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Updated: October 17th, 2021 05:20 PM IST
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Vengeance has arrived at #DCFanDome. Watch the new trailer for The Batman now! Only in theaters March 4. ♥️ this tweet to get reminders when tickets go on sale and when #TheBatman lands in theaters.

BOOM! The first two episodes of Young Justice Season 4 are now streaming on HBO Max. Totally crash!

$150,000 to GOP -

Hollywood Strike Averted As IATSE & AMPTP Reach Deal On New Film & TV Contract


Young Justice Season 4 (Young Justice: Phantoms) unexpectedly began today, with the first two episodes streaming on HBO Max now. #DCFanDome |

$150,000 to GOP -

Netflix fires employee who leaked info about what Dave Chappelle was paid for controversial transphobic special

+81 dance studio -

New #SuicideSquadGame trailer features Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Penguin and more 😱 (via @suicidesquadRS | #DCFanDome)


DC has announced four new animated movies coming in 2022 with feature films starring Teen Titans, Green Lantern, and more. #DCFanDome |

#16ottobre -

#TheBatman director Matt Reeves has shared a new look at Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, teasing more to come from her character at #DCFanDome


BREAKING: Hollywood strike averted as IATSE & AMPTP reach deal on new film & TV contract, per @Deadline.

Criaturas monstruosas, batalhas submarinas e incríveis super-poderes te esperam na #HBOMax 🧜‍♂️ Dê o play em Aquaman: King of Atlantis depois do #DCFanDome #SomosDC

$150,000 to GOP -

Netflix Projects ‘Squid Game’ Will Generate $891 Million in Estimated Value, According to Leaked Data

Ryan Reynolds Says He’s ‘Taking a Little Sabbatical From Movie Making’

Catch an exclusive sneak peek at the all-new #TeenTitansGo special featuring #DoomPatrol AND a first look at the upcoming Teen Titans Go! and #DCSuperHeroGirls movie event! Catch up on the news from #DCKidsFanDome now! 👉 #CartoonNetwork #DCKids

Q: dark history that i want to erase? san wrote: i ,, no … my skills during my audition… s: the~ the company still had my audition video but, the video (back) then, the manager had a look at it and then gave it to me, @ATEEZofficial

The deal now needs to be approved by IATSE members, who won major concessions from Netflix, Amazon, and other studios after threatening to strike.

DC Changes Superman’s Motto: No Longer Fights for “The American Way”

The King of Atlantis is back! Jason Momoa unveiled a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming #Aquaman sequel.

$150,000 to GOP -

Averting Major Strike Threat, IATSE and Studios Reach Tentative Contract Deal

Watching folks defend a multi-billion dollar company is deflating. “But the employee leaked confidential info.” 1st of all, Netflix SUSPECTED that the employee did. The employee says they didn’t. So you believe Netflix over the worker pushing back? 🤔

Ryan Reynolds is taking a well-earned break


Britney Spears says her family should be worried about what she might say to the media.

IATSE and AMPTP Negotiate New Three-Year Deal, Preventing Industry-Wide TV/Film Strike — Get Details

Netflix fires employee for sharing information about Dave Chappelle’s special amid LGBTQ backlash

¡Selina Kyle ha llegado! 🤩 Matt Reeves nos da el primer vistazo a Zoë Kravitz como este personaje. 👇🏻 #TheBatman

A Chicago judge has denied Jussie Smollett’s request to dismiss the infamous hate hoax case, setting a trial date for Nov. 29

Some Saturday night news: Real Netflix viewership data. How many people have started Squid Game, how many people have finished it and how much Netflix thinks it will make from the Korean smash.

Hollywood Strike Averted; IATSE Producers Reach Deal On New Film/TV Contract – Deadline

‘The Batman’ Director Matt Reeves Shares First Look At Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman Selina Kyle

Netflix estimates that “Squid Game” will create almost $900 million in value for the company by itself

Ryan Reynolds Says He’s Taking “A Little Sabbatical” From Movie Making After Wrapping Work on ‘Spirited’

Hollywood Strike Averted; IATSE Producers Reach Deal On New Film/TV Contract – Deadline

‘SNL’: Daniel Craig Crashes Rami Malek & Kenan Thompson’s Audition For Prince Biopic

Rami Malek & Pete Davidson Impersonate Each Other On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Actor Daniel Craig, best known for playing James Bond, reveals that he is a big fan of gay bars – and the reaction from the LGBTQ community is mixed.

Elvira Pulls Back the Curtain on Her Beloved Halloween Persona, 40 Years Later

IATSE and AMPTP Negotiate New Three-Year Deal, Preventing Industry-Wide TV/Film Strike — Get Details

The Pete Davidson / Rami Malek bromance was real tonight on #SNL

The one ‘Squid Game’ Korean Easter egg that’s leaving fans devastated.


Jay-Z and Beyonce are selling their New Orleans mansion for $ million.

#HalloweenKills: Watch the Winner of the Face the Shape Contest Get Brutally Murdered by Michael Myers! [Video]