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Updated: October 1st, 2022 10:14 PM IST

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TONIGHT! 🇵🇭 time 7PM: Bulgaria🇧🇬vs🇰🇿Kazakhstan 8PM: China🇨🇳vs🇧🇷Brazil Thailand🇹🇭vs🇩🇴Dominican Rep. 10PM: Germany🇩🇪vs🇨🇦Canada Puerto Rico🇵🇷vs🇰🇪Kenya 11:30PM: Korea🇰🇷vs🇭🇷Croatia ~ 12AM: Colombia🇨🇴vs🇨🇿Czech Rep. 1AM: USA🇺🇸vs🇷🇸Serbia 2:30AM: Poland🇵🇱vs🇹🇷Turkiye

@Spitfiremk2 @DominicFarrell @GBNEWS The ‘narrative’ that women are 51% of the population?

Great races in Missouri for these Baylor Bears! Ryan Day leads the way for men with a 23:51 for 8k and the women had a 34 second spread 1-5 with Ellie Hodge up front with a 21:16 for 6k! Big things ahead!

#12YearsOfIndustryHitEnthiran -

The Falcon women continue the trend, posting seven new personals bests in the 6k! Women’s 6k results 🟠🟤 Kailee Perry - 20 Kylee Cubbison - 21 Elise Johnson - 21 Izzy Best - 21 Regina Rose - 22 #AyZiggy #TalonsUp

Watch the grand finale episode of #CelebDragRace now on @wowpresentsplus (worldwide ex. Canada and USA) and @vh1 (USA) 👑

#FactsFriday Did you know that females constitute 51% of the total population in Uganda? More than 1 in 5 women aged 15 - 19 have experienced sexual violence at some point in life compared to men, with less than 1 in 10. #ThisIsBrave22 #BilliNowNowUG #LiveYourDreamUG

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Extra government spending in the 3 largest , Social care and education, disproportionately employ women who are readily exploited by low wages, zero hrs contracts, poor pension opportunity Supporting women 51% of the population is key. #CEDAWinLAW #50sWomen

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Which country can you go to between Canada and USA if you are given both a Visa and Work Permit?

Team USA’s dominant defensive showing resulted in an 83-43 victory over Team Canada & a trip to the gold-medal game of the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup for the 4th consecutive tourney. The final match is set for the gold-medal 🏆:

America cannot afford to send $80B to the Ukraine. It’s a ridiculous sum of money which USA cannot afford. Canada cannot afford to send Ukraine $100K. We’re dead broke. Resign Justin Trudeau. You’re a financial loser.

James Gill: In Murderville, USA, the mayor feels nothing but love

How much have the provinces and federal government of Canada paid @McKinsey to handle the covid-19 response? What about the USA? Australia? The UK? Did they come up with build back better? And the mainstream media? Was @McKinsey involved with consulting them too?

@riverankh @dave43law @EssexPR @GBNEWS As long as they are single sex. Women have historically had less toilet provision in UK despite being 51% of the population. We now have men taking selfies of themselves W*nkin in female toilets & daring us to object. The Queer Theory advocates want no boundaries.

Meanwhile Shapiro remains a big favorite in the Gov race: Leads 51-40 overall in Fox News poll Among suburban women: 60-31

The New US Nord Stream Pipelines #USA #UAE #Turkey #China #Ukraine #Europe #Iran #Qatar #Russia #EU #NATO #India #Africa #Germany #Canada #UK #RussiaUkraineWar #Italy #France #Biden #Putin #Hungary #Sweden

Guess the following ratio without consulting references: (USA population) / (Canada population) Post your guess in the comments

@JustinTrudeau The west are so hypocritical to judge electoral results with Russia when they may have only done what China, North Korea, USA, Canada, France, NZ, Australia, Holland have achieved. Rigged results are in fashion.

Friday night findom horny hours in Canada and USA now!🔥🔥🔥 FindomUSA findom findomCanada paypig finsub relapse humanATM

@daveyp29 @GSpellchecker Puberty blockers are not reversible and Scotland is trying to bring the age requirements down. Also this:

@AbbottCampaign @GregAbbott_TX Well actually, just fact checked your statistics from the debate. You lied about mental health getting better Tx is last in the 51. As for your adoption speech, Not 1 time did you mention the Real Mom? What makes you feel you should have any say over what women do with our 1/2

@carolinmcmillan @jk_rowling I feel like we are 51% but treated as less than 5. Im so sick of it. What we dont give, they take. All for what? Has male domination made the world better? Its just pathetic. Even women installed are male panderers and dominated.

1.) USA के लिए VISA का वेटिंग पीरियड 883 दिन होना, 2.) Canada House of Commons में November महीने को Hindu Heritage Month किए जाने का रेजोल्यूशन आम सहमती से पास होना, कुछ दिन पहले वहाँ धर्मों के नाम पर हल्का सा तनाव देखने को मिलना, 3.) England में धर्मों के नाम पर दंगे होना आदि

Why they aren’t broadcasting the USA women Fiba World Cup anywhere. They just beat Canada 83-43 to reach gold game and they are 7-0.

@jimboFootball We should understand that even though countries like Canada, Germany, The Baltic States, and the rest of Europe help Ukraine a lot. Without 🇺🇸🇵🇱🇬🇧 Ukraine would either be fully or mostly controlled by Russia. Ukraine is winning the war primarily because of USA, UK, and Poland. 🇺🇦

Now on @njdotcom Sixers’ star Joel Embiid has option of playing for USA or France in 2024 Olympics


@TheAakashavaani Include SVP 👍 usa - 950k+ Premiers Canada - 160k+ Premiers

BREAKING! NIH Study Finds That SARS-CoV-2 Spike Proteins And mRNAs Can Translocate Into The Nucleus Of Host Cells Unlike Any Other Coronaviruses! #BREAKING #BreakingNews #news #COVID #USA #COVID19 #Europe #Canada #Australia #India #healthcare #Germany

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Sixers’ Joel Embiid has option of playing for USA or France in 2024 Olympics

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The birth of #NATO, the transatlantic alliance 1949: USA; Canada on one side of the Atlantic. On the other side: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Iceland – The First Twelve.

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This exemplifies the desperation of a group who knows that women are 51% of the population and so must be indoctrinated into a system that keeps them voting against their own interests. They must stay in the church, in the right schools, marrying the right men to be controlled.

Every time i see a white woman say “women will burn the GOP to the ground” I always think back to how 51-53% of white women voted for Trump after the grab em by the pussy quip. And there are 19k likes on this Trump doctor’s tweet 🤷🏾‍♂️

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@yumewarlock I remember when women gamers were at 51% at one point, but of course the vitriol of manchildren have ruined that for us.

@ZZHelixir @ShlWenzhou So…. What time will that be GMT? We are 7hrs behind China ML and roughly 5-7 hrs ahead USA, Canada

The victim was riding a Red Line train at which point two offenders approached him, and eventually struck him in the head with a wine bottle.

USA TODAY Sports latest bowl projections for OU

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