un chaval del filial del español. Estilo Inter de Milán con lukaku y lautaro, y Suárez metería el doble de Y también necesitamos otro centrocampista no a soro o.

#Video Rumbo a #EURO2020 ¡Los Hazard le dieron el triunfo a Bélgica! Con un doblete de Eden, un gol de Thorgan y otro de Lukaku, el conjunto belga goleó 4-1 a Rusia por el Grupo I, para acumular 27 unidades siendo el único líder..

Russia 1-4 Belgium ⚽️ T. Hazard (E. Hazard) ⚽️ E. Hazard (Lukaku) ⚽️ E. Hazard (De Bruyne) ⚽️ Lukaku (De Bruyne) ⚽️ Dzhikiya The Hazard Brothers ran riot in Russia!!.

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Lukaku slander on my TL attracts a block. Such idiocy is no longer tolerated here. Thanks for your cooperation..

Bélgica de la mano de los hermanos Hazard y de Lukaku fue a golear a Rusia 4-1 en su estadio..

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Romelu Lukaku says Solskjaer tried to convince him to stay at Man Utd.

@SantiCabj35 @SANGREXENEIZE Te llamás IN GABIGOL WE TRUST y tenés de perfil al Lukaku del Anderlecht. Sos mi nuevo héroe.

Belgium have scored 34 goals in Euro 2020 Qualification, more than any other team. Romelu Lukaku with the latest strike. ⚽️.

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Everyone digging out Lukaku but when you’re the last defender, a simple nod back to your keeper is quality defending imo 🤷🏻‍♂️.

@PhelanSZNV2 there’s a chance to and lukaku tends to go missing in those games.

How come nobody wants to talk about how city didn’t replace Kompany but wants to talk about United not replacing Lukaku and Sanchez? 🥴 just asking.

Barella, rombo di tuono alla Stankovic. Conte smonta il 7-3-0, a Lukaku sfugge il record di Nyers.

Debruyne ni ! You hate to believe sometimes back Debruyne,Salah and Lukaku played for Chelsea and all sold not good enough. #LIVMCI.

Tammy Abraham is the new Lukaku Rashford is the new Ronaldo Argue with your dog if you have one.

If Lukaku was the one that miss all the chances Rashford miss today, the English media and the clowns of 92 would have tell us how bad he is but is Rashford an English player, it normal to miss chances..

That first touch and creativity is why martial is our 9 and lukaku was sold..

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#mufc. Looked like a team missing Fellaini, Sanchez and Lukaku. And in a very good way.

@biolakazeem Oga jor jor jor we have won, now u still bringing Lukaku again, are you a united fan or a Lukaku fan.

Compare this Lukaku game, with any game where Icardi didn’t score for Inter. Then come back with the title about who made who angry.

Lukaku altra categoria mentalmente, quando tutti abbassano i giri chiama la squadra a tenere intenso il pressing.

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