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European final in Istanbul ✅ Behind at half-time ✅ Level after 90 mins ✅ Level after 120 mins ✅ Win on penalties ✅ Them Reds 😍.

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@nabesan2002 却下!!!! 鬼の形相して潰してやりましたよー😇一髪で👹.

@nabesan2002 第4位 黒龍さん 埼スタでいつもお会いして頂けて、ありがとうございます😊!.

@nabesan2002 そうなんです💦ギッチョなんですよ(๑・̑◡・̑๑)←結構左利きって不便ですよね😅.

You wish it was a friendly mate! Up the fucking reds😍😍.

#Reds Aristides Aquino has nine career home runs – most ever by a player through 15 career he is playing in his 14th big league game..

European final in Istanbul ✅ Behind at half-time ✅ Level after 90 mins ✅ Level after 120 mins ✅ Win on penalties ✅ Them Reds 😍.

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@LFC Well done team, well done REDS, well done # This victory & trophy is a motivation for an EPL Trophy this season..

51’ PELUANG! The Reds hampir membalikkan keadaan. Sayang tendangan Hendo masih berhasil diselamatkan oleh Kepa. Ayo Reds! 👍💥 [1-1] #LFCIndonesia #SuperCup.

C’est la présence de Firminho qui a impacté sur le jeu des reds ou quoi? 😩 #LIVCHE.

I said in my tweet mane would score just need bobby and mo to smash them now come on reds.

Beautiful moments between the Reds and the children of the @UEFA_Foundation ❤️ #SuperCup.

@mize161 @Reds That’s a lot of grief for giving a guy just a slight bit of extra credit.

Mlb Marlins Under 8 Reds U9 even Mets Under 8 Blue Jays Under 2 team +110 Astros F5/Royals F5.

The French commentators just said all four German #PremierLeague managers that started their new jobs at Anfield lost! 👊🏻 10’ Stieperman just missed a chance to level the score. 11’ Free kick to the Reds, 25 yards out. Cleared out for a throw. #LIVNOR 1-0.

FRIDAY NFL 🏈 STEELERS ML (-130) STEELERS (-110) VIKINGS/SAINTS OVER (-110) CFL 🏈 MONTREAL +3 (-110) MONTREAL ML (+130) OTTAWA +10 (-110) OTTAWA ML (+330) ⚾️ REDS ML (+105) METS ML (+115) RAYS ML (-125) RAYS RL (+120) PHILLIES ML (-120) PHILLIES RL (+130).

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Goal ⚽️ #LIVNOR it’s happening guys the reds are ahead again 🤣🤣😂😂 #PremierLeague Liverpool 1-0 Norwich city Fuck anybody mehn.

So visited our local bakery today in Whaley bridge the town is back with a bang and we are all out in force supporuour village. All you reds need to visit our village after our devastating week with our dam.

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Malheureux Hanley. Pour les premières minutes de la nouvelle saison en #PremierLeague, le joueur de Norwich vient de marquer contre son camp. Avantage en faveur des Reds de Liverpool. #LIVNOR.

Here we go. We are the reds @ Anfield Stadium, Liverpool.

لست متفائل هذا الموسم بسبب عدم تدعيم الفريق في الميركاتو والاستمرار على نفس المجموعة.. اتمنى التوفيق والحظ يحالف هالموسم❤️❤️ good luck reds.

A emoção que de o @_paulo_andrade_ coloca ao narrar um gol contra ... mostra o diferencial de um excelente profissional ... ótima transmissã Go Reds @LFC #PremierLeagueNaESPN.

Cincinnati Reds World Series Champions MLB Baseball Ring Custom Display Case Best Ever ! $.

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Kicking off the Premier League - first game #LIVNOR ... For a happy family, praying the reds win, and win well! Got to love the #PremierLeague - most exciting football league in the world..

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and Liverpool leading at Anfield. Less than 7 minutes gone and the Reds are in business! #LIVNOR.

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HEADS UP, @tankbus Southbank Shuttle users, though: TANK tells me the shuttle will continue to run its Roebling closure route through the weekend, so as not to confuse Reds/Cubs fans visiting for the weekend series. @WCPO.

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