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The Reds have now become the fastest team in the 132-year history of English football to reach 30 league wins 💫🔴

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[email protected]ガルパンゆる△サンシャイン✨ゾンビィ ()

しごおわ帰宅おはようございます😊 今日は休みですが、めちゃくちゃ眠たい(´-`).。oO 明日お出かけなので ゆっくり体力温存します👍 皆さま良い一日を!

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OrvidaGeri ()

Meet Sherridan Drakeford of Sweet Red’s Bakery in Covington - MY STEP DAUGHTER IS DOING GOOD AND BIG THINGS IN LFE

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Chelsea really have 5 days rest before the cup semi final whilst we have to play Thursday night, campaign against United in full swing they are trying everything to stop the showtime reds

Chloe ()

mets braves nats phillies marlins cardinals cubs pirates dodgers dbacks rockies reds a’s padres indians brewers yankees orioles tigers angels giants that’s all i remember rn. i’ve been going to games since i was little so i’m prob missing a few teams

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하아. 벌 을 받 아 야 겠 군 요? 로글 연성. 몰4개 해올것

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얼빠 여캐x도끼병 남캐 좋아함 여캐는 그냥 얼굴보고 좋아하는거고 언제나 자기 자신이 일순위인데 남캐는 여캐가 자기를 너무너무 사랑하는 줄 착각하는거... 그러다 여캐한태 스며들었을 때 자기가 생각한 여캐의 사랑과 여캐가 하고 있는 사랑 사이의 간극을 눈치채고 절망해야만 해

This Is Anfield
This Is Anfield ()

NEW: Reds aiming for perfect 18 at Anfield – Liverpool vs. Burnley Preview

Big Red Machine
Big Red Machine ()

Today’s #RedsFunFact Mike Gosling pitched for the Reds from 2006-2007. After baseball, Mike graduated from Stanford Law and is currently a practicing attorney in San Diego.

ゆうさく ()

レオがゴール決めた試合から次の試合まではこのケースにしよう。 シーズン終わるまで装着しっぱなしにしたい~

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GG : urawareds
GG : urawareds ()

@log_reds おーなるほど❗️ 後で見てみます。 ありがとうございます😊

紅の弾丸 ()

先日、検査数が増えて大変ということでPCRセンターにお手伝いに行ってきました。 防護具は十分にあり、全然怖くはないっすが屋外でフル装備するとすっげ暑い… 一番のハイライトはドライブスルー検査にハマーで来た人のために、脚立の上に乗って検査しようとしたらバランス崩して落ちたところ😳

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과레(찐 아님)
과레(찐 아님) ()

안녕하세요~ 지금 저희가 재밌는 심리상담을 통한 젊은 세대의 관심사를 분석하고 있는데 시간 있으신가요?정말 빨리끝나고요 한 번만 해주세요~

Big Red Machine
Big Red Machine ()

@Reds Senzel CF Votto 1B Suarez 3B Moustakas 2B Castellanos RF Winker DH Casali C Akiyama LF Garcia SS Sonny Gray

Liverpool FC Brasil
Liverpool FC Brasil ()

Bom dia, Reds! Klopp confirmou que a lesão no joelho sofrida contra o Brighton tirará Henderson do restante da temporada. Foi confirmado também que o nosso capitão levantará o troféu da Premier League assim mesmo.

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Manchester United
Manchester United ()

A family of Reds — the way it should be 😁🙌 #MUFC #UnitedAtHome

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Liverpool FC (Premier League Champions 🏆)
Liverpool FC (Premier League Champions 🏆) ()

The Reds have now become the fastest team in the 132-year history of English football to reach 30 league wins 💫🔴

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Liverpool FC (Premier League Champions 🏆)
Liverpool FC (Premier League Champions 🏆) ()

Mo in the @premierleague for the 1️⃣0️⃣4️⃣ appearances 7️⃣3️⃣ goals 2️⃣7️⃣ assists 🔥 @MoSalah 🔥

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Aubrey Bear
Aubrey Bear ()

@psforpublius @SaintRPh Or just the Washington Reds, and they can have hammer and sickle gear. Look we’re trying to appease the lefties, let’s just go whole hog.

The Redmen TV
The Redmen TV ()

Starting XI: How should Liverpool line up against Aston Villa? Back in action on Sunday. Be glad to put Thursday behind us to be honest. How would you line the reds up? And do you agree with the team @AdamMNVi has picked here? 👀 #LFC #LIVAVL

Demet Özdemir Malaysia 🇲🇾
Demet Özdemir Malaysia 🇲🇾 ()

Hahahaha, our fav REDS Squad, without R! #GirlTalk huh? #Pillowtalk 🤣🤣🤣

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Made For Liverpool Women
Made For Liverpool Women ()

Confirmamos a informação e o nosso elenco se reuniu hoje para fazer alguns testes do COVID-19, ainda não sabemos os resultados, mas a partir da semana que vem as nossas Reds já voltarão aos treinamentos juntas.

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C. トレント・ローズクランズ
C. トレント・ローズクランズ ()

Down there somewhere is Mike Moustakas taking batting practice #Reds

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Pépé is a 🔴⚪️
Pépé is a 🔴⚪️ ()

Ole’s tricky reds just got a whole lot less tricky 😭😭

Vanderbilt Baseball
Vanderbilt Baseball ()

It’s always Sonny. ☀️ One year ago, @SonnyGray2 matched a career high with 12 strikeouts in eight scoreless frames. #VandyBoys | #AnchorDown

CR ()

United putting the ball firmly in Pogba’s court. Ole’s make your fucking mind up reds.

John Fay
John Fay ()

Bell said all 57 players are in Cincinnati. And no one is injured. Could not say if all will participate. They cannot say who tested positive. #reds

Seán ()

Fondly remembered by many Reds not just for Istanbul but for winning us all loads of money when he was ludicrously overpriced at around 50/1 to 66/1 to win the Golden Boot at Euro 2004, which he did. Cheers Milan 🍻

The Anfield Wrap
The Anfield Wrap ()

🗣 Manchester City 4 Liverpool 0: The Review | #Reaction | #LFC Dissecting the finer details of Klopp and Guardiola’s approaches to City’s 4-0 win over The Reds… Listen 👉 Subscribe 👉

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예루살렘 ()

진짜로 저 로잘잭 관심없었는데 찰스씨 포타 정독하고 어...? 솜사탕 물에씻은 너구리 표정되갖고 1분쯤 그대로 있다가 세번 연속으로 정독

Liverpool FC (Premier League Champions 🏆)
Liverpool FC (Premier League Champions 🏆) ()

🔴🔴 MATCHDAY 🔵🔵 Another battle awaits. UP THE REDS! ✊ #MCILIV

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☚ #DoctorMuerte #buenviernes ☛
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