3 Tips On How To Spend Your Money In Ways That Actually Make You Happy

3 Tips On How To Spend Your Money In Ways That Actually Make You Happy.

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Many of us are taught to avoid conversations around the topic of money. As such, we struggle to understand the relationship we have with it. We may ruminate on questions such as:

It’s good to reflect on these questions as they tell a deeper story about how you view money and its role in your life. Here, I will talk about three ways money can actually buy happiness, according to new scientific research.

We often feel nudged to think of creative ways to show our commitment to our partner. This might mean making an unexpected thoughtful gesture, crafting a handmade gift, or thinking of new ways to spend quality time together.

While all of these methods are great, there’s nothing wrong with buying your partner something they want or could use — or, even better, something they want but would never buy for themselves.

One recent study shows that partners who regularly spend money on each other are more satisfied in their relationship. Spending on your partner increases partner responsiveness which contributes to the health of the relationship and to both members’ individual psychological health.

Moreover, buying something for your partner does not mean that you did not put time and effort into the gesture. Purchasing something nice takes effort too — you might have had to save up money, plan around a sale, or make a reservation.

Yes, pets are huge responsibilities. Yes, they can make a mess. Yes, they sometimes leave bite marks on brand-new furniture. Yes, veterinary visits can be expensive.

But pets are not money pits. On the contrary, research shows that spending money on your pets — be it for training, toys, or accessories — can significantly increase your level of happiness.

There are other positives as well. Petting a dog can have stress-busting effects on your mind and body. Keeping your pet active forces you to stay active. Perhaps most importantly, pets also play an emotionally supportive role for you and your family.

People who own pets are known to be more sociable and tend to create vibrant communities with other pet owners, which can be a powerful antidote to loneliness and isolation. It was no surprise that when the pandemic hit and the world went into hibernation, pet adoption and sales reached record-breaking highs.

While spending on others is a great way to increase your happiness, spending on yourself is not a crime. In fact, buying new and interesting experiences for yourself is a great way to achieve long-lasting happiness that is not rooted in materialism.

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