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#SALLYWALKER IS OUT! 💀⚰️ so excited I got to work with Iggy on this project! 💙.

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@musicnewsfact @britneyspears #SallyWalker out now buy here.

#SallyWalker If we suppose that there are 1500 azaleans that Shazam Sally Walker every hour for 15 hours it is 15 shazams X 1500 azaleans = 22500 shazams in one day @IGGYAZALEA Tell Azaleans to Shazam.

#SallyWalker is on the #NewMusicFriday playlist on @Spotify with over million followers!!! 🎉❤️⚰️😭.

@IGGYAZALEA hey sis what should we do tomorrow? like, request #SallyWalker on radios, stream on Spotify, what should be our focus?.

@IGGYAZALEA I stopped the English Lesson to make my friends & teacher stream #SallyWalker 😇❤ THEY LIKED THE SONG SM. Follow me to show me the love 😘.

[email protected] crossed a lot off her bucket list when she starred in @IGGYAZALEA’s new music video for #SallyWalker: Being outside in day drag: ✔️ Looking STUNNING next to Iggy Azalea: ✔️ Fulfilling your dream of becoming a video h*e: ✔️✔✓✅.

I’m SO happy with the way #SallyWalker is going so I think I might drop the lil challenge tutorial video tmrw for you guys on my Twitter! The 1st prize is 5k cash and it’s worldwide! Can’t wait to see some videos!.

Walked into 2019 like 😂 loving this new song by @IGGYAZALEA #sallywalker 🙌🏼 Powered by emillsdidit.

#SallyWalker is finally trending in the sis @IGGYAZALEA.

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iTunes US 🇺🇸: 14. Sally Walker - Iggy Azalea (+2) [New Peak] En tan solo horas a superado a todos sus singles lanzado años anteriores ¡Vamos por ese #1! Iggy esta de vuelta ⚰️ #SallyWalker.

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Não deixem de escutar mais um trabalho impecável da princesa do rap. Obrigado por tudo, @IGGYAZALEA! #SallyWalker.

Bom dia, ouçam a nova música da princesa do rap Iggy Azalea. ❣ #SallyWalker.

iTunes Brazil: 🇧🇷 #14. Iggy Azalea - Sally Walker (NEW) #SallyWalker @IGGYAZALEA.

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Uma vez Iggy Azalea viu um pequeno garoto cantando rap na rua, ela foi até ele e disse você é muito talentoso, nunca desista dos seus sonhos e um dia você será um rapper bem sucedido igual a mim. Anos depois esse garoto ficou conhecido como Tupac. #SallyWalker.

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#SALLYWALKER IS OUT! 💀⚰️ so excited I got to work with Iggy on this project! 💙.

A lot of the links to listen to #SallyWalker are here:.

ai gente eu ainda fico extremamente revoltado q savior tinha potencial pra ww mas trataram com o maior descaso. faço com tranquilidade q é a musica da carreira #SallyWalker.

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@IGGYAZALEA #SallyWalker is trending worldwide bitch!!!! 😱💕🔥🥂🥂🥂🥂 keep using #SallyWaker on every comment and tweet guys!🙏🏽😍.

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summoning circle, hope this works 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 #SallyWalker 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯.

my roommates and are are PREPARED for new @IGGYAZALEA tonight and ready to get noise complaints 😍 #SallyWalker.

We will be giving away 10 of these posters, signed to the best and most creative theories about how sally dies! Make sure you hashtag #SallyWalker or it won’t be eligible for entry. WORLDWIDE anyone can win 2/2 GO!!!!.

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can’t see you in my mentions there’s too many people hype for #SallyWalker but yes! we did sing this as kids. It’s 100 years old and there’s a few dif variations of it, it originates from the UK so shouldnt be hard to see how it would end up being sung in OZ. Stay in school!.

Okay guys, this is going to be a thread for people supporting #SallyWalker in its first 24hrs so we can stream it, trend it etc together & get more mutuals. Also any art, gifs, etc cool stuff for sally you make let’s add in here and share! 💕.

New music from @IGGYAZALEA is on the way!!! #SallyWalker 🙏🙏🙏.

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Iggy Azalea took to social media to continue teasing her new single #SallyWalker.

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