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Raw is red Smackdown is blue. No matter which brand I’m on I’m going to do what I want to do!!!! #SuperStarShakeUp #GetTheseHands.

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WWE did not split up any married couples during the Superstar Shake-up via @cagesideseats.

now that naomi is gone from smackdown live! the iiconics are now my new favorite women i’m sure @thelolastarr would be proud of that.

So @WWE United States title and Intercontinental both on Smackdown? How do you do that?.

@CorruptedPOD !!!!!... BEST SONG EVER!!! # - WTF?🤣 - WWE Smackdown Shake up BIGGEST Acquisition !! Vince McMahon - Review via @YouTube.

@CommanderCrissy Let’s have that on bayley’s first singles match on smackdown live next week.

Boy I forgot all about WWE SmackDown! airing on USA #SDLive.

smackdown really invented having an iconic women’s division wow i’m blessed.

A lot to unpack here. 1. FLET 2. WWE apparently forgot that Heavy Machinery existed, had to do an oh yeah, by the way tweet. 3. An oversize load is coming blue all over SmackDown Live. 4. This is the most obvious @SeanRossSapp @getbluechew transition ever..

WWE has literally ruined the fun of smackdown and made raw even worse than it already was in this years #SuperstarShakeUp.

@KOTR_DustyDave @GiftofPodcast nope, the full list of moves is on WWE. both titles are currently on smackdown unless joe moves this week..

Mickie James, Liv Morgan & More WWE Stars Moving To Smackdown Live.

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WWE broke up Roode and Gable and The Riott Squad by moving Gable and Morgan to SmackDown following the show..

WWE Smackdown Live Superstar Shakeup Recap w/ The Chairman.

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A lot of people say that WWE dropped the ball with Bayley starting with her Raw debut. Maybe yes, maybe no. Lets think of her move to SmackDown as her re debut of sorts. Her future could be bright, I certainly hope so 😎😎.

Ok #smackdown was confusing as hell. I hate that Roman is now on smackdown. How long until he feuds for the wwe title.

L I truly smackdown lives BIGGEST acquisition 💙👅 #smackdownLIV #YoureWelcome 😏.

@WWERomanReigns I am happy to have you on SmackDown and what you did to Vince and Elias Job Well Done 💥💪🏼💥❤️.

@AndradeCienWWE @WWE_Murphy See you soon? You’re on Raw now and Murphy’s on Smackdown.

With Roman Reigns now on SmackDown, I expect Roman Reigns vs The Rock for the WWE Title to main event WrestleMania 36 in Tampa..

Roman Reigns se convertirá en la cara de Smackdown y la gente ya se está quejando de esto. 2019 será un año interesante para la marca azul. #SDLive.

I agree with u. Team Blue is the A show. Smackdown was more entertaining than RAW was last night. Team Red is totally the B show..

¡Roman Reigns tiene un nuevo patio! #SuperstarShakeUp.

Ember Moon Kairi Sane Finn Balor Roman Reigns Those names are already enough. Smackdown got the better deal..


Raw is red Smackdown is blue. No matter which brand I’m on I’m going to do what I want to do!!!! #SuperStarShakeUp #GetTheseHands.

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