Big Brother Spoilers: HoHs plan hinges on the veto

New #bb24 update! The new HoH has a plan.

Big Brother Spoilers, HoH, plan

First and foremost, a reminder that Michael is the new Head of Household! We were pretty worried about him winning last night, given that he’s gotten so many comp wins really early in the game and he’s a huge threat. (Honestly, we’d take a shot at him soon, even if we were in his alliance — he’d clobber anyone in final two and he’ll be great at the comps at the end of the season.) We understand him winning more now that we realize that Daniel came really close to winning HoH and he wanted to ensure that there wasn’t all that much in the way of funny business that transpired.

So what is the plan now for the week? Well, it seems as though we’re going to see Monte, Joseph, and Terrance go up on the block. This gives them a chance to compete for Veto and ensure that he can backdoor Daniel, the easy target for the week. He considered putting up Turner & Jasmine, but the concern there is that Jasmine may not be cleared to compete in Veto due to her ankle — which would boost Daniel’s chances of winning Veto if he’s picked to play.

Here is one narrative to watch this week: Kyle getting increasingly paranoid that he could become the target. He realizes that Daniel is on an island, and he could be viewed as someone to be taken out over time. Kyle strikes us as someone who’s going to play himself out of a good position, in between his Alyssa showmance and his apparent selfishness when it comes to going on the block. We 100% understand the paranoia, but you have to be careful about how you vocalize it.

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