Nick Carter Fires Back In Sexual Battery Lawsuit, Witnesses Say Accuser Is Lying

Nick Carter fires back at the woman suing him for sexual battery, says he has a dozen witnesses who testified against her accusations..

Nick Carter, Sexual Battery Lawsuit, Witnesses, Accuser

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the Backstreet Boys member says he has 12 people who have testified the alleged victims version of events cant possibly be true.

TMZ broke the story ... Nick is being sued by a woman named Shannon Ruth, who filed a lawsuit in December claiming he sexually assaulted her after a concert way back in 2001 when she was underage.

But, Nick says not so fast ... he claims he has 12 witnesses from the concert -- fans, security personnel and a talent manager -- who say the accusers story is "factually impossible."

Remember ... Ruth, who says she is autistic and has cerebral palsy, claims she got in line to get Nicks autograph after the show, when he allegedly invited her back to his tour bus, plied her with alcohol and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

But, Nick says his dozen witnesses testified it was impossible for him to interact with the alleged victim after the concert ... they say there was no autograph line and fans had no access to the tour bus staging area.

Whats more, Nick says one of Ruths close friends at the time testified Ruth is lying about being autistic and suffering from cerebral palsy ... and she doesnt even believe Ruth was at the concert.

In the docs, Nick claims another witness testified they were on calls where Ruths name was brought up as part of a plot to extort Nick ... an alleged money grab hes previously mentioned in his countersuit against Ruth.

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