‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ star Kailia Posey remembered by family and friends

‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ star Kailia Posey remembered by family and friends.

star Kailia Posey

Editors note: This story discusses suicide. If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

On Saturday, loved ones gathered at North County Christ the King Church in Lynden to memorialize Posey, which was live-streamed on the church’s website.

Posey’s stepfather, Steve Gatterman, announced the event on Facebook on Friday. "It will be a celebration filled with photos, videos, and stories about how she touched so many hearts in such a positive way," he wrote. "There will also be a few surprises that are pure Kailia..."

A large crowd gathered and more than 700 people joined virtually to remember the pageant star through pictures, videos and personal memories of Posey. The service concluded with a reception and a selfie booth in honor of Posey’s "love for selfies."

Posey’s brother, Jayden Kai, was one of the individuals who spoke at her remembrance. He held back tears as he recalled cheering her on at pageants, just as she rooted for him at his football games. Jayden shared with the crowd that he recently comforted Posey when she was sad. 

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