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CJI said- “Scroll, Wire, Caravan and Leaflet [published the story]. I was given ten hours to respond to the allegations”. It could be preplanned & an attempt to browbeat the judiciary & destabilize the system. #MeToo.

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@NotKaliMa I think the feminist movement and the #Metoo movement are creating men who are terrified to approach a woman, not because they’re cowards, but because these days if you look at certain women the wrong way, their entire life and livelihood could be at risk..

@NotKaliMa This kinda fits into something I’ve been thinking about. What if there ARE people who felt like this about you, BUT we’re so afraid to speak up/write because of fears being #metoo’d? Or had been so conditioned by feminists propaganda that they fear offending you?.

My blog post on defending Michael and the increasing dangers of #MeToo in the realms of Hollywood and journalism will drop Monday night, folks 👍.

Why should any woman have to be tied to the home only? Especially if she wants to work and earn her own money! #feminism #metoo.

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Why do legislative actions have direct impacts upon the amount of (domestic) violence? Learn more here: #feminism #metoo.

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How do you think you can succeed if you are giving up easily? Learn how to empower yourself: #feminism #metoo.

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@jukkalindstrom Miten Jukka itse reagoisit, jos joutuisit ei-toivotun seksuaalisen ahdistelun kohteeksi? Vinkki: jos sanot ei ja menet työhuoneellesi ja kirjoitat nettiin, että koit tilanteen epämiellyttävänä ja pistät siihen jonkun #metoo tägin, olet käytännössä arvomaailmaltasi Halla-aho..

@NickRekieta There’s plenty of info on YouTube about the new Sony Policies, but I have a feeling that Sony’s new racist policy against Japanese games to “Protect the Children” and the MeToo agenda pushing had something to do with Vic being fired possibly. I’d look into it if I were you..

Him and I are a package she steals him, she gotta take metoo.

‘Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj’ highlights China’s #MeToo movement, online censorship, and Uyghur repression - SupChina.

No means no. Lack of consent = no. Respect other people’s boundaries. Enthusiastic consent = yes. Enthusiastic consent = sexy. Rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and stalking is NOT sexy and is illegal. #MeToo.

MeToo# has struck judiciary now, important hearings coming up in next few days. Congress ecosystem is at it job whoa 😮.

मोदी जी यदि अबकी हारते है तो शायद अगला #metoo इमरती भौजी की तरफ से ही हो😂🤐😂😃.

CJI said- “Scroll, Wire, Caravan and Leaflet [published the story]. I was given ten hours to respond to the allegations”. It could be preplanned & an attempt to browbeat the judiciary & destabilize the system. #MeToo.

ONG! Such dastardly act by a beholder of legal system. If true this man deserves the harshest of punishment. #MeToo @IndiaMeToo kindly take cognisance of this!.

@klrahul11 & Kar Ke Aaya guy @hardikpandya7 slapped with a fine of Rs 20 lakh each. #MeToo.

@trehan_barkha #Metoo का हुआ पोपट जब खुद पर आया तो #CJI I wish some CJI face 498A.


Where are #metoo activists?? Those who agitated for resignation of @mjakbar are strategically.

The moment he issues contempt notice against shehzada #MeToo comes Intresting timing to say the least. And the very people who have no sympathy for the ordeal of #SadhviPragya will believe everything without any question in this case till contempt is absolved..

#metoo allegations against Chief Justice of India may be politically motivated as he represents only the last standing institute against this oppressive regime and he is an upright judge and some crucial cases like rafale, ram mandir is making this ruling dispension very edgy..

Live Updates on Corrupt and Naked and CJI Rajan Gogoi #MeToo.

@BDUTT Dare you to call @PragyaThakoor for your campaign #metoo or women power. Listen once then come to the conclusion. Have some guts..

किसकी की गोटिया मुँह तक आ गयी होगी 😊😊 #Metoo.

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अब क्या होगा न्याय देवता भी #MeToo है अब कोण न्याय करे गा ?.

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