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*Gets in Uber* Driver: “How’s your day?” Me: “Pretty Good” Driver “Oh you’re American?” *jumps out of moving vehicle*.

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*Gets in Uber* Driver: “How’s your day?” Me: “Pretty Good” Driver “Oh you’re American?” *jumps out of moving vehicle*.

UBER $ where am I spending that I gave u $ not UBER $ I feel AMEX being used next time.

O bom de ser uber vip é q se n tem motora disponível, eles mandam um O lado ruim é q n tem balinhas :(.

@adityaiyengar Uber score is still okay, but LinkedIn is crucial because —> @CrapOnLinkedIn.

Quando o @ diz que ta com vontade de mandar vir um uber eats.

El resumen del día: •Desaparece niña en Punta Oriente, sospechan de ex vecino •Le dan 3 años de libertad condicional a Alejandro Gutiérrez •Protestan choferes de UBER por asesinato •Vinculan a proceso a alcalde de Cuauhtémoc por emitir engomados falsos.

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Sinceramente no se que tengo que hacer ya que @Uber_MEX NO me puede mandar una factura. Alguien puede ayudarme o de otra forma, como puedo hacer para que @Uber_MEX reembolse un viaje de hace 2 semanas?.

Voy a facturar la cuenta del Uber a los hijos de su llenisima y nodoyparadisima madre de los del Situr.

@kentindell @GroverXV Red fire trucks, white trailers, cyclists and pedestrians; all called edge cases by the world’s smartest man. And so much progress over the last 3 years that the same edge cases keep on killing innocents. And people thought Uber was bad..

@al_cunque Si prometes no volver a coger un uber y empatizas con la lucha de los taxistas.

I learned a good hard lesson from that Uber driver last night and am now equipped with an iPod and ear buds 😆.

Encomendei bwe comida pelo uber eats para mim e para o meu irmão Quando a minha mãe receber o talão do dinheiro que saiu da conta dela vai me matar 😅💔.

Want to know the average speed on the Brent Spence Bridge during rush hour? @Uber can now tell you..

@aldanabrotsky Yo uso UBER porque me importa tres carajos si es o no legal y quiero que se mueran de hambre los tacheros..

@Mr_Jimbob Now that is a question demanding an answer! Also what’s the lowest rated Uber driver anyone’s had? Is there any way of knowing? Personally I want the option of rejecting a driver rated <.

Uber Quietly Changed Its Business Strategy to Focus on 1 Thing--and It Was a Stroke of Genius.

@andrewh1812 Thank you for the interest in UberEATS. We can confirm that it is available in Falkirk. For more info, please visit this link;.

@sarahsahagian @Uber Probably the same copy-paste nonsense I got. I can’t trust Uber again..

Where do you think young tech workers 1) who understand the power of exponential growth, the Internet, and memes, 2) who distrust bankers and suits, and 3) who wake up to silly wealth delivered by Silicon Valley Ponzi scheme IPOs like Uber’s are going to invest their wealth? 🧐.

Estou a falar mesmo a sério Nem aue me chamem um uber Faço logo transferência por mbway.

Un Uber québécois s’amène à Montréal: Et aussi futur Flop! Malheureusement, la concurrence va être féroce! Lyft bientôt!.

Uber white nationalist, anti-Semitic, authoritarian Viktor Orban is being shunned by a lot of European leaders for his attempts to weaken democracy in Hungary. Not here in Washington. Trump welcomed him to the White House..

Beyonce Banks $300 Million From Uber.

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Stock performance on IPO day: LinkedIn: +109% Microsoft: +49% Snapchat: +44% Tesla: +41% Alibaba: +38% Apple: +32% Amazon: +31% Pinterest: +25% Google: +18% Spotify: +13% Netflix: +12% Lyft: +9% Facebook: +1% Uber: -8%.

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