AEWs Kenny Omega Explains His Return to New Japan

AEW’s Matt Hardy teasing the return of his “Broken” gimmick? #AEW.

AEW, His Return

Matt Hardy has reinvented himself various times throughout his long and successful pro wrestling career with several gimmicks, including his “Broken” character.

The AEW star has teased bringing back the gimmick after dropping it in 2021 in favor of his Big Money Matt persona. Hardy recently took to Twitter to share an old clip of “Broken Matt.” Drone footage of the Hardy Compound, and he walked out of his house.

Hardy has made several references to bringing the Broken Universe back to AEW. Although Brother Nero is mentioned in this clip, it should be noted that the belief is Jeff Hardy won’t be brought back from suspension by AEW until his legal issues relating to his recent DUI arrest. His next court date was moved back to mid-December.

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