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18 children dead in Texas and ICE is on scene which means many parents will have to risk detention in US concentration camps while checking if their kid is alive.

This is Tony Gonzales, who represents the district that contains the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas that just got shot up..

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Here’s Greg Abbott last year bragging about how “no license or training is needed” to carry a gun in Texas. Republicans in TX passed an open-carry firearm bill LAST YEAR..

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BREAKING: Uvalde, Texas, elementary school shooting: - 14 students, 1 teacher killed, per governor Gov. Abbott - Suspect, local 18-year-old high school student, is dead - Suspect also shot his grandmother More:.

Attention, fellow Texans: We have run out of electricity again. Keep the AC at 78 degrees all weekend, and notice how this comes out after the Texas Capitol phones are closed for the day.

NEW: GOP laws restricting discussions of race in school are affecting how students learn about Buffalo. A Texas teacher said she has to tell students the fact it was racist is “just one Another perspective is that this young man was defending the world.” (@nbcnews).

Impact of #USC Offer with Top-150 Texas Safety Warren Roberson❕📈 via @On3USC #FightOn✌🏻️.

@DataDrivenMD Thank you. My family seems to be the only ones still masking in our small Texas town. I’m always the Lone Masker in the grocery store. It’s an odd feeling to be the different one after living in this community all my life, but I’d rather feel slightly outcast than feel sick..

@rafaelcosentin5 @TimeToVoteRed Ah, but overturning RvW doesn’t do a blanket ban in abortions. It is giving the decision for abortion laws back to states. Its just like gun laws. Some states like Illinois have more restrictive gun laws than states like Texas. Its more power to the people..

@HCpct5 Dogs are a godsend. Texas needs to fund spay/neuter problem, educate dog owners. Huge overpopulation problem. People try to make a quick buck selling puppies for $25..

@Texas_Dexter @CrackerBarrel 100% southern can’t help it 😭👀🤤 and proud of it!.

Sometimes my breath is taken away from the beauty that is Texas. It could also be due to the 100 °F temperature. Happy Saturday folks!.

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The only thing killer about Saturday the 14th is Texas’ sudden decision to turn the thermostat up..

@BetoORourke Thanks to you, you are not the Governor of Texas. And never will be. Electricity is fine. Your scare tactics don’t work here boy..

@seize_socrates they opted out of federal protections for the natinal power grid so they have tons of options for cheap power at the cost of a poorly maintained state power grid that can shutdown for any reason, snow storm in Texas last year.

Texas History: What happened to the Native Americans in Texas? via @statesman.

“Fix the power grid pls” Texas politicians: “No more IG filters”.

@cmaek09 I played the highest level of select ball growing up in Texas, traveled across the country, and saw the WILDEST parental interactions. It’s honestly pathetic how immature some parents become over their 10-13 year old’s game. I’ve seen hundreds of fights and cops called over it.

@MerissaHansen17 Has to be several million. Perhaps even a billion including flights hotel transit food relocation and settlement services salaries for lawyers and assistants. My brother claims he has seen several in Louisiana with new vehicles with Texas plates..

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Beto can fix this and save lives! Texans make Texas blue in November! #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #VoteBlueToProtectWomen Gov. Greg Abbott scrambles to reassure Texans as power grid falters in first summer heat wave.

2022 13U DFW Championship Ub Nine - Pate-9 TBT Ballers Texas Lopez-5 PoG: Logan Zschau () - 1-2; 3B & RBI/5IP; OER & 5Ks.

Texas authorities offer $ reward to find escaped killer Gonzalo Lopez.

@POTUS This has nothing to do with inflation. Govt causes inflation by overspending. Stop printing money..

Big s/o and thanks to @mylocalashley and the @spurs for providing these during Fan Appreciation night. Just great how it’s helped to keep cool in this Texas heat! #GoSpusGo #PorVida.

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@RAZ0RFIST I know many Democrats in Texas, none of them plan on voting for him. He needs to take his carpetbagging ideas back to the Northeast..

The 5th Circuit Reinstates Texas’s Obviously Unconstitutional Social Media Law Effective Immediately #Politics.

Ted Cruz and Dan Crenshaw so far have not mocked ERCOT and Texas and tweeted, “This is what happens when you let Republicans control energy policy.”.

The Governor of the great state of #Texas @GregAbbott issues statement.

@arislovesev1 Every one of them boys would get slapped up by the average Texas fella 😂 wtf did I just watch 😂.

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