Germany sees brighter outlook for Europes largest economy

Germany sees brighter outlook for Europe’s largest economy.

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FRANKFURT, Germany — (AP) — The German government on Wednesday said it expects to eke out economic growth this year instead of a decline as Europe’s largest economy manages its energy divorce from Russia and shells out support for consumers and businesses hit by higher energy costs.

The outlook improved to an 0.2% expansion from a 0.4% contraction expected in October, when Germany feared that this winter it would run out of natural gas used to power factories, generate electricity and heat homes. Warmer-than-usual weather helped, as did a scramble to line up additional supplies of liquefied natural gas, or LNG, that comes by ship instead of pipeline from Russia.

Russia’s state-owned exporter Gazprom has halted all but a trickle of natural gas to Europe as countries support Ukraine during the war. Germany, one of the countries most dependent on Russian natural gas to power its industry, had no reception terminals for LNG at the start of the year. It now has three floating terminals on …

Germany is to join France, Spain and Portugal in an ambitious hydrogen project that could see greener gas generated using renewables piped from the Iberian peninsula.

Hopkins Park, 65 miles from Chicago in Kankakee County, has gone decades without access to natural gas for heating their homes, but thanks to a new partnership...

Tales of the American Empire | January 19, 2023 In 2008, American President George Bush officially announced plans to add the nation of Ukraine to his empire. This would strike a serious blow to Russia by cutting its access to southern Europe. Ukraine was a key Russian trading partner that controlled most access to the

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