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Updated: December 9th, 2022 12:45 PM IST

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Sweden striker John Guidetti used to play football in Kenya’s academies when he was growing up. 20 years later, he returned to catch up with his teammates and recreate their iconic team photo ❤️

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Official. Luis Enrique leaves Spanish national team, statement confirms. 🚨🇪🇸 #Qatar2022 It’s over after internal meeting — as Luis Enrique is prepared to return to club football.

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Hearing I’m BARELY top ten in Pro Bowl votes. Retweet IF THAT PISSES YOU OFF 🤬😤😡 COWBOYS NATION‼️Picking out 2 RT’s to win this signed football & Helmet which has unc @michaelirvin88 sig on it too! #ProBowlVote #DemarcusLawrence @dallascowboys

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Limited Time Event The Glorious Path to Santa Claus - The Sealed Christmas Present is coming soon! A mysterious phenomenon has caused all of the presents handed out inside Chaldea to turn black and refuse to open. For more information, visit #FateGOUSA

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Today, Gov. Andy Beshear announced Pernod Ricard USA LLC will establish a new distillery in Marion County, creating 55 full-time jobs with a $196 million investment. Read more:

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📚 NEW SALE: save 10% on book bundles in the #GOMANGAStore! Buy 2 or more volumes in the same series and get 10% off them all. USA customers: order this week to get your books in time for Christmas! Lots of new books added—don’t miss out!

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BREAKING news: @Pernod_Ricard Is building a $250-million Jefferson’s distillery in Marion County. It will include a 54 column inch still.

@FredMinnick @Pernod_Ricard “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

Landmark child welfare suit targets North Carolina after USA TODAY Network investigation via @gastongazette

More big bourbon news: Pernod Ricard plans to build a $196m distillery in Lebanon/Marion Co. to make bourbon. State approved up to $ in tax incentives. Will create 55 jobs w/avg wage of $ including benefits, according to the state.

@FredMinnick @Pernod_Ricard Let me be the first to say - they are going to need a bigger boat.

Today, @GovAndyBeshear announced new job creation within Kentucky’s bourbon industry as @Pernod_Ricard USA LLC will establish a new distillery in Marion County, creating 55 full-time jobs with a $196 million investment. #TeamKentucky Read more:

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The Oklahoma Sooners remained well outside the top 50 in the latest USA TODAY Sports 1-131 re-rank. From @bendackiw

BREAKING NEWS: Pernod Ricard to Build $250 Million, Million Proof Gallon, Kentucky Distillery for Jefferson’s Bourbon [Renderings] @Pernod_Ricard @JeffsBourbon @KyBourbonTrail @CEDkygov via @DistilleryTrail


Pernod Ricard announces plans to invest $250M for carbon-neutral distillery in Marion County:

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@FredMinnick @Pernod_Ricard Hey! We’re gonna need a bigger…oh, nevermind.

Used-car giant AutoNation USA opens first Midwestern branch in St. Peters

Nearly a dozen multinationals including Nestle, PepsiCo, Pernod Ricard, Mars-Wrigley, Coca-Cola, Mondelez, L’Oreal and Anheuser-Busch InBev are doubling down on India with higher investment plans for 2023. Read more at:

most watched thursday night football game by BBN since??

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@RBird101 @FredMinnick @Pernod_Ricard Reply of the year!

@FredMinnick @Pernod_Ricard 10 years from now Jefferson will be drinkable

Ann Mukherjee, chair/CEO of Pernod Ricard NA: “American whiskey is booming, and Jefferson’s growth has been phenomenal. We’re very bullish on the brand’s potential.”


Taking a step towards sustainability, #PernodRicardIndia has taken the initiative to remove permanent mono-cartons across its portfolio of brands. CMO Kartik Mohindra tells @Shilparanipeta that they will save 7,300 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. @Pernod_Ricard

Landmark child welfare suit targets North Carolina after USA TODAY Network investigation

#CarbonRemoval Focusing on our @ChivasNewsRoom distillery that aims to be #CarbonNeutral by 2026 thanks to a super low energy distillation technology called the Mechanical Vapour Recompression! 👉 #CircularMaking #GoodTimesGoodPlace

Theres a football game in 20 minutes and we still have no idea who is starting at QB for the Rams.

@TheSnowBelt @ASchmidtacular As Bobby always said “Boys, there are only two things that make money on campus, parking and football.”

Blake Corum carried this Michigan team on his shoulders the entire year. He is without a doubt the best RB in college football. Thank you @blake_corum 🤝🏼

@real_defender @POTUS This is TOTALLY DISGUSTING! You left Mr. Whelan in prison in Russia who served our country but brought back Brittney Griner who hates the USA and refused to stand for our National Anthem! Your priorities are all messed up! You need to be impeached for this!


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@ToneyTouchdown chargers when they play football

@FredMinnick @Pernod_Ricard I’ll take “how to make shitty bourbon 250 million dollars worse for everything I have Alex”!!!

Wow. This is the @FoxNews angle.

@FredMinnick @Pernod_Ricard Of course, et al is Latin for Hand Sanitizer.

NFL | 2022 | Week 14 | Raiders at Rams | Matchup Preview Who you got, leave a comment? #nfl #nflpicks #nflbetting #nflanalysis #football #touchdown #yards #offense #defense #LosAngelesRams #LosAngeles #Rams #LosAngelesRams #LasVegas #LasVegasRaiders #Raiders #lvatlar #larvslv

@Primo55 @SkusRecentEats @FredMinnick @Pernod_Ricard Actually, I think @TaylorCope1982 beat us all.

@SkusRecentEats @RBird101 @FredMinnick @Pernod_Ricard And I believe DJ had it first.

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@RBird101 @FredMinnick @Pernod_Ricard Thats fantastically on the nose. Nice work @RBird101

Pernod Ricard Continues to Invest in ‘Booming’ American Whiskey Category With Plans to Build $250 Million Kentucky Distillery for @JeffsBourbon:

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