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Updated: November 3rd, 2022 08:51 PM IST

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how to convince someone to change their mind to your side, according to twitter users: step 1: misunderstand their point step 2: insult them step 3: act like the victim when you do these these three things, there is absolutely no way they won’t see things your way instantly

Let the countdown begin. ✨ The holidays are back on November 3rd at Starbucks.


2) Meanwhile, flu season also started early. Hospitalizations up. Hospitals already full due to many other reasons like RSV. Plus covid is not over. Covid bivalent booster rates extremely low. And new COVID variants on the rise. #bringbackmasks!


Adele has shared how her name is actually pronounced

Adele says we have been pronouncing her name wrong this whole time Full story:

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Here is how #UNC can clinch the ACC Coastal Division this weekend: * UNC wins at Virginia * Duke loses at Boston College (Friday) * Miami loses vs. Florida State * Georgia Tech loses at Virginia Tech

#2novembre 15ème journée mondiale du droit de mourir dans la dignité. Plus que jamais mobilisés! #UltimeLiberté @OlivierFalorni @AMD_France @PartiRadicalG

Nothing new, but these drives per game numbers are always eye opening. Led by SGA, the Thunder is averaging almost 10 drives per game more than any other team.


The Seoul crowd crush was hours in the making, witness accounts and call transcripts show, leaving police facing questions over slow response. @ReutersGraphics pieces together an account of how a night of Halloween revelry turned to disaster

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World Series 🤝Thursday Night Football ¡Philadelphia y Houston se enfrentan dos frentes distintos y tú no te puedes perder el inicio de la Semana 9️⃣ por la pantalla de @FOXSportsMX y #NFLGamePass con transmisión en Español! ⚾️🏈 #NFLMX | #FlyEaglesFly | #WeAreTexans

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“It’s already the largest surge of infectious illnesses that some pediatricians have seen in their decades-long careers.” Per one Johns Hopkins pediatric ICU dr: “It is a crisis.” 😷 + #FluShot + #COVID19 #booster + wash hands to reduce risk #MedTwitter

@Naija_PR While they’re at it, they should also arrest the used car dealers listing and selling cars in USD thereby fueling inflation. Why would someone list 2007 c300 for million naira?

First match play event for our U12s v U12s POD tonight. A very exciting game and opportunity for the athletes to represent Thunder for the first time. Well done to Jess and Haida POMs 🖤💛


with the increased number of unreliable car dealers, there are several things to know before renting a car in Kenya.

You are crucified by your own limitations. Your blind choices cannot be changed; they are now irrevocable. You have had chances; you have not taken them. You are wallowing in original sin; your limitations.

@UTDTrey thursday night football is back baby!👀❤️

The Venn diagram of people loudly telling us to calm down bc COVID is just a flu virus and people who are certain that masking has brought on an unprecedented apocalyptic rise in cases of flu and RSV is a circle.

@CultOfHoodies @TransphobicLs thank you <3 but please remember we are our own identities and not just a gotcha for arguments :D so remember us in other places okay?

/ 📣25スピンをプレゼント‼️✨ \ 本日限定のプレゼントをお見逃しなく😊 このアカウントフォロワー限定プレゼントだよ🎶 受け取り期間は【明日 11:59】まで⏰ 📲下記URLからスピンをGETしてね! #マジックコイン

Another sure fire sign the Phillies stole #STLCards devil magic… they used it all in one game and are getting no-hit in the next. #WorldSeries

Longer I’ve done this job the more perplexed I am by the Permas. Perma bulls/bears, so odd. Saw both today. Incredulity at market getting nailed on rate hike while trading at 20x earnings as EPS falling. Perma bears calling for SPY at 1500. Lol. Alpha is in the middle my friends

NEW TRACKS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO NR THUNDER! Yorktown Great Lakes Old Miami Game Link: #Roblox #NASCAR #RobloxDev


$SOFI has raised their guidance to $ or 50% Revenue growth from 2021. This “student loan company” that hasn’t had student loan payments in years is still managing to grow revenue by 50% with the diversification of products to make it a true one stop shop

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This map really powerfully shows where the Republican base is. Note the exurbs round every city, OH & TX especially. Low college, high income. Plumbers. Car dealers. The mini-landed gentry of America.

@KenHeLive @MunnyHaze Bron is currently on pace to pass magic in assists this month . Current stats suggest around the nets game

🚨 THUNDER FANS 🚨 My guy @caleb_vinson is unable to go to the game vs the Nuggets tomorrow and is giving away his tickets! They are in section 113! If you are interested; and able to go reach out to Caleb in his DM’s! Be sure to follow him as well, he’s a good dude 🫡

Magic creator Richard Garfield releases new pvp card game #NFTgaming #NFTCommunity

If you want to offer a community meal for a holiday, especially during the holidays, go partner with others.

Most Americans (87%) plan to celebrate Thanksgiving, up from 83% last year, according to decision intelligence company Morning Consult. However, 22% said they were stressed out about paying for a Thanksgiving Day meal, writes @zoeyuqhan for @MarketWatch.

“I’m about to break an Italians heart.” *Holds the pasta with a demonic smirk.*

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@alaze_eth @TerrenePalz @Sdizzle562_ @tijuana_thunder @CryptoRob909 @awesomeisjayell @RedicNFTs @DclayTlks @CryptoHeaps Same here, I’ve never got to mint by playing a match the trait game before. Such a good idea and well executed


@Erick__kyole @NangendoChrist1 @FlamoFoundation We lift and restore PayPal limitations on your account and be able to access PayPal features again with guaranteed documents. Has your PayPal been limited Due to the Unavailability of Invoices or Other Documents? No Need to Worry, Get your Account restored and running again.

Bet of the day NBA Orlando Magic vs Golden State Warrior On-year statistic Warrior put up an average of points per game ❤️/RT/Comment your prediction to win 1N Place your bet only on #sportbetting #onlinecasino

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FREE~ NHL 2022 Live Stream HD NHL Streams Link:@nhlfreestream Flyers vs Maple Leafs Live Penguins vs Sabres Live #NHL


@evathegreat1 @DnowtweetS @stanzipotenza *tons of food getting wasted every day by major companies with the power and means to make a difference in the world* twitter weirdos: 🤷‍♀️ *random employee gives free drink to customer who values human dignity* twitter weirdos: is this a felony?? where is the justice?? hello??

@isaiahk1973 @joseph_kalimbwe 1. Where did the car dealership get the cars. 2. Why dont you use these local dealers to buy hospital equipements. 3. Give us proof where you tried to buy or you made an order and refused to do the deal or make a delivery.

How a night of Halloween revelry turned to disaster in South Korea. Powerful and sobering visualization of how the Seoul crowd crush was hours in the making. By @ellis_news @SimonScarr @adolfux @AlbusJitesh @juminism and many more

the bad news bears point break the lusty men everybody wants some!! happy gilmore …all the marbles days of thunder breaking away raging bull he got game #filmpollsports

🏀 DNVR WATCH PARTY🏀 TOMORROW the Nuggets take on the Thunder. Join us at The DNVR Bar! 😤 Diehard fans 🍻 Great drinks 🔥 IMMACULATE vibes 👀 AND Giveaways Watch tomorrow’s game The DNVR way!


@Sharky_vs_Evil @DrJamesOlsson Sure! It really makes sense that the injected concoction couldn’t be responsible for it! It’s the effect of natural immunity battling virus ..created a rise in RSV ! And the reasoning is solid because msm told me and they are getting paid to run propaganda 24/7 for BP!✅👀