Alice Cooper groups record-store reunion movie is coming out Heres how to get it

Exciting news. A documentary capturing a record-store reunion by the four surviving members of the @alicecooper group will be released on Friday, Sept. 30, as a CD and Blu-ray Digipak and four varieties of colored vinyl with accompanying DVD. @azcentral.

Alice Cooper group, record-store reunion movie

Its been three years since a documentary capturing a record-store reunion by the four surviving members of the Alice Cooper group made its world premiere at the Phoenix Film Festival, winning Best Documentary Short in the process.

The soundtrack to that documentary, "Live From the Astroturf, Alice Cooper,” will be released on Friday, Sept. 30, as a CD and Blu-ray Digipak and four varieties of colored vinyl with accompanying DVD.

The concert was originally set up as a book signing for bassist Dennis Dunaways memoir, "Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group."

But Dallas record store owner Chris Penn of Good Records, where Dunaways signing was scheduled to happen, had chosen that date in October 2015 because he knew the singer had the day off from touring in Texas.

Thats how he was able to orchestrate a rare reunion concert by the group whose 1973 U.S. tour in support of the chart-topping "Billion Dollar Babies" album broke box-office records then held by the Rolling Stones.

Director Steven Gaddis was on hand to capture Cooper, Dunaway, guitarist Michael Bruce and drummer Neal Smith in action for “Live From the Astroturf, Alice Cooper," which won multiple awards at festivals around the world.

"And then we found out that Alice was going to be in town and have a day off, so Chris asked if Michael and Neal would be interested in playing and we ended up turning it into this massive event around the book signing."

Or as Dunaway told The Arizona Republic, "Not bad for no rehearsal and having not played those songs in quite a few years. The night before, Neal, Michael and I got together and made sure the amps were working... It was more like a soundcheck than a rehearsal but, you know, it’s not like we haven’t played those songs before."

They hadnt done "Elected" in awhile. Ryan Roxie, who was filling in on guitar for the late great Glen Buxton, who died in 1997, talked them into doing that one.

"But it came out great," Dunaway said. "As soon as you hear the original sound and all of the parts being played the way they were written, it makes things kind of fall into place naturally."

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