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Updated: July 22nd, 2021 11:41 AM IST

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How Brandon Moreno (@theassassinbaby) and @NateDiaz209 became unlikeliest of friends and partners since UFC 263

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@MMAjunkie who knocked you guys out One of the guys is Jorge Masvidal, who already knocked out Nate Diaz Diaz has to do better than this

@Nunzio_p1 @GPrime85 But Nate dont make a political shit about this. Everyone knows that is just Nate Diaz been Nate Diaz

@GilbertDurinho you know I’m a big fan of you. Definitely my favorite welterweight but you have to admit it, Nate Diaz has a solid chin! I would love to see you guys fight.

Nate Diaz fights whoever Nate Diaz wants because he’s Nate Diaz and a total badass

nonton yutube beberapa video UFC nate diaz, keliatan nya cukup beruntung khabib ga pernah ketemu diaz 😅

I find it pretty cringe when people make fun of guys records like Nate Diaz and call them journeymen. Of course his record isn’t flashy because he’s been fighting in the UFC for 14 years lol not everyone gets a padded record

Nate Diaz is a comedian. @Leon_edwardsmma is going to have a good laugh seeing this.

Such an unbelievable moment for a special kid. Kid pitched a lot of big games as a youth and collegiate athlete. So excited to follow Cade as a professional. Nate Diaz said it the best: “I’m not surprised **************!”

@jimbodm @NateDiaz209 Nate did a lot more for the ufc than any other current welterweight. He was disrespected for the first 3/4 of his career and now he deserves nothing but amazing fights after Dana took his words back on Nate Diaz not being a money fight

@CombatmmaB You’re missing the entire point of Nate Diaz if you’re trying to logically place him in the mma scene lmfao

@TheLegendMMA He’s better, in a 3 think if it’s a 5 rounder Nate could do something. There’s levels to this cardio shit. And the diaz brothers are above that level

@the3els Unless the BMF belt is on the line which I don’t think it ever will be again unless Nate Diaz is involved, it’s not a PPV worthy fight imo but in UK we don’t pay. Would you pay to watch that as PPV headliner? Maybe if they stacked the undercard imo but it’s still a push

Sedang jamannya para atlit MMA kembali dari hibernasi ya! Minggu yang lalu ada Tate yang kembali dengan kemenangan. Ada juga sebelumnya Nate Diaz. Menyusul saudaranya beberapa waktu ke depan Nick Diaz. Menarik untuk dilihat! Kembalinya para atlit MMA dari hibernasi.


@McGregorRousey Nate Diaz is like a carnival performer. Come one, come all, you can’t knock out the great Diaz. You may win, but he will never be toppled

How Brandon Moreno (@theassassinbaby) and @NateDiaz209 became unlikeliest of friends and partners since UFC 263

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