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The Latino Experience is back in the @ColliderVideo office to recap the #SuperstarShakeUp @WrestlingSheet.

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WWE #SuperstarShakeup 2019 Recap, Luke Harper Released? via @FredRichani.

I got my ’post-draft’ Todd McShay on and wrote about every move from of the @WWE #SuperstarShakeup for @PopBreakDotCom:.

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Despite the War Raiders name change which I’m not going to say and the #SuperstarShakeUp Moment of Bliss with Sami Zayn is perhaps my favorite segment of the night. #Raw.

Finn Balor on #SDLive is incredibly refreshing. As is Roman Reigns. The Blue Brand definitely struck big during the #SuperstarShakeUp.

Roman Reigns en #SDLive ! Es el cambio de marca que mas ganas he tenido durante los ultimos años😆 Lo mejor es que ataca a Vince Mcmahon y como lo hagan heel, será indudablemente la mejor decision para su carrera 🙌👏 #SuperstarShakeup.

جودة 360p الحجم : 283MB @IbrWrestling #wwe #SuperstarShakeup.

جودة 240p الحجم: 148MB @IbrWrestling #SuperstarShakeup #wwe.

The entirely too early #MoneyintheBank Pick ..who ya got? Someone else? #SuperStarShakeup.

EXCLUSIVE: The #SuperstarShakeup Certainly Left Its Mark On 2019 & @WWE! Raw will take full advantage of the momentum AJ built on SDLive going forward. With a face Miz, Monday’s will be AWESOME. And, with SDLive going to FOX, Roman is the perfect Star 2 usher them over there..

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Reigns on #SDLive. Once again no surprise. I can think of a billion reasons why he has been moved AND punching Vince as well. The biggest star on the roster on what is considered the B show. Fox should have a smile on their faces now #SuperstarShakeUp.

I cant believe Kevin Owens is face, Zayn is heel, and theyre on different shows. #SuperstarShakeUp.

Xavier is mad cause Raw took the majority of the superstar that appear on upupdowndown 😂 #SDLive #SuperstarShakeUp.

Lol @FightOwensFight replacing Big E for tonight as Big O 🤣 love it #SDLive #SuperstarShakeUp.

Minas apostas para o #SDLive hoje no #SuperstarShakeup: Roman Reigns Drew Mcinryre Braun Strowman Baron Corbin Elias Undesputed Era Alexa Bliss Riott Squad HeavyMachinery Revival Kairi Sane e Io Shirai.

Dear WWE, I’ll Settle For This. And Don’t Fuck It Up. Your Pal, Jordan @JsmallSAINTS #SDLive #SuperstarShakeUp @WWE.

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@MrKlondikeBill Charity work Giving back to the unfortunate souls of Raw. #SuperstarShakeUp.

It look like Empress is staying on blue brand! Yay! #SuperstarShakeUp.

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Alors Vince déjà que SmackDown a perdu gros vient pas nous dire que Lesnar vient sa va pas l’faire ! @VinceMcMahon #SuperstarShakeUp.

Who do you think the biggest acquisition is #SDLive history will be? Vince McMahon will announce it tonight on the #SuperstarShakeup.

The Riott Squad toujours en train de jobber ça doit être fatiguant pour elles #RAW #SuperstarShakeUp.

The Latino Experience is back in the @ColliderVideo office to recap the #SuperstarShakeUp @WrestlingSheet.

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Breaking News! The Undoubted experience will debut on #Smackdownlive Tonight #SuperStarShakeUP.

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Here is a list of all superstars that were moved to #RAW in the #SuperstarShakeUp.

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Les résultats complets de cette première nuit du #SuperstarShakeUp à #Raw !.

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Ver a Braun Strowman violar a cualquiera que se vea sin ningun tipo de sentido ya aburre. Si van crear una historia con ello, bueno lo acepto pero esto de que una semana coja a alguien random y lo destruya es de todo menos entretenido #RAW #SuperstarShakeUp.

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