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BREAKING NEWS: The latest inductees into the 2020 WWE Hall Of Fame will be the @BellaTwins! #SmackDown

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Noah ()

When Simone “The Stone” beats Charlotte Flair to become the Undisputed Women’s Raw SmackDown Tag Team Divas Intercontinental 24/7 Champion at WrestleMania 56 >>>

Robbie ()

@Mckenzieas93 Christian winning his only world title in WWE only to lose it a few days later on Smackdown 🥺.

Mike Wilkowski ()

@NikoExxtra I still would, there’s a lot of Raw Smackdown etc. plus I was a fan of the Monday night war so that would keep it for me

هروج المصارعة | HMWP ()

شهد عرض #Smackdown لهذا الاسبوع عدد مشاهدات ٢،٤٩٠،٠٠٠ مليون !!

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WrestleTalk ()

SmackDown overnight viewership was up slightly ahead of Super ShowDown:

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Naomi Ready To Make History At WWE Super ShowDown, SmackDown Video Highlights

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Girls In Yoga Pants 🥚🐰🥚🐰🥚 ()

Did I take this picture too close? YES? OR NO? #smackdown #pawg

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Ll_cool_jjj ()

@TobiTextet AEW>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Smackdown

Cageside Seats ()

SmackDown highlights: Bella Twins Hall of Fame announcement, Goldberg spears Wyatt, more!

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Fightful Wrestling ()

Fightful Wrestling Podcast: WWE SmackDown 2/21/20 Full Show Review & Results

هروج المصارعة | HMWP ()

رسمياً: نايومي ستواجه بطلة لقب نساء #Smackdown بايلي في مهرجان #WWESSD في الرياض !!

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Chris Deez ()

@MorrisMedia614 Working on it! Although I cropped all over last nights Smackdown so maybe not!

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☹️ Woruber soll Björn sprechen? Wie habt ihr #SmackDown gesehen?

Δ Dangojäbä Δ ()

Jenkkilän hullaannuttanut luonnonsuojeluorganisaatio WWF (World Wrestling Federation) tarjoaa showpainia, josta ei trash enää trashimmäksi tule. Smackdown on painimatolla näytelty isojen poikien saippuaooppera, jossa panoksena on miehen kunnia.

Gorilla Position ()

Didn’t like Goldberg’s complete no sell of Fiend on #SmackDown, but by the end of the segment I thought it was really that’s assuming Goldberg’s confidence is dismantled & he’s beaten at #WWESSD. Surely Fiend must win?!

𝓜𝓻. 𝓦𝓸𝓵𝓯 ()

@brobro12310 @JDfromNY206 I came home from work. I forgot there was Smackdown tonight.

WWE España ()

¡A partir de las 13:05h las Superestrellas de #SmackDown os esperan en @MegaTDT ¡No os lo perdáis! 👍

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Johnny3savage ()

Orton And Brock Lesner on Raw This week. Cena on Smackdown this week coming up, how do you get stars over next with these three in the same calendar week in wwe in a row before #WrestleMania36

Bruno ()

Naomi was literally telling Carmella what to do during their match, it was a slow match. #SmackDown

Smark Out Moment ()

WWE Battle of the Brands: Raw vs. SmackDown - Best Show of the Week (February 17-21, 2020)

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Headlocked Comics ()

@MisterJ831 Honestly, I think since WWE became more brand-driven than star driven, they might be some of the bigger individual draws of the era. Not many move the needle anymore. To me, Rey Mysterio on Smackdown was probably the last real individual full-time draw for the company.

Going In Raw Pro Wrestling Podcast ()

BEERDOWN! Goldberg Meets The Fiend Ahead of Super Showdown! WWE Smackdown 2/21/20 Full Results & Review

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WrestleNews365 ()

Goldberg stands tall on Smackdown = Goldberg likely losing at Super Showdown. I’d rather not have The Fiend run away after a spear, but they’re trying their best to keep Goldberg strong with his upcoming loss at Super Showdown. #Smackdown

WWE on BT Sport ()

Nikki and Brie the @BellaTwins take their rightful place amongst @WWE legends 🙌 They helped inspire an evolution and leave behind a trailblazing legacy in the business. Congratulations 👏 #SmackDown | #WWEonBT

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WWE on FOX ()

BREAKING NEWS: The latest inductees into the 2020 WWE Hall Of Fame will be the @BellaTwins! #SmackDown

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Wrestling Fanatic ()

The Bellas next on #SmackDown? Definitely time for a bathroom break! 🙄🙄😐😴😩🤪

Amar Singh (The Great Towel-E) ()

No surely not the Bellas back on #Smackdown. At least got Alexa with them but not expecting much.

Wrestleview.com ()

Braun Strowman bodyslams Shinsuke Nakamura onto the piano. #Smackdown

C Wrestling UK ()

There WILL be a new theory video on my YouTube channel following #Smackdown 👀 Lots to talk about, there’s about 4/5 legit other images to show from this glitch 👀

The IWC Messiah ()

Did Baron Corbin just say Roman Reigns never beat him in a one on one match? That has be a fucking lie, right? #SmackDown

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