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Tim Pool

the females who lost are happy this is the way females need to learn to smile as they sit beneath males.

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New: Donald Trump is preparing for his perp walk. He claims he “welcomes” it and is musing about whether he should smile for the cameras to project confidence. He has reportedly been afraid of being arrested since the 1970s..

@TwoBitManchild 🤣🤣🤣 bro i gotta see how they act at Bryce Young pro day bc Frank fr just looked like a fan🤣 dude was recording him on his phone w a big ass smile on his face the whole time lmfaoo.

The interview went so well! She said from the moment I walked in to apply she liked my attitude. It pays to smile & act like you’re excited about just walking in the door. She knows my aunt & uncle so that’s a huge plus around here. I’ll hear back on Friday 😄.

When dealing with small children, people will naturally have a smile on their face. The same goes for baby animals—they’ll surely show the significant effectiveness of an Idol’s natural close-up expression and the animals’ adorableness..

@baggottsilver It’s making your smile “count” as in pennies .. which is the price you pay for dentures 😃.

Now playing Starry Skies @starryskiescdf - Smile Through The Dark Listen to THERUNNNER Music Radio here.

A smile luminous28 as the moonlight that played upon it stole over his whole face #推特账号.

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The way chan is hugging Lino with the biggest smile on his face 😭.

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@kantoschampions “ It’s nice to see you again. I hope you’ve been doing well lately.” A warm smile appeared onto her lips, her eyes resting on Red once the champion made his presence known to her..

【正在营业中】... the burden of our heart. 56、Hans your smile,2023年3月23日2时10分29秒.

@chaoslab omg the original post was definitely like, kinda joking and horny, but this reply is so sweet it made me smile!.

【正在营业中】... 75、The way l wear noose,Like necklac falling in love with your smile. 2023年3月23日2时10分18秒.

Who ever made this made me smile so thank you 💜 @BTS_twt #BTS #RamadanMubarak to all the Muslims army 💜.

@regdude1 Fucking hot! Love it all, the TWs, the hair, that bulge, but that sexy smile puts me over the edge! So hard now!.

@denise_oguin Well, you certainly made me smile reading this! Thank you so much and just so you know the feeling is mutual! You help me get through the day also ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥.


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The word today is Look. “If you change the way you Look at things, the things you Look at change.” Wayne Dyer. “Look for a balanced life, not a perfect life.” Unknown. “When you Look in the mirror, smile at your own kindness.” Richelle E. Goodrich..

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If your DKP (Daily Kim Prayer) score isn’t high enough they drop a piano on your head that replaces your teeth with piano keys, and if you don’t smile sheepishly and play the first bar of Mary Had A Little Lamb with them, they send your whole family to the gulag.

@hrtsforbedo in a flash of light the other appears before him, crouched down infront of the demi-god with a smile. “ sorry for staring then, pretty ”.

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