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Also shout out Matilda the musical for having one of the best Tony awards performances…that little snippet of revolting children really turned me out..


This holiday season, wonder is everywhere on Netflix. Make every night a family movie night with Enola Holmes 2, Slumberland, Pinocchio, Matilda the Musical and many more..

15 yrs old Partially deaf+blind Street dog lived outside most his life. Could not be a nicer boy to Matilda and the cats. In what world can you imagine bringing a dog off the streets into your home and he’s totally cool with everyone. But he is. Brindle is such a good boy ❤️.

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LOL seriously people stop acting like the band on the Titanic is striking up one last round of “Waltzing Matilda,” it’s all so silly..

Our 9 yr old just said Elon Musk is like the dad from Matilda and I will never forget it..

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ALERT: Journalists Veronica Coit and Matilda Bliss go on trial today after being arrested while covering the eviction of a homeless encampment in 2021. This case needs national attention..

Matilda seems less than appreciative that I pulled back her covers..

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Matilda, Harry Styles, live from Arena Monterrey. #LoveOnTourMonterrey 🎥: checosvlog.


Matilda González abre su primer espacio en í, hablará con tres mujeres que, desde sus activismos, acompañan y visibilizan a las víctimas principales de las violencias basadas en género..

no elenco de Desecantada, esse é um nome que eu não via há anos hein (pros leigos, é a dubladora da Matilda e a Charlotte/CeCe em Pretty Little Liars).

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Between 41 and 43, some 1084 Matildas were shipped to the Soviet Union. Only 918 were ever received by the Red Army, the others never made it to the end of the famous Arctic Convoys. This is one-third of the entire 2987 vehicle production run of the Matilda..

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So excited. Going to see Matilda the musical at the cinema in Lincoln with my grandaughter next Tuesday!!! I’ll be like a big kid again 😀.

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Harry Belafonte Matilda 先程ツイートした曲の元となった曲を🎶 1956年の2ndアルバムBelafonte収録曲💿 Matildaと言う女性にお金を持ち逃げされた男の悲哀を面白おかしく歌っています😂 カリプソソングって聴いているだけでウキウキしちゃいますね😃 #原曲.

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Spontaneous cinema trip to see Matilda - so unplanned that I don’t even have my glasses!.

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📽️ Matilda om A-landslagsdebuten och utmärkelserna häromveckan samt förhoppningarna inför nästa säsong. ▶️ #Bajen.

Saw the new Matilda film yesterday. It’s so so great - like aWes Anderson meets Paddington 2 fever dream. But why they had to put a child in a fat suit to be Bruce Bogtrotter is beyond me. UR CRUSHING LITTLE FAT KIDS’ DREAMS OF STARDOM. Otherwise 9/10 would recommend..

MATILDA THE MUSICAL getting the Marvel treatment on opening weekend.

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Good morning I am sick of the fixed-term researcher hustle. How much better would I feel if I didn’t have to scrabble around to stay in a job? See you on the picket #ucuRISING.

The Matilda IIs that found their way to the USSR were mostly and , with Leyland diesel engines. Diesel being the preferred fuel of the Soviets. The Soviets identified them as the “British ”. The 170th &171st Tank Battalions were the 1st units to receive the tank.

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I’m spending the afternoon at @Everymancinema seeing #Matilda with the kids. Looking forward to this 😊.

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@bluestone11137 Bom dia 🙏 feliz segunda-feira 😊 linda nova semana traz para você toda a felicidade, alegria, paz e amor ❤ minha linda amiga Matilda 🌺.

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Soviet crews fell in love with the Matilda, and up until 1942 they deemed it “the toughest tank on the western front”. To the Soviets, of course, the German front was the “Western” front. The only thing they didn’t like were the tracks, that were ill-suited to icy conditions.

Hermanas Harry estaba apunto de llorar en Matilda se le aguaron los ojos, y ME VIO ME MUERO CHAO.

اگه امروز ایران ببازه بهتون شام سبزی پلو با ماهی با زیتون پرورده و سیر ترشی میدم🌚🌝 #مهسا_امینی.

#OTD in 1120. The sinking of the White Ship. England was plunged into a succession crisis that culminated in the Anarchy, the war between King Stephen and Empress Matilda, following the death of William the Ætheling in the disaster. via @Thehistorybits.

See what happens when y’all don’t scream at the top of ur lungs just for Harry to MAYBE react during Matilda???.

🎥 Harry singing Matilda ! #LoveOnTourGuadalajara ©️hlssociety.


Ay no es que, escuchen los gritos de rata atropellada que me aventé al principio del video en cuanto escuché que iba a cantar Matilda 🥲🥲🥲🥲 JAJAJAJAJA.

Oigan si fue muy catártico cantar matilda a todo pulmon, @Harry_Styles gracias chiquistrikis <3.

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