Tlaibs campaign paid out over $100K to a firm founded by defund the police, anti-Israel activist

Updated: July 22nd, 2021 07:50 PM IST

Tlaib’s campaign paid out over $100K to a firm founded by defund the police, anti-Israel activist

Tlaibs campaign paid out over $100K to a firm founded by defund the police, anti-Israel activist Photo

campaign ofshaft“Member Representative Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., has paid more than $100,000 to a Florida-based progressive firm for a “fundraising consultancy” founded and run by police and anti-Israel activists, campaign filings show is.

Tleeb’s Campaign and PAC $96,000. Sent Unbottom Power LLC, a Florida-based firm, for “fundraising consulting” in payments between March 2020 and March 2021 expert in grassroots organizing and advocacy consultation. The campaign paid a further $18,000 to Unbottom Power between April 2021 and June 2021, according to the Federal Election Commission. Record The show released last Thursday.

Palestinian-American activist Rasha Mubarak, who founded Unbot Power in March 2020, has been involved in grassroots advocacy for more than 15 years and has assisted Tlaib’s political career over the past decade. happy march 2019 tweeted that he “raised” his first political fundraiser 9 years ago and that it was for Tlaib, who reacted That she “can’t wait” to organize a political fundraiser for herself.

Mubarak, who has publicly called on several times to defend the police, tweeted Back in April that he believed the United States should “abolish the police.” in two Different Tweets From July 2020, Mubarak called on Orange County to “defame the police.”

The Florida activist has also tweeted about her involvement with Dream Defenders, an activist group that was co-founded by self described Socialist and former Bernie Sanders surrogate, Philip Agnew.

Dream Defenders has been vocal about defame the police on their social media platforms. happy last june tweeted A link to a Dream Defenders “Sunday School” session video on how to defend the police and encouraged his followers To donate to his bail money amid the riots that took place last summer. He also encouraged his followers donate For the Dream Defenders organization.

Tlaib received a response in December 2020 after retweeting a Mubarak tweet that included the anti-Israeli slogan “From river to sea, Palestine will be free.” Democratic Group, Democratic Majority for Israel, reacted Calling it an “immoral and reprehensible situation” and adding that the slogan meant that Tlaib “views the entire State of Israel as illegitimate and wants it to be abolished.”

happy start of the year tweeted your support for the anti-Israel Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and claim About him and Palestinian activists being able to “shut down” an anti-BDS bill in 2019. they also did Repeatedly Israel has been called an “apartheid” state, which echoed Tlaib himself.

Shortly before the 2020 election, Talibo Thank you Mubarak asked for his help organizing voters, adding that his work was “behind the scenes making things happen” and that “coordinating this lineup with #SquadTeams helped make it right,” the get-out. Referring to one of the -the-vote rallies he organized.

Mubarak posted several photos of herself and Tlaib together on her Twitter account, including a “Happy Birthday” tweet that included four different photos of them together, and said she was “grateful”, Talib was in his life. Happy two other clips. show in car with talib and talibo having food Happy with your family. one more Video Mubarak, Tlaib, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D.N.Y, & Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Min., says, “Brown Girls Can.”

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