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Updated: October 27th, 2021 04:50 AM IST
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25 October 1934 | A Dutch Jewish boy, Elias Israël de la Penha, was born in Amsterdam. In August 1942 he was deported to #Auschwitz and murdered in a gas chamber after the selection.


¿La @DGobiernoMadrid va a permitir una marcha con el objetivo de deslegitimar al Estado de #Israel? Mirad el mapa: anula Israel y lo incluye como Palestina. Esto es un ataque frontal a la Comunidad Judía, no lo permitiremos.


Palestinian mother is forcibly pulled from her son’s grave by Israeli occupation forces while trying to protect it from being bulldozed. Israel has been demolishing Muslim graves to build a park in Al Yusufiye Cemetery, in occupied East Jerusalem

“All settlements are illegal under international law and remain a major obstacle to peace” Israel to build 1,300 settlement units in occupied West Bank

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Israel is holding its largest-ever air force exercise, including the participation of the UAE

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[VIDEO] New #COVID19 Delta variant not cause of concern yet: #Odisha Top Health official LINK -

This is nothing more than an attempt to silence supporters of Palestinian rights. It is anti-democratic, and contrary to the values expected of a US ally - Congresswoman Betty McCollum

Israel to send delegation to US to justify banning Palestinian rights groups

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The designation of 6 Palestinian NGOs as terrorist groups is outrageous. Israel is arbitrarily labelling human rights groups like this to try silence the stinging international criticisms that have been levelled at its record of terrorising the Palestinian people. #Apartheid

اسراییل بزرگترین تمرینات نظامی هوایی خود را راه اندازی می کند

Israel holds largest-ever air force drill with UAE visit

The State of Israel on Friday designated six Palestinian civil society groups as terrorist organizations. If funneling aid money, forging documents and providing jobs to terrorists is your way to care for human rights - THINK AGAIN.

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Delta Plus variant leading to surge in cases in UK, Israel, Russia. China again witnesses a new Covid outbreak.

Israeli officials go to US to show evidence to ban on 6 Palestinian NGOs

EU is kwaad op Israël wegens aankondiging bouw woningen in bestaande nederzettingen. Zeggen echter niets over woningen die tegelijkertijd voor Palestijnen worden gebouwd

US officials have said they were not informed prior to the Israeli decision and they wanted more evidence that the groups had links to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

@marty_morantz @MelissaLantsman Israel is an apartheid state. Who else says so? ✅ Major Israeli human rights groups ✅ ~200 Palestinian hr groups ✅ Human Rights Watch ✅ Ban Ki-moon ✅ President of South Africa ✅ 25% Jewish Israelis ✅ 25%Jewish Americans ✅ 65% Middle East scholars

Turkey’s spy-bust bombshell unlikely to further worsen ties with Israel - Fehim Taştekin @AlMonitor

Israeli officials will visit the US later this week to justify the decision to outlaw six Palestinian human rights organisations, Haaretz reported

What’s so upsetting is that Israel has evidence to prove the terror designation but b/c of petty politics - ⁦@gantzbe⁩ wanting to outshine ⁦@naftalibennett⁩ & ⁦@yairlapid⁩ - nothing was done on the public diplomacy front. Pure negligence.

A single Chinese state-owned steelmaker caused more emissions than Pakistan last year. With a population of more than 225 million people, Pakistan is the 5th most populous country in the world.

يعتبر قلق إسرائيل والإمارات المشترك حيال إيران أحد أسباب التقارب بينهما. #مناورات_عسكرية #إسرائيل #سلاح_الجو #الإمارات_المتحدة

Israeli officials go to US to show evidence allegedly justifying ban on six Palestinian NGOs

BREAKING NEWS: Israel’s new family unification approvals bring hope to Palestinians #family #Israel #Palestine #Unification

Israel holds largest-ever air force drill with UAE visit

Israel officials head over to US to show evidence to ban on 6 Palestinian NGOs

‘Hagee preaches hate’: Annual Cornerstone Church event again met with protesters

#Israel and #Bahrain signed a mutual Covid green pass recognition agreement, one day after the #UAE

Delta Plus cases account for 6% of new infections in the UK, but the sub-variant is still regarded as a “Variant under Investigation” (VUI), and not yet a “Variant of Concern” (VOC) as there is still insufficient information. Read more:

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detected in India. The new Delta Plus Mutation to continues to spread around the globe. WHO still refuses to label it as a variant of concern.

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The European Union called on Israel to halt settlement construction and not go ahead with tenders for about 1,300 new settlement homes in the West Bank that on land that Palestinians want for a future state

EU urges Israel to stop settlement construction after new tenders

“PFLP institutions operate under the guise of humanitarian aid, receiving funding primarily from Europe, Israel’s Foreign Ministry explained. These institutions serve as the main source of funds for the financing of the PFLP’s activities at all levels.

Trump had 89 million twitter followers. If you double that that’s 180 million. $twtr has users $FB billion $pints 454 million $bbig 225 million. $dwac has a long road ahead. 🐻

ISRAEL se prepara para un eventual ataque contra plantas nucleares de IRÁN . LE VOY A ISRAEL 💪

The fifth biennial Blue Flag event in southern Israel boasted advanced fighter jets and hundreds of participants from eight countries, but not a word about the designation of Palestinian NGOs as terrorist organizations, writes Anshel Pfeffer

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Israel holds largest-ever air force drill with UAE visit

Last week #Israel escalated its crackdown on critical voices by branding six prominent #Palestinan human rights NGOs “terrorists”. How #EU leaders respond to this assault on civil society will be a test of their resolve to protect #HumanRights defenders.