As Dave Chappelle fights cancel culture, 3 comedians say free speech will prevail over censorship

As Dave Chappelle fights cancel culture, 3 comedians say free speech will prevail over censorship.

Dave Chappelle, 3 comedians, free speech

"Comedians just need to stop buying into all the noise, and they need to just start telling jokes how they want," Tyler Fischer, a New York stand-up comic, told Fox News. "Youre never going to develop as an artist unless you cross the line."

Comedians, like Dave Chappelle, have been high-profile targets of cancel culture in recent years. Most recently, Minneapolis First Avenue canceled Chappelles sold out show hours before his set time after the storied venue faced backlash from its staff and community over the superstar comedians jokes about the transgender community.

"Too often, too much credit is given to the way people interpret what youre saying or what youre doing as a comedian rather than what your real intentions are," Josh Denny, a Los Angeles comedian, told Fox News. 

Netflix bosses braced for an employee walkout and rally in Los Angeles as anger swelled over a new Dave Chappelle comedy special that activists say is harmful to the transgender community. (Photo by Frederic J. BROWN / AFP) (Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)

"When venues like First Avenue cave to the mob, thats whats dangerous," Denny continued. "That basically tells all those transgender people that what they think Dave Chappelle saying about them is true, and thats not the case at all."

"Weve just inflamed the very small minority of people who are sensitive and giving them superpowers," Fischer said. "I dont think America has gotten too sensitive."

Denny similarly said: "The people that want to censor comedy or cancel comedians who are being edgy, taking risks, pushing the envelope, I think theyre a very, very organized, vocal minority of people. There really is a clamoring and I think a resurgence of audiences that just dont want politically correct comedy anymore."

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