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Updated: November 30th, 2021 10:40 AM IST
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[News] Hello, World…케플러, 한중일 글로벌 프로모션 본격 가동 Kep1er officially starts global promotion in Korea, China, and Japan 📎 #Kep1er #케플러


🔴 AHORA | Sanidad confundió África con Asia y habilitó el ingreso sin control de un crucero procedente de Cabo Verde

🔴 Sanidad confundió África con Asia y habilitó el ingreso sin control de un crucero procedente de Cabo Verde 🔶 El buque “Hamburg” amarró el viernes 🔶 Doce horas después, las autoridades se dieron cuenta de que habían cometido un error geográfico

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One of the reasons that electricity prices are so high in Europe now is because of CO2 fees. Another reason is because of low electricity generation by wind power. With cold weather we now have sky-high prices in the Nordic. Is this the future you want?

American democracy used to be attractive to the world, but its appeal has faded greatly. Washington convening a democracy summit is like an old woman releasing a list of past wooers and admirers, and forces everyone to admit it and praise her.😆

Colossal Outbreak: #China Could Record Over Lakh Daily #Covid Cases, Warns Study

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This article should be required reading for the ⁦@POTUS⁩ Democracy Summit on 9-10 December. In fact ⁦@anneapplebaum⁩ should address the first session. Time to get serious. The forces of impunity are on the march - abroad and at home.

🇨🇳 Anúncio do envio de doses adicionais das vacinas foi feito durante o Fórum de Cooperação China-África (FOCAC). Xi também anunciou uma linha de crédito de US$ 10 bilhões às instituições financeiras africanas, sem dar mais detalhes.

The Chinese-built LDB wind power expansion project was completed and put into operation in the state of Piaui in #Brazil. With a total installed capacity of 82,800 kW, the project is expected to generate 366 million kWh of electricity annually.

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Leftist leader Xiomara Castro claimed victory in Honduras’ presidential election after preliminary results pointed to a landslide win that would make her the first woman leader of the Central American country

ICYMI: In a move that infuriated China, the Biden administration has invited Taiwan to its ‘Summit for Democracy’ next month - according to a list of participants published

Leaked papers link Xinjiang crackdown with China leadership | The Guardian Speeches from Xi and other top officials cover security, population control and the need to punish the Uyghur population.

Xi Jinping pledges to supply another 1 billion doses of vaccines to African countries, as the world’s poorest continent grapples with the emergence of a new Covid-19 variant


What do China, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have in common? All three countries are accused of human rights violations, and all three are also playing host to some of the largest and most lucrative sporting events in the world.

Pentagon to build up US bases in Guam and Australia to better prepare the US military to counter China

Taiwan says China military trying to wear it out, but it can respond

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Honduras’ new socialist President Xiomara Castro’s reforms include: rewrite constitution, ban special economic zones, establish robust welfare program, switch ties from Taiwan to China, reestablish ties to Venezuela, abolish military police, repeal anti-abortion & corruption laws

China’s use of refueling aircraft during recent Taiwan sortie raises concern

Iran and world powers begin Vienna talks to restore nuclear deal

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China surveillance of journalists to use traffic-light system

Bitcoin led the crypto market to its third straight day of gains, after a steep 8% drop on “Black Friday.” The No. 1 crypto by market cap rose to nearly $59,000 on Monday before it sank toward the $58,000 level again. @MuyaoShen and @JPRubin23 report

@ManobalaV This epic Industry Hit #2Point0 made over 800Cr at the box office (excluding China & Russia). Only a Thalaivar movie can break this record, hopefully very soon 💥🤘 #3YrsOFIndustryHit2Point0 #3YearsOf2Point0 #Rajinikanth

A recent study published on the Chinese CDC website found that China could face more than 630,000 Covid-19 cases a day if it dropped its zero-tolerance prevention measures and lifted curbs on travel, in the way that some Western countries have. w/@amyyqin

A Pentagon review aimed at realigning military resources to better confront China plans for improvements to bases in Guam and Australia - latest scoop from ⁦@glubold⁩

Taiwan says China military trying to wear it out, but it can respond

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Several cities are piloting universal basic mobility programs that subsidize bus rides, e-bikes and scooters in the hopes of sparking an economic boost

Pentagon plans stronger US posture toward China, Russia via @FRANCE24

Factbox: Castro set for victory in Honduras election: cartels, poverty and China loom

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Chinese jets enter Taiwan zone as Xi holds talks to strengthen military

China leader promises Africa 1bn COVID-19 vaccine doses

China’s population is shrinking, fast | opinion

Saudi Arabia and China are accused of using sports to cover up human rights abuse

Stop #UyghurGenocide Leaked papers link Xinjiang crackdown with China leadership

Why China’s elite tread a perilous path

A total of 27 China Mainland military aircrafts patrolled around Taiwan yesterday, including the Oil-tanker 20 for the first time.

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Beijing targets Taiwanese companies with operations in China

Jamie Dimon’s China Joke Is on JPMorgan’s “Stakeholders” by @gerardtbaker via @WSJOpinion

Iran and major world powers including China, Russia, Germany, France and Britain resume talks on revival of 2015 nuclear deal, in Vienna today

Taiwan says China military trying to wear it out, but it can respond | Reuters