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5️⃣1️⃣5️⃣ apps 1️⃣7️⃣2️⃣ goals 1️⃣6️⃣7️⃣ assists Countless major trophies. A true Reds icon, Sir @kennethdalglish ❤.

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Enjoy 🔟 special El Niño strikes… Which was your favourite @Torres moment, Reds? 😍.

An emphatic performance #OnThisDay in 2021, as the Reds put three past Norwich at Carrow Road 👏.

Luis Diaz 🚀🚀 Sensational from the winger and the Reds draw level, seconds after going down to 10 men. 📺 Stream #LIVCRY live:.

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Jake Fraley is hitting .395 (15-for-38) since his return from the IL! @jfral_23.

I would be really happy if our favorite team, the Cincinnati Reds, put some runs across the board. Wby.

Reds/Anthrax doubleheader One is way more entertaining than the other.

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Thanks to @TWSN___ for the tickets to tonight’s game! Great seats to watch some baseball! Even though the Reds lost, it was good to see Nick Castellanos back in Cincy….

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On 16 August 1998 - The first official reds game under the disastrous joint command of Roy Evans and Gérard Houllier. #LFC won 2-1 at Southampton, thanks to goals from Riedle and Owen. Their first signing right-back Vegard Heggem, made his debut..

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ミヒャエル・ルンメニゲ (浦和レッズ) 93Jリーグ、横浜マリノス3−2浦和 三ツ沢、横浜 1993-11-6 Michael Rummenigge (Urawa Reds) 93J-League, Yokohama Marinos vs Urawa Reds3-2 at Yokohama in Japan on 6 Nov 1993 Photo by Masahide Tomikoshi / TOMIKOSHI PHOTOGRAPHY.

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⚾️Phillies/Reds O9 * 📢🍀We need us a blow out winner today! Good luck yall!.


Really enjoying the rise of Jake Fraley, Reds could have a really good thing for the foreseeable future.

3am and thunderstorms outside. Studying reds. (This picture is horrible).

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Coming up at 11 Extra Innings John Franco on Sports Talk from #Reds spring training 1986..

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メンバー2名とほぼ入会お試し ラウンド者と4名でラウンド 雨が強かったり止んだりでハーフ終了 休憩中線状降水帯発生で終了しました パー4ボギー2他ダボ16パット 俺的には上出来明日からお仕事^_^ #勝山御所カントリークラブ #コメダ珈琲店反省会.

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people who smoke reds should be deemed culturally, historically or aesthetically significant by future anthropologists.

#Cubs strike early, earn 4-2 win over Reds at Field of Dreams.

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The Chicago Cubs beat the Cincinnati Reds 4-2 in the second annual Field of Dreams game on Thursday night in Iowa..

The games of catch continue after the Cubs’ 4-2 win over the Reds at the Field of Dreams..

¿Satisfacción? Hoy fui al cerro a pasear con la camiseta bien puesta, y 6 personas que se me cruzaron me dijeron “aguante el United amigo, siempre”, con el 😈. Un señor incluso me dio un abrazo. El romanticismo, la camadería y el amor por el escudo de los reds nunca se pierde..

Edmundo Sosa, Noah Syndergaard deliver for Phillies in series-opening win over Reds.

i had 4 reds but needed none of them EPIC #MK8D #NintendoSwitch.

@BenB_2020 The only problem is tho mate, you can’t have your own opinion on here as you get the top reds having a go. Any true fan wouldn’t be happy with 2 points against those 2 teams, plus the performances off some off the better players have been shocking. To arrogant imo..

A large number of Liverpool fans appear to have given up after two matches. Probably best not supporting us to be honest, because this is how we do things. It’s never easy being a Liverpool fan, but it’s fucking brilliant. Up. The. Reds!.

We need one run from the Reds in the bottom of the 5th 🤞🏻🤞🏻.

Reds got two players named Farmer and they’re still gonna lose a game in a corn field.

Love 3 out of 4. The “Reds” one isn’t my favorite. The other three are 🔥.

@acogguy I was watching some of that game too 😃 My team’s the Reds so that’s embarrassing 🙈.

.@BenVerlander reacts to this years’ Field of Dreams game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Cubs from Dyersville, Iowa..

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