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Tyler Adams mispronounced Iran and was called out by an Iranian journalist - who followed up with a question on discrimination in the United States. His response: An all time classy answer- Captain & Leader. #USMNT 👏.


At 23 years old, Tyler Adams is the youngest captain at the World Cup. What a player and leader he has been for the USMNT 👏.

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Yunus Musah - 20 years old Tyler Adams - 23 years old Weston McKennie - 24 years old What a midfield the USMNT have 💫.

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Entre la impecable respuesta de Tyler Adams a un periodista iraní que iba con muy mala intención y esta reacción de Antonee Robinson me declaro fan absoluto de @ussoccer. Jugadores jóvenes con un talento enorme y con un espíritu aún más grande..

BIG BALLER BASS!! 💰 Tyler Bass is the AFC Special Teams Player of the Month:.

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Tyler Adams’ game by numbers vs. England: 100% tackles won 100% aerial duels won 87% pass accuracy 60 touches 3 ground duels won 2/3 long balls completed 2 clearances Worked hard in midfield. 💪.

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Dear members of @USMNT say his name. Dear @tyler_adams14 you can be his voice. He doesn’t have any voice inside Iran. Iranian regime killed home for celebrating the US victory in the World Cup. #MehranSamak was only 27 when he got shot in the head..

Tyler Herro tonight: 11 points 11 rebounds 10 assists 1 steal 1st career triple-double.🔥.

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🚨 A$AP ROCKY x TYLER THE CREATOR ! Les deux rappeurs étaient au studio ensemble..

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#ICYMI Alberta Justice Minister Tyler Shandro says the federal government is seeking to ban legal firearm ownership altogether..

sorry this is sappy but. tyler taking jenna out to HER favorite place as a little breakfast date, his kids making his cake instead of ordering one, him including rosie in blowing them out ☹️ he just loves his little family and is always putting everyone else first.

Really good vision and patience by Walker to bounce that outside and outrace a few Raider defenders to the end zone, with a little help from Geno Smith and Tyler Lockett..

Tyler Biadasz// TOTAL PRESSURES ALLOWED 12// SACKS ALLOWED 0// PENALTIES 4// I remember when fans wanted him replaced, how is he doing now #CowboysNation ?.

Baby Tyler Adams 2017 @opencup Final How fast they grow up 🤩.

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us tweeting the link at tyler as if he hasn’t been checking it every day anyways hi @tylerrjoseph see link 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇.

@jasoncoxnc @DallasAptGP Tyler Station is relevant to your Mill redevelopment..

@NoviceKneegress at the end of the day it’s the dads fault cause he didn’t give him that special treatment. it’s honestly sad, he was abused and mistreated SAVE TYLER.

@hallmarkmovie My new favorite Christmas cookie creation is the one that @tyler_hynes had just created the Frog Gingerbread cookie 🐸🍪🤣 #ComeHomeForChristmas #MiraclesOfChristmas.

Oklahoma 48, Texas Tech 45 (0:31, 4th Q) Tyler Shough tried to go for the first down marker, but comes up 1-yard short. That is being reviewed. Give Red Raiders time to decide on whether to go for it or kick a field goal — if they do not get the first down..

@TylerMacKillop You were right Tyler, it was a sin and I’m being punished. At this point I’m rooting for them to score 200.

@dykevillain they eating the fuck outta tyler/wednesday (do they even have a fuckin ship name?) cuz tyler is the golden retriever you know, like enid😜😜😜.

@MSNBC no cares about Tyler, fight Chinese people free ourselves.

“What’s changed about Twitter?” It no longer earns money for its owners..

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Where is Tyler perry always seeing fine men from for his show? You hardly see any average actor let alone ugly or basic actors on any of his shows. Even the old men will still be giving sugar daddy vibes..

@DNVR_Broncos Are you wanting serious answers or are we supposed to vote on the funniest?!?!🤷‍♂️.

Wednesday was really good except xavier and Tyler were fucking annoying and giving her love interests was stupid.

@TomPelissero Eagles QBs faced: 1) Goff 2) prime time cousins 3) wentz 4) trevor lawrence in rain 5) kyler (no d hop) 6) cooper rush 7)Kenny picket at home 8) davis mills 9) tyler hiney 10) washed matt ryan 11) broken thumb and oblique a rodg!!! Wow talk about mickey!.

Billy Strings Alvvays City and Colour Tyler Childers Bill Withers Daniel Caeser y.

@tyl3rga1pin i’m flattered <3 should another tyler appear, i will declare you the superior one.

Well there you go now back to tyler and the end of civilization as we know know it good night..

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