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Updated: September 18th, 2021 08:40 AM IST
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Just in: Jan. 6 committee chair Bennie Thompson and vice chair Liz Cheney announce they have demanded records related to Joint Chiefs chair Milley safeguarding the US from Trump — and expect DoD cooperation.

The Biden Admin just admitted they bombed an innocent family for headlines The top US general is giving our war plans to China France just pulled their ambassador from DC Joe is on another long Delaware weekend

Consider this the L-NP. Opposed action to combat the real existential threat of climate change because Labor did not fully cost its plans out to 2050. The L-NP signs a blank cheque for nuclear subs out to 2040 ($90B?) for a hypothetical threat. Spot the chasm.

Our govt launched a plan for a new generation of subs in 2009. This govt has botched its implementation over 8 years, wasted up to $4 billion and produced zero subs. What we need is a national China strategy rather than just the “drums of war” rhetoric.

India well-poised to corner nearly half of global rice trade as exports rise with a capacity to ship a record 220 lakh tonnes of rice this year. This is another step towards doubling farmers’ income & empowering them to access overseas markets.

JUST IN 🚨 General Milley confirms he did make call to Chinese and claims calls to China were `perfectly’ within scope of job - AP


China’s Shenzhou 12 crew floated into their return craft & undocked from the Tiangong space station Wednesday, heading for landing in remote northwestern China to end a three-month mission, the longest human flight to date in the country’s space program.

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China Evergrande colapsa. En comparación, el impago de Evergrande en términos de activos es equivalente a todos los activos que implosionaron en la crisis subprime en EEUU.

China applies to join key Asia-Pacific trade pact

JUST IN: Investigation finds World Bank leaders pushed staffers to inflate the rankings for China and Saudi Arabia in high-profile reports - CNN

Milley defends himself over calls to China, saying they were perfectly within the duties and responsibilities of his job

ICYMI: EMURGO, the official commercial arm of @Cardano, has teamed up with technology firm Blockchain 4A to form Astarter, a joint venture to accelerate #DeFi infrastructure on CARDANO! $ADA

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‘Shang-Chi’ May Be Banned From China for Perceived ‘Insults,’ Even as Some Chinese Viewers Praise It

More and more rhetoric out of China suggesting that Evergrande will not get a government bailout on their $300b in liabilities, despite plenty of ‘experts’ in my thread swearing blind that it would happen.

China’s Shenzhou 12 crew is coming back to Earth today, wrapping up three months on the country’s new Tiangong space station. Live coverage:

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A trio of Chinese astronauts have returned to earth after a 90-day stay aboard their nation’s first space station in China’s longest mission yet.

With the news that China is formally applying to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership, raising the prospect of the back door UK-China trade deal that I have always warned about, the questions I asked the government in April about their flagship trade policy need urgent answers.

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China formally applied to join an 11-nation Asia-Pacific trade pact, seeking to draw traditional American allies into its economic orbit as competition for alliances heats up between Beijing and Washington

Australia shrugs off Chinese anger over its decision to acquire US nuclear-powered submarines and vows to defend the rule of law in airspace and waters where Beijing has staked multiple hotly contested claims 📸 Chinese navy ships visit Sydney in 2019

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Milley: Calls to China were ‘perfectly’ within scope of job

The editor-in-chief of state-backed Chinese newspaper Global Times warned debt-ridden property giant Evergrande that it should not bet on a government bailout on the assumption that it is ‘too big to fail’

EMURGOは本日、中国を拠点のテクノロジー企業BlockChain4Aとのジョイントベンチャー「Astarter」を正式に発表。Astarterは年内にリリースする初期の分散型取引所提供(IDO)のローンチパッドの開発を開始しCardano上の分散型取引所(DEX)の開発も行う EMURGO GO GOぜよ🔥

Tencent allows users of its main WeChat social media service to link to rivals’ content for the first time in years via @technology

‘China’s Lehman Brothers moment’: Evergrande crisis rattles economy

Forging a new three-way alliance with Britain and Australia to the anger of the French, US President Joe Biden has again made brutally clear -- his top international priority, overriding all else, will be facing China

US military extends reach into China’s backyard with Australia security pact

Australia to oppose China’s bid to join trade pact until it halts strikes against exports

Beijing has applied to join an Asia-Pacific trade pact once pushed by the as a way to exclude China and solidify American dominance in the region

China rolls out rocket for Tianzhou 3 cargo mission ahead of Monday launch (photos)

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LA County will require proof of vaccination at bars.

On Stephen Colbert’s animated show, Jeff Daniels calls General Mark Milley “Heroic”: Kills 10 civilians w/ a drone strike & claims it was ISIS-K Botches Afghan withdrawal leading to many innocent deaths Calls China in a traitorous move to reveal potential military secret plans

La noticia de los próximos días será la bomba financiera que está a punto de estallar en China. Desde 2013-14 que se habla de eso. Algún analista habló de la crisis más esperada y que nunca ocurre. Bueno, estamos en la cornisa.

“Australia on Friday shrugged off Chinese anger over its decision to acquire US nuclear-powered submarines and vowed to defend the rule of law in airspace and waters where Beijing has staked multiple hotly contested claims.” 🇦🇺 🇨🇳

NEW: Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley told the AP that calls with China during the final months of the Trump presidency were perfectly within the duties and responsibilities of his job.

#Taiwan Concerned As China Applies To Join Pacific Trade Pact

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Cardano ประกาศร่วมมือกับบริษัทเทคโนโลยีในจีนเตรียมพัฒนาโครงสร้างพื้นฐาน Defi ให้กับเครือข่าย

Путин подписал указ о выплате 50 тысяч рублей защитникам и жителям блокадного Ленинграда

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Embarrassing: Australia Shrugs Off Immature China On Submarine Deal

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