In 4 Words, Google CEO Sundar Pichai Just Gave the Best Advice on How to Lead

In 4 Words, Google CEO Sundar Pichai Just Gave the Best Advice on How to Lead. It Also Works for How to Raise Successful Kids.

4 Words, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the Best Advice

Parents, picture this: your child has just taken a test theyve been studying for. Do you usually wait for good test results before you take them out for ice cream?

Leaders, picture this: an employee has been working long hours on a report. Do you usually wait to see its final quality before you recognize their effort?

In a commencement speech at Stanford, Sundar Pichai said 4 words that encapsulated years of research on the psychology of human motivation: "Reward efforts, not outcomes."

What hes tapping into here is creating sources of intrinsic motivation. This means motivating people to do something because they truly enjoy it, love the challenge, or find it interesting. As opposed to seeking a reward (or avoiding a punishment). 

Being results-driven is a form of extrinsic motivation. This means that the motivation behind your behavior is either the seeking of a specific external reward (higher salary, social clout) or the avoidance of a specific external punishment (getting fired).

The external thresholds against which we measure our worth are usually dictated by the environments were in. So, when we become so focused on the goal and the precise steps needed to achieve it, we can fall into the trap of socially-prescribed perfectionism (SPP). 

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