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Great way to win another title with this jersey. Congrats, boys! Europe is red. 🔴🏆 #YNWA.

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Mané Talks Up Unselfish Firmino by @aj_joven #LFC #YNWA.

Thoughts and prayers to ma mate Tommy milne who was tragically taken this afternoon in possil YNWA pal god bless you Tommy 💔💚💚💚💚💚💚🍀🍀🍀you will be sadly missed!.

DNA foi o lançamento do bts pôs Wings/YNWA quando o mundo todo tava olhando pra eles, eu acho muito significativo ser DNA o primeiro bilhão.

Girl had a crush on Mo, 😂😍🙌 @MoSalah #YNWA 😍 #SuperCup.

@diva_ynwa Michelle O’Neill is a great referee (was lineswoman last night) Had the pleasure of seeing her referee games here in Wexford. Great that she’s getting the recognition she deserves (was 4th official at Women’s World Cup final).

@btsfmljoon HOME is my song, I can dance to all the time Supplementary story: ynwa and young forever because it’s moving to me and I sang that at Wembley Serendipity the most to me, to the point I cried at school listening to it 😂😩.

Weh ynwa tu apa jgnla sarcasm tak baik tau fshshdh:) — YOULL NEVER WALK ALONE.

これ見るだけでボビーがすげぇ事がよくわかる。 CFが色んなところでポストプレーして運んでくれてチャンスメイクしてくれて… 好き勝手動いてるんじゃなくて周りを生かせる9番っていうものに惹かれる😍 本当に替えが効かない選手だよ、ボビーは。 マジで好きだ.

i was 16 when bts released turn 19 in a couple of weeks.

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مرتين هداف البريميرليغ مرتين نهائي تشامبيونزليغ مرتين بطل اوروبي مرتين يترشح لجائزة افضل لاعب بالعالم - لاعب يعشق لغة التأكيد.

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Mission one I woke up. Gm to We played well fc. U guys did WELL 😂 #YNWA.

Good morning to all Liverpool fans, YNWA! The rest can go get their greetings from Tammy Abraham..

Non Dom tax exile @Gerrysloan1 shakes head. You only come back to Ireland to do your laundry! #YNWA ✊🔴.

So to relax the players and make them laugh Klopp delivered his pre-match speech in his underpants. Sorry Jürgen but it’s these ‘little’ details that count. Happy dayzz reds. YNWA.

@gpokhrel Teita tha aru Lai ajhai nindrai ma Cha choro dai.

Thank you Bobby, this wouldn’t have been possible without you. Game Changer #YNWA.

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Aí eu entro na tag #YNWA e me surpreendo ao ver que não era sobre BTS ou You Never Walk Alone.

@karamolla_ @SuleymanAndrei Beyler kupa standini tasirken bir atmosfer vardi ki sormayin hele tribunler Ynwa giris yapti takimla beraber ay ay gormeniz lazimdi 😍😍.

Great way to win another title with this jersey. Congrats, boys! Europe is red. 🔴🏆 #YNWA.

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Yes! 🔥 That’s one for the Champions Wall 🏆 A tough battle, but this team can overcome anything 🙌🏾 Massive thanks to all the Reds here in Istanbul 🙏🏾❤️ #YNWA #SuperCup.

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Take LFC and YNWA off your profile you absolute plant pot🤦🏼‍♀️.

tv d stel, bal²an ws maen,,, #YNWA tp kene sik ngguetu nyimak paling ngko nginguk layar nek pas GOL mbohhh sueru saling dol-tinuku.


#YNWA. Try being a LFC fan in Asia. Game starting at 3am. And have to drive for almost 1hour to take my father for his hosp appointment in few more hours..

Great setting for another big game 🇹🇷🏆🔴 #supercup #YNWA.

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