Mick Jaggers best revelations in My Life As a Rolling Stone on Epix

Mick Jagger’s best revelations in ‘My Life As a Rolling Stone’ on Epix.

Mick Jagger, best revelations, My Life, a Rolling Stone

How to encapsulate one of music’s behemoths while remaining airy is, of course, a challenge given the band’s heavy history. But the four-part docuseries debuting Sunday on Epix (9 p.m. EDT/PDT) offers a comprehensive look at how the Rolling Stones became the ROLLING STONES with vintage performance footage and interview clips, plus new comments from Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood.

The series is split into four episodes, with the weathered but lively 79-year-old Jagger as the obvious launch (Richards, Woods and the late Charlie Watts will follow for the next three weeks). The Jagger episode will stream free for 90 days on Epix.com and the app, as well as Apple TV, Amazon, Roku, and most cable outlets.

While there are plenty of Stones minutiae to digest, at its core the episode focuses on the band’s inimitable leader and CEO, of whom Richards says, “He’s truly an honorable man under all these bullshit.”

Soul legend Tina Turner remembers Jagger attending her gigs in London, where he watched behind the speakers as she and Ike Turner performed. PP Arnold, one of the famous Ikettes, says the ‘sexy’ and ‘cool’ Jagger would also return backstage to learn dance moves from the Turners’ backup performers.

“Mick was not the same person I met in London when he was hiding behind the loudspeakers. He had come out of his shell,” she recounts. “Mick became Mick Jagger.”

In 1967, the band retreated to Redlands, Richards’ estate in Sussex, England, for a “beautiful party”. But it quickly turned into a scandal: a high-profile drug bust.

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