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Updated: November 27th, 2021 09:50 AM IST
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Israeli PM says we are currently on the verge of a state of emergency regarding new Coronavirus variant: Reuters

📍BREAKING— Israel 🇮🇱 reports its first confirmed case of new #B11529 coronavirus variant in a traveler who flew ✈️ from Malawi ➡️ this is now the 3rd case outside of Africa (after 2 cases found in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 - see thread 👇). #NuVariant

NEW COVID VARIANT: WHAT WE KNOW - , to be named Nu - 32 mutations in spike protein - Earliest known case: South Africa, Nov. 12 - Fears it could be more transmissible, evade immunity - UK & Israel impose travel bans - SA reports 2,465 new cases, up 321% from last week

BREAKING: Israel bans travel from South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Eswatini due to new coronavirus variant

The Dow logs its worst day in over a year, closing down more than 900 points as fears over a new Covid-19 variant grip global markets

A new COVID variant drives markets insane because officials decided that COVID Zero is the goal; rather than to focus on early care and/or to expand healthcare capacity which was the original goal of lockdowns: Slow (not stop) the spread so that hospitals don’t get overrun.


Dow futures plunged and oil fell 5% on Friday as the emergence of a new Covid-19 variant rattled global markets.

Could the new coronavirus variant that is crashing global markets today be the price we will all pay for the failure to distribute vaccines equally around the world

EU, UK, Israel to halt air travel to southern Africa over new COVID-19 variant

The UK, Italy, Czech Republic, Israel, Japan, Germany, India, and Singapore tightening up on travel from southern Africa. From outright travel bans to extended quarantine to heightened warnings. WHO meeting scheduled at midday in Geneva. And Australia does nothing yetm

Vielleicht könnte wir im März mal gucken, ob das nicht auch für uns klug (gewesen) wäre. Falls da zufällig jemand im Bundestag Zeit für hat.

Israel’s defense minister said Thursday he hopes a better nuclear deal will come out of upcoming talks between world powers and Iran, but Israel is hedging its bets and building up its military capabilities.

BREAKING: Israel identifies a case of the new Covid-19 variant recently discovered in southern African nations


Stock markets around the world tumbled Friday after scientists in South Africa identified the new, fast-spreading omicron coronavirus variant — with the Dow recording its biggest single-day drop of the year.

Israel warns of looming emergency after its first case of omicron, new COVID-19 variant


#UPDATE Israel has identified a case of a #COVID19 variant with a large number of mutations first detected in South Africa, the health ministry said Friday

Israel warns of looming emergency after its first case of omicron, new COVID-19 variant


Israel Detects Case Of New Covid Variant First Found In South Africa

$385m nauru -

Both the UK and Israel have announced travel restrictions on several African nations after South Africa detected a new coronavirus variant. Japan and Singapore have also decided to tighten border controls.

Israel finds case of COVID strain first detected in South Africa

Dr @Swamy39 jee : Israel Defense Ministry reportedly scales back the list of countries with which Israeli cyber firms can do business from 102 to 37. Industry insiders describe the move, believed to be linked to the NSO scandal, as a major blow. 🌟🍀

#100ArgentinosDicen -

Israel detects first case of new, highly mutated COVID-19 strain

Israel identifies a case of the new Covid-19 variant recently discovered in southern African nations

यूरोपीय संघ ने दक्षिणी अफ्रीका से आने वाली उड़ानों को रोकने का फैसला किया #COVID19 #SouthAfricaVariant


Dün bahsettiğim Güney Afrika’da ortaya çıkan & bizi endişelendiren yeni korona varyantı (büyük ihtimal Nu varyantı adı verilecek) bugün İsrail’de tespit edildi. Bu kişi Malawi’den İsraile dönen aşılı bir yolcu…bir an önce bu ülkelere seyahat kısıtlanmalı

Israel has identified a case of #COVID19 variant , the health ministry said Friday.

GLOBAL MARKET MELTDOWN: News of the new ‘omicron’ Covid-19 variant sends global markets plunging, with the Dow Jones suffering its worst day of the year. @DeirdreBolton reports.

Israel has identified its first case of the new Covid-19 variant

England and Israel ban flights from southern Africa.

Stock speculators rattled by the spread of a new Covid variant were in no mood for patience heading into what could be a heavy weekend of news

Israel on ‘verge of state of emergency’ over new coronavirus variant #NuVariant

Current list of countries implementing travel bans on Southern African countries over concerns: India Israel Singapore UK

I’ve been great about Israel’s covid restrictions. I’ve been patient. I rescheduled. I waited to book things. Now we’re 3 weeks away and thousands of dollars deep. If something happens and I can’t get in, trust that I will absolutely lose my fucking mind.

وزیر دفاع اسرائیل می‌گوید: یک توافق خوب باید کاستی‌های توافق قبلی در زمینه برنامه‌ موشکی، سرعت توسعه برنامه‌ هسته‌ای و رفتار ایران در سطح منطقه را رفع کند.

Bennett warns Israel entering ’emergency situation’ over new COVID-19 strain

The UK and Israel have moved quickly to impose travel restrictions on travellers from nations in southern Africa in a bid to contain the risk arising from a new COVID-19 variant.

Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic played down the risk of a new Covid-19 variant to the economy and said he was open to scaling back asset purchases at a faster pace to keep inflation in check

Israel classified several African countries as red after a new variant considered dangerous emerged in the region. Here is a list:

Oil Prices and Stock Markets Crash With The News Of A New COVID-19 variant Omicron #COVID19 #OmicronVariant #OilPrices #StockMarket