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Updated: December 2nd, 2021 03:50 PM IST
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In Israel gibt es Hinweise, dass BionTech auch gegen Omicron 90% Wirksamkeit habe. Bisher wurden die Daten nicht veröffentlicht. Morgen versuche ich bei ISR Kollegen mehr zu erfahren.

The great irony of anti-Israel Jew-haters is that they prove every single day why Israel needs to exist

Back to the Middle East for the final two races of 2021. 👊 First stop, Saudi for the first time in the history of F1. #SaudiArabianGP 🇸🇦

Oh the shame. A UK-based *medical conference* appears to have been the super-spreader event for the infection that took #Omicron to Israel. not everyone was wearing masks. The conference was attended by 1,250 people in person.

#BGYO : Our @bini_members and @ofcbgyo_members on standby for #1MXDubai2021 Mediacon. Follow @KapamilyaTFC socials for real-time updates. And later at 3PM (MNL Time) on the TFC Middle East Facebook page! Stay tuned ACEs and BL♾M! #BGYOinDubai

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Israel Adesanya’s head coach explains why he’s lost respect for ‘Hollywood’ Khabib Nurmagomedov and his team

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Trump’s Iran Policy Has Become a Disaster for the and Israel

Trump’s Iran Policy Has Become a Disaster for the and Israel. Exiting the nuclear deal was one of the dumbest, most poorly thought out and counterproductive national security decisions of the post-Cold War era. @tomfriedman

These are the world’s most expensive cities

Top 10 most expensive cities in the world to live in 2021 - And none are in Canada. Toronto is 79th in terms of increase from 2020, but not in Top 20 most expensive either. Sorry to disappoint you Pierre Poilievre. #justinflationIsFake

Trump’s decision to tear up the Iran nuclear deal was one of the dumbest, most poorly thought out and counterproductive national security decisions of the post-Cold War era, writes @tomfriedman.

Even Tom Friedman agrees: Trump’s decision to tear up the Iran deal in 2018 — urged on by Pompeo & Netanyahu — was one of the dumbest, most poorly thought out and counterproductive US national security decisions of the post-Cold War era.

Today on “The Intelligence”: what Jack Dorsey’s departure from Twitter portends, Ukraine tensions spike again and our latest list of the world’s most expensive cities

The world’s most expensive cities to live in revealed 👉

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Iran preparing to enrich uranium, nuclear deal talks in Vienna told

We’re not crying (ok maybe we are). The light of #Hanukkah has been shining for thousands of years & will keep shining. Join the @cityofdavid as they light a menorah made of ancient lamps from the same region where our history as a Jewish nation began.

#BREAKING: As Vienna negotiations take place, the IAEA reports #Iran has started the process of enriching uranium to 20% purity with IR-6 advanced centrifuges at its Fordow facility.

Political commentator, David Yaghoubian says Iran’s stance in the Vienna talks is fully consistent with international law.

Lifting sanctions on Iran could lead to military action by Israel, officials in Jerusalem warned world powers, as negotiations to curb the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program continued on Tuesday. See all of the rumors of war today?

Israel’s Tel Aviv has leapfrogged Hong Kong and Singapore to become the world’s most expensive city to live in

On “The Intelligence” we run through @TheEIU’s latest list of the world’s most expensive cities—with a first-timer in the top slot

On the Iran talks in Vienna, a diplomat tells me the working group on nuclear commitments did meet today. “We seem to get slowly into working mode,” he adds.

US Republicans in a letter to Biden vow to block any sanctions relief for Iran

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Netanyahu struggles to plot path back to power in Israel

Report: Israel failed to probe shootings at Gaza protests | AP Newsr

♦️ We reveal the world’s cheapest and most expensive cities. ♦️ Why America’s abortion rights are on the ropes. ♦️ Who is Parag Agrawal, Twitter’s new boss? Read today’s news, updated regularly 👇

Sanctions removal least US could do to redeem its sabotage of JCPOA: Expert

My latest piece on this round of Iran talks in Vienna: 1) This week is essential to find out whether Iran is serious abt negotiations. 2) If reports about Iran preparing to enrich to weapons grade turn out to be correct, talks will be seriously imperilled.

The most expensive city to live in is now Tel Aviv. The cheapest is Lusaka in Zambia. Where’s London? It’s at 17th position (tied with Helsinki) and cheaper than Sydney and Tokyo.

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According to experts, Israel is not the most important factor in the fate of ongoing nuclear deal negotiations in Vienna

Negotiations between world powers and Iran to restore the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear deal resumed in Vienna but if one thing is certain, #Iran didn’t come to negotiate an end to their nuclear problem.

#ViennaTalks, not one word about the hostages left in Iran after the 2015 agreement! Britain, France, Germany & US have citizens on the list, is there a diplomat among all brave enough to re-negotiate this @SecBlinken @USEnvoyIran @trussliz #FreeNazanin

If Russia and China are indeed planning to carry out military operations, they will need to collect conventional military intelligence here in the US. I hope our counterintel folks can counter this threat.

Tel Aviv ranked world’s most expensive city, overtaking Paris. The city climbed five rungs to score top place for the first time.

3/ Fuente de la noticia.

Iran nuclear talks in Vienna made unexpected progress when Tehran formally agreed to discuss steps to come back into compliance with the 2015 agreement.

Via Thomas Friedman —> Trump’s Iran Policy Has Become a Disaster for the and Israel - The New York Times

UN envoy warns of risk of new Israel-Palestinian violence


Omicron: Israel rights groups object to intelligence surveillance of carriers