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Updated: July 6th, 2022 05:54 PM IST

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National Crime Agency officers have joined what is believed to be the biggest ever international operation targeting criminal networks suspected of using small boats to smuggle thousands of people into the UK. Officers in the UK made six arrests in London.

Small boats people smugglers arrested across Europe

Arrests across Europe of suspected people smugglers

Italy is suffering its worst drought in decades and its longest river is at the lowest level since at least World War II

NCA officers have today joined what is believed to be the biggest ever international operation targeting criminal networks suspected of using small boats to smuggle people into the UK. Full story ➡️

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Under Modi, India is always an inch from a pogrom, with every Hindu festival taking us closer to an ethnic cleansing. Hate is the Modi government’s true “make in India” campaign By @VidyaKrishnan

1/2. Russian energy supplier Gazprom announced it was forced to slash natural gas flows to Germany via the Nord Stream (not Nord Stream-2) by 60%, as Siemens turbines from its Portovaya pumping station in Vyborg were stuck in Montreal, Canada where they were sent for maintenance.


Resumption of deliveries to Europe boosts Venezuela oil exports -data

10 Downing Street -

Kinda fascinating that we got through decades of Cold War without a global commodity crisis precipitated by a breakdown of Soviet relations with the US and Europe.

Interesting development TikTok abandons ecommerce expansion in Europe and US “…the expansion plans have been dropped after the UK project failed to meet targets and influencers dropped out of the scheme”

Happening now - ‘biggest ever’ international operation targeting criminal networks suspected of using small boats to smuggle thousands of people into the UK - arrests across Europe. Preparing to go live @BBCWorld outside @Europol HQ

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Europe must not backslide on climate action despite war in Ukraine

ベネズエラ産原油(債務の原油での現物返済)は2年ぶりに欧州に輸出されたことを確認。 米国務省は先月、欧州石油大手EniとスペインのRepsolに出荷再開の許可を与えていたわけだが…、どこまでベネズエラに対して緩和姿勢になるかはまだわからないよなぁ。

Resumption of deliveries to Europe boosts Venezuela oil exports -data

The war in Ukraine has forced more than 5 million refugees to flee to other parts of Europe, with more than 700,000 of them seeking refuge in Germany.

Europe’s carmakers will still need suppliers to realise their electric dreams | opinion

CHNNLD MSSGS 𓂀🌐: There have been sudden endings in your life and sudden issues arising. There’s two different energies here. I see for someone this will not last long. Expect stabilization in your life soon. For others I see a cleansing for a rebirth energy.

LUKASHENKO: “The time has come for the forgetful Europe to give itself a moral cleansing”

Troops search #TejasswiPrakash and give retweets to all the positive tweets out there. Lets take it as an TL cleansing activity !! #TejaTroops @itsmetejasswi

Warner Bros. Discovery ceases new HBO Max originals in Europe and shutters Cinemax Go by @laurenforristal


Will TSMC set up shop in the EU?

Seneng banget ketemu cleansing balm yang wanginya enak gini, wangi permen susu! 🤤🧡 mau ngeracun cleansing balm under 100k tapi isinya banyak, performanya oke & gak perih di mata! 👌🏻 #racuninskincare

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North American players in Europe: the best XI, from Davies to Wingo

🇺🇸 🇪🇺 #TikTok abandons ecommerce expansion in Europe and US - FT

#HumanRights matter. But not if you live in the UK #ToryFascistDictatorship must be stopped #JohnsonOut162 #GeneralElectionNow

5- A severe heat wave sweeps through Europe, Southeast Asia & MENA. It will cause a stifling energy crisis that will push some European governments to cooperate with Russia in one way or another. This will be a major political blow to Biden just before the mid-term elections.

Ironic. War crimes by Indonesian security forces led to a 10 year break in military-military relations between the US and Indonesia after around 1994 until the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. After the tsunami relief ended, the ethnic cleansing began again.

TikTok苦しいね TikTok abandons ecommerce expansion in Europe and US

5 yrs since this clip & sadly family run small scale sustainable fishing boats have reduced. Heartbreaking to see families displaced from their culture. We can turn this around, but we need a fair policy environment @MairiGougeon @lornaslater @david_duguid

#Chicago #Biden #4THJULY #4thOfJuly #IndependenceDay تحرير العبيد #انترنت_غير_محدود_فى_مصر #طرد_السفير_الهندي #صباح_الخير #حساب_المواطن #سيدي_ولي_العهد_الاهلي_يدمر8 #قمة_الرياض #Europe #محمد_بن_زايد Dodurga #FuturePerfect #JamalKhashoggi #ShireenAbuAqla #شيرين_ابو_عاقلة

FT Energy
FT Energy

Europe power prices hit new high in wake of Russian gas supply cuts

Wars of attrition are cruel; meanwhile, Biden Trudeau et al have been OK with fighting Putin [and Xi--though less overtly] to the last drop of Ukrainian blood -- but inflation is here and food/energy shortages loom

@RepThomasMassie The President did not say America is at war; he said this is a time of war. Clearly, Biden understands how a war in Europe can affect supply and economic markets across the globe. Apparently, you do not.

Detained basketball star Brittney Griner calls on President Biden for help 🔴 Follow for the latest updates ⬇️

$NVAX Great News: Novavax Nuvaxovid™ COVID-19 Vaccine Conditionally Authorized in the European Union for Adolescents Aged 12 Through 17 $XBI 👍

Rivers State is SIMply too dirty! We need COLE for cleansing!

Resumption of deliveries to Europe boosts #Venezuela oil exports -data #oott

@furryfeller @JimTassyTiger When you look at it Macron Trudeau Biden Look at all of Europe - Austria, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Norway ….unpopular politicians in charge of the country? None of them are liked, nor popular, people hate them with a passion…….yet they “won” the election.

@cspanwj Biden: Before I left for Europe I signed a law, the first real gun safety law in 30 years. And things will get better still but not without more hard work together. You all heard what happened today.

Europol says nearly 130 human trafficking suspects have been arrested following a joint operation aimed at criminal networks allegedly planning to smuggle migrants to Britain on small boats.