Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fans who pre-order from Amazon Japan get a special spoon

What a scoop!.

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No, you are not hallucinating. Yes, you did read that correctly. As first reported by dedicated deals hound Wario64 on Twitter, Amazon Japan (opens in new tab)s page for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has just been updated with new information. What is that new information, you ask? Why, its a spoon.

For just the small price of ¥7,920, which equates to around $60, The Legend of Zelda spoon can be yours. This unique spoon is included with all standard copies of the game through Amazon Japan, so there are probably a few million Zelda spoons being manufactured somewhere right now.

Youll get this special spoon if you pre-order the Collectors Edition of Tears of the Kingdom via Amazon. So if you werent swayed by the promise of an art book, steelbook case, poster, pins, and particular box container, a flashy spoon might just do it for you.

"Holy shit a spoon!? Im ordering this game now!" writes one Twitter user responding to Wario64. Thats just the response Nintendo wouldve wanted. "Does the spoon come with magical power?" wonders another user. No, it probably doesnt, but please dont let that deter you.

Hey, credit where credit is due, the spoon gives the special Zelda cutting board a run for its money. For North American customers, anyone pre-ordering Tears of the Kingdom from GameStop can bag a special Zelda-emblazoned wooden board, which produced similarly confused reactions last month.

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