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Updated: January 28th, 2023 01:45 AM IST

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Avex USA and Brandon Silverstein Publishing have jointly signed 23-year-old hitmaker Jasper Harris to a global publishing agreement.

When I realise I’m walking in the wrong direction I still do that thing where I pretend to look at my phone for a sec before turning around, there’s a bit of theatre to it. I don’t know who my audience is supposed to be, I think I just like the razzle dazzle, the curtain call

smoking on that shit that makes me wanna rip the stars out of the sky like it’s just a curtain with holes in it

So nothing overtly gay but the bearding symbolism was there. Her pulling back the curtain on the news anchor boyfriend and breaking down the walls of the house (straightness) to float alone into her own space. Notice the guy wasn’t up there with her.

I was gonna clean the bathtub and then the shower curtain touched me and annoyed me. Girl let me go

aaaand scene! she is literally tearing down a MOVIE SET and the biggest proof of it are the curtain holders and the walls being made of paper and cardboard.

Missing teen from the Baker Co, FL, area- reportedly could be in the Mandarin area & Jacksonville. They are asking for help I’m finding him.

10 X-rays -

ok heres my contribution to the guitar videos tonight, a lil bit of When the Curtain Falls by Greta Van Fleet

I-95 in CT ranks as most congested corridor in USA beating out LA; Merritt Parkway also makes top 10

“when she was standing behind the curtain like a weirdo” slxkzkd i love her sm #SaveWarriorNun #WarriorNun

Olaf Scholz ist es am Ende gelungen, die USA bei der Lieferung von Kampfpanzern an die Ukraine mit ins Boot zu holen. Auf dem steinigen Weg dahin könnte sein Ruf Schaden genommen haben.

Some new Toho kaiju mook just 700 yen at Kinokuniya. Checking the millennium page, I was on set for 7 of the photos, as described in my Kaiju Curtain book.


the curtain metaphor is peak homosexual i’ve dreamed of times like this

And now, the end is near And so we face the final curtain 🥹 Are you guys ready to say bye bye to Nu Kuea and Hia Lian ? 🥺 𓂅⋆ @CwrNew ૢ ‧༉ #NuNew #NanaNu #คืนนี้นิ่งเฮียจบแล้วนะ


if I was stuck in the black lodge for 25 years, tormented by visions and ghosts, I would simply pull down enough red curtains to make a little red curtain nest bed and sleep them suckers away until I’m ready to pop out and defeat my evil doppelgänger, just saying

I think we are now at this point in the movie…. Isaiah 40:22 KJV [22] It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

Amid managerial tumult, USA launch new World Cup cycle with Serbia loss

@MunchPudding @LisaCla29002177 I got my claw stuck in the curtain! Mom came to rescue the curtain and I caught her good and proper in my Floof Trap! 😹😹

Zee News
Zee News

पाकिस्तान ने कहा कि इस्लामाबाद और नयी दिल्ली के बीच पर्दे के पीछे कोई बातचीत नहीं हो रही है. #Pakistan #NewDelhi

I-95 in CT ranks as most congested corridor in USA beating out LA; Merritt Parkway also makes top 10

Nowplaying Stan - Eminem Feat. Dido (Curtain Call: The Hits) #NowPlaying Stan - Eminem

#100KwithCNP_Orio -

📋TEAM NEWS London Welsh Druids 2nd XV What a side this weekend for the Druids! 10 players with 1st XV experience this season! The Druids have the curtain raiser early kick off this Saturday as they take on @rosslynpark Bs at Old Deer Park in the Merit Premier League! #COYW

#100KwithCNP_Orio -

#BuildingTrek #MonthlyTrek Day 26: Behind the Curtain species - 2 from TAS 1. Rigellian hypnoid - a reptile that can create illusions in the minds of those nearby⬆️ 2. Vendorian - a shapeshifter who can disguise itself ↙️ (also appeared in Lower Decks) ↘️ @lisatsunami


🏀 Curtain call in a senior night WIN! Ashley Lewis leads the way with 21 pts in her last game at Branch McCracken Gymnasium FINAL Monrovia 65 Scecina 50 Bulldogs finish the regular season at 15-7 (tied for the most wins in the last 23 years!) @MonroviaNews @MonroviaBasketW

i rly wna buy a pair of pink crocs n have braces n collect webkinz n LPS & put a pink beaded curtain in the doorway 2 my bedroom & get a pink saucer chair & color in one of those velvet posters idk i jst wna be young n have fun n forget abt this stupid judgmental world

Monochrozmia: Curtain Call The Amateur Dress by @Eduardo_Lujano


@sophiadahl1 WEF stands for world economy forum,, where are the real world leaders??? what economic growth are they discussing?oh wait,, this nuts and idiots are planing to control the world behind the curtain of WEF 😡😡

Jasper Harris Signs to Avex USA and Brandon Silverstein Publishing

Jason Zachary Wade, who starred for @severn_lacrosse and @UNCMensLacrosse, will be inducted into the Chesapeake Chapter of USA Lacrosse. That is the first step toward joining his older brother in the @USA_Lacrosse National Hall of Fame.


We’re number 1! Yippee I-95 in CT ranks as most congested corridor in USA beating out LA; Merritt Parkway also makes top 10

hiding behind the curtain like a weirdo 😂😂 I would have chosen the talk scene instead #SaveWarriorNun

Walk within the dark. Pass the lines of light. Curtain covered art. Passing vines of shadow. Walled in matriarch. With quill in hand remarks, Upon the shaping of the meadow. Blooming mysteries. The makers of uncanny realms, Beyond the sight to see. I cast my gaze, To starry seas.

Three Old Monmothians will be performing with London Welsh Male Voice Choir at this season’s Six Nations rugby curtain-raiser. Elgan Alderman (04-11), @GethinAlderman (98-05), and Rhydian Harris (04-09) will be singing the anthems ahead of Wales and Ireland’s fixture on 4th Feb.

#100KwithCNP_Orio -



@Gerashchenko_en If communism behind the iron curtain was what people wanted and so much better than western civilization, then the iron curtain would never have fallen in the first place. East Germans wouldn’t have been fleeing to the west, and republic nations wouldn’t have broken away.

Super Bowl 2023 date, time and how to watch

Which Super Bowl matchup would get you to tune into the big game the most? USA TODAY Sports ranks the best possible Super Bowl matchups before all four teams play on Championship Sunday.

The stage is set. The audience is seated. We are just waiting for the curtain to be raised and the play to begin

I-95 in CT ranks as most congested corridor in USA beating out LA; Merritt Parkway also makes top 10


never said this but me and minji look similar the hair too but i have curtain bangs and not that long hair