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Radical Islamist Preacher Dr Zakir Naik to be Deported from Oman, Indian Agencies in touch with Omani Authorities. Be ready for another series of Vicious Online Propaganda from Muslim Brotherhood Modules in Europe, North America, Qatar, Turkey & our beloved Pakistan..

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Park Ji Sung on Kim Min Jae [linked with #mufc]: Extraordinary, what a talent. He took the right step by going to play in Turkey and showed himself ready to take a step forward. [@TuttMercatoWeb].

If I were to say, “He is clearly drunk and is spouting crazy nonsense”, everyone in Turkey would know exactly who I am talking about..

@unstealthy_yeti Yeah, but its on the border of greece and turkey. So itll be a so nothing will 😅.

Seven Brits dead after travelling to Turkey for weight loss surgery.

The notion that destruction is an economic stimulus is not new..


As for his authority in MFA, I understand he is still relevant, and his visit to Armenia is to revive the proposed 3+3 format by Iran (Turkey, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia) to settle the disputes in South Caucasus..

@NoContextBrits just casually insulting turkey twizzlers like this on a calm Tuesday evening?? Alright.

@debbiegaunt @BBCNews I had a mini gastric bypass in turkey at a fantastic hospital which i spent along time researching. It was a fully functioning hospital and not a clinic. It was one of the hardest things ive ever done mentally and emotionally. Its definitely not just a easy way out, it takes work.

@Hyklover @neyjunior10s I’m running bae trust me singapore and turkey so far away its tiring.

@clmille I feel like turkey is the one country that gets all inclusive resorts right, it’s one of my favourite Europe destinations and has some realllyyyy beautiful areas. You’d be surprised!.

@Eilidh77 @KirstieMAllsopp Funnily enough, vaping is times more successful at getting people to give up smoking than patches, gums etc, over 5 times more successful than cold turkey. Does that answer your question!.

he literally changed the turkish political system from parliamentary to presidential so he can serve a third term this year (the limit is 2, but since turkey changed systems it literally became reset).

I made myself a blackened Cajun Turkey burger with pepper Jack cheese, lettuce & tomato 2 days in row & I’m gonna go for a 3rd day tomorrow. 😂.

@furiouslyhappie Yeh tu bhej du. Today I was educated that Jalebi originated in Turkey.

@ghoststarz See this is what@i was just talking about. Judging by the cover. It is really sickening #turkey.

2023/24 sezonu için sızan formalarımızdan biri daha karşınızda!.

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@elonmusk @cb_doge hello elon musk I am writing to you in Turkey. I do not have money to buy a blue tick. I am an earthquake-stricken citizen, can you help me?.

What is harmful or disastrous to an individual, Bastiat showed, is also harmful or disastrous to the collection of individuals that make up a nation..

【】CENTRAL TURKEY Depth 10km Mar 21, 2023 20:08:27 UTC (G) (EMSC).

@elonmusk @TheBabylonBee Mr. Elon Musk I live in Turkey. I will be getting married in June. I lost the money I reserved for my wedding in crypto transactions and the amount of credit I took out. I want your help..

@Saidrasool609 I have given already example of turkey. اگر یہاں بھی جمہوریت کو پنپنے دیا گیا ہوتا تو سیاست دانوں کو پتہ ہوتا کہ ووٹ کارکردگی پر ملنا ہے۔ لیکن سب کو پتہ ہے جمہوریت کو کون ڈیرل کرتے ہیں اور کون ایک اپنے سے زیادہ مقبول لیڈر ہمضم نہیں کر سکتا۔.

@iamkaran1997 @Al__Quraan the way you complained it was just if i posted pray for my brother in turkey earthquake incident in my OWN account, and everyone started to attacked me, saying “just pray for your brother? there are many people suffered” it’s all your mindset to make this sounds offensive..

@baharistanbul_ One of the things I love about Turkey is the liberty mixed with conservative restraint and dignified modesty of society. There still seems to be taboos. It looks a good example to the world..

Turkey Mother, I love you and be beautiful.❤️ Free [Kudish HDP leader] Selahattin Demirtaş.

@elonmusk @howstuff_works Mr. Elon Musk I live in Turkey. I will be getting married in June. I lost the money I reserved for my wedding in crypto transactions and the amount of credit I took out. I want your help..

Në konferencën e përbashkët për media në Ankara me kryeministrin al-Sudani, presidenti Erdoğan tha se është e qartë se grupet terroriste si PKK-ja, DEASh-i dhe FETO-ja “përbëjnë një kërcënim për të dy vendet”.

1/2lb turkey burger on lettuce blend greens with Irish aged cheddar, lemon vinaigrette, quinoa and smoked bacon. #burger #nom.

@MKupperman How could you not have heard of Izmir, Turkey? Or better yet, Turkiye. I was there last week.

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