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Um Maluco no Pedaço ganhará reboot dramático com produção de Will Smith

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commander ko horn
Commander ko horn ()

will smith really went from (supposedly) having a perfect SAT score to getting his teeth smashed by jason derulo

IGN ()

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is being revived as a drama, with Bel-Air viral video creator Morgan Cooper and original series star Will Smith.

➽ jesse
➽ jesse ()

why do a bunch of boys on tiktok think they’re getting revenge for will smith did he ask y’all to make girls cry bc his wife cheated on him or smth

Buzzing Pop🍯
Buzzing Pop🍯 ()

A ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ reboot is in development - executive produced by Will Smith and directed by Morgan Cooper. ‘Bel-Air’ will dive deeper into the inherent conflicts, emotions and biases of what it means to be a Black man in America, @THR reports.

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Will Smith trabalha em nova versão dramática e mais realista da série Um Maluco No Pedaço-

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Omelete ()

Um Maluco no Pedaço ganhará reboot dramático com produção de Will Smith

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Cece ()

boys on tiktok making girls cry to “get revenge for what y’all did to will smith” LMFAO WHAT???

Bryan Brown
Bryan Brown ()

@jelynchjr @JubMeister Martin Lawrence and Will Smith destroyed a South American shanty town by driving through it with an H2. Bay and his product placement

(slow replies / schedule) ~Jessie~
(slow replies / schedule) ~Jessie~ ()

I loved this movie - for Will Smith AND Charlize Theron #girlcrush

Conexão POP
Conexão POP ()

Um maluco sem os dentes! O ator Will Smith sofreu um acidente em uma partida de golfe com Jason Derulo. Após ser atingido pelo taco teve os dentes quebrados. Será que é brincadeira? Veja o momento:

Jhason Clark
Jhason Clark ()

“I wake up every morning believing today is going to be better than yesterday.” – Will Smith

maegan :))
Maegan :)) ()

@luckypocki exactly!! even then if will smith even knew what they were doing he’d be mad, he respects women!! they don’t deserve a relationship

Lis Smith
Lis Smith ()

Good news, #teampete! @petebuttigieg will have a prime slot on Thursday night of the Democratic convention —>

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Andre Holt
Andre Holt ()

@Razzortainment @SaftigesGnu Und plötzlich rennt Will Smith mit einem Hund durch die Apokalypse.

Walter H White
Walter H White ()

How old were you when you came to know that Jaden Smith(the karate kid) is the son of WILL SMITH?


Will smith must just move to Cape Town. Same time mans lost his teeth in August 😂😭. Make space for the man in cape flats

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AyaThando ()

It’s true moss uba le gender👇🏽doesn’t heal. Niseku Will Smith ? I’m sure nale August month is making things worse 😂😂😂😂

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𖧵 𝑵 ⁷ ²¹ˢᵗ
𖧵 𝑵 ⁷ ²¹ˢᵗ ()

Non mais les hommes sur tiktok qui s affichent sous le son de fresh prince x top mashup pour se venger pour will smith et en êtes fiè vous avez besoin de partir dans un hôpital psychiatriques. Vrmnt je vous déteste

Z H I L L A 🍥
Z H I L L A 🍥 ()

Kennt ihr von Will Smith diesen Film ich glaub Hitchcock wo er so Wingman is Ich bin das

Pearl Pangan ♡ ♔
Pearl Pangan ♡ ♔ ()

Russia had develop a vaccine for Corona virus, I hope it will be effective. It kinda reminds me of Will Smith’s I am Legend tho. Huhu.

Namo Pacchi
Namo Pacchi ()

What’s on TV Tuesday: Will Smith and ‘She Dies Tomorrow’

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Sle051 ()

HaeSooka! This trendings😃. Will then Black then then then then then Jub Jub😅... then Thokolosi😂. HaeBo!

Official Saltburn CC
Official Saltburn CC ()

@cc_saltburn U17 Saltburn 139/5 @JoshBowes1010 38 36 Normanby Hall. 96/4 Saltburn win by 43 runs. Saltburn finished 3rd in the league so qualify for the semi finals. Their will play Wolviston venue and date to be confirmed. Great performances by the team to qualify. 🏏

Dennis ()

#VusiForPresident We are avenging Will Smith. Vusi is our Captain. The Endgame has begun.

Siya ()

@ziyandamxoli Umjolo is waay brutal than the government on us! Will Smith Zodwa Vusi

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#Blacklivesmatter ()

First it was Grootman Black coffee. Then Gigabytes showed us Flames🔥 Now Vusi Came through for us😅 . Will Smith :

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Rob Lehane
Rob Lehane ()

Somebody get Will Smith on a plane to Moscow because I Am Legend is about to kick off

Amsley ()

Wait until the boys who made the videos flexing how many girls they made cry find out that Will Smith is literally a feminist and would fucking hate them irl

The Straits Times
The Straits Times ()

Actor Will Smith gets his front teeth knocked out by singer Jason Derulo in golf game gone wrong

Tim MacMahon
Tim MacMahon ()

Mavericks will rest Luka Doncic, Kristaps Porzingis and Dorian Finney-Smith tomorrow vs. Jazz. Finney-Smith has been dealing with a hip strain. Doncic and Porzingis are listed as “injury recovery” for previous ailments.

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