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ريا آبي راشد في مقابلة مع روبرت دي نيرو وآل باتشينو أثناء ترويج فيلم #TheIrishman..

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I keep hearing El Negro Zumbon from ANNA in this closing gala fluff, which is one of my favourite musical sequences in a film starring the beautiful Silvana Mangano. Is it in the film? #TheIrishman #LFF.

Will have a proper round up tomorrow when I’m more alive. For now, I’m still not over just how brilliant #TheIrishman is #LFF.

@netflix payed for snacks and drinks for everyone at the special screening of #TheIrishman. I feel privileged as heck!.

What’s going on with Stephen Graham’s accent? That was transatlanticly wild! #TheIrishman #LFF.

When you have a legendary cast of De Niro, Pacino & Pesci, it’s to no surprise #TheIrishman will be Scorsese’s finest film for 30 years. Can not wait to see it..

DeNiro looking so sharp on the red carpet is making me want to cry ❤️ #LFF #TheIrishman.

[email protected] thanks very much for the free water for tonight’s screening of #theIrishman but sweets in plastic wrapping - really? So so disturbing. #rustlingcentral.

Sooooooo excited to be watching #TheIrishman tonight at our most fabulous local cinema @LewesDepot and they have given us free snacks. This is why it’s my favourite place. 💕.

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about to see the quartet walk the red carpet !!!!!!! #theirishman.

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So last Sunday watching Joker was a total bust, this week I am at @riocinema about to enjoy four bum-numbing hours of Scorcese goodness with Pacino, Pesci and De Niro #theirishman.

#TheIrishman just going in to watch this just after watching #Joker. Could this be the greatest day in cinema going?.

The fact that Martin Scorsese struggled to find financing for #TheIrishman baffles me. If HE had to deal with this issue, the situation for the rest is disheartening..

Right, I’ve had a disco nap, some food, some caffeine, and am now ready for #TheIrishman, which is 3 hours long and finishes way past the time that I should really be in bed for before work tomorrow. Let’s do this!!!.

Possibly the strongest pre-screening into line-up *ever*? #LFF #TheIrishman.

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Love that Al Pacino just called himself a ‘lucky puppy’ for getting to work with Scorsese.#theirishman.

The premiere of #TheIrishman really fucked up my shoes bad lol.

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I wonder if people will be eating there words after the positive reviews of The Irish Man. #TheIrishman.

Plotka głosi, że #TheIrishman Martina Scorsese pojawi się w programie @American_FF..

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Heading to an early showing of #TheIrishman tonight and @PeterBradshaw1 has set my expectations unbelievably high..

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ريا آبي راشد في مقابلة مع روبرت دي نيرو وآل باتشينو أثناء ترويج فيلم #TheIrishman..

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