Curl prepares for college season, USA Hockey Festival

The grind to make a national team in any capacity is tough on an athlete, especially one that is still in college..

Curl, college season

"Its definitely a lot of juggling," said Curl, who graduated from St. Marys in 2018. "Its hard as an athlete to be peaking at the right time for different things. As a college player, all you have to worry about is peaking for the season, but playing for both collegiate and national teams means you have to peak at different times."

Curls journey to make a name for herself on the national stage started last year when she entered the process to try out for the U.S. Olympic Hockey team.

"I was excited to have the opportunity to be part of the residency program, which started in October," Curl said. "Its a stressful and tough environment to be in for a few months. I was grateful to be there, I got some good experience under my belt."

Curl survived the first round of cuts for the Olympic team, but when the final cuts were announced, she was one of the players summoned to the coachs office for bad news.

"Ive gotten cut from things before, but this was a little bigger, and was a little tougher," Curl said. "I headed back to Madison to train with (the Badgers) for a few weeks, then when the Olympics were going on, I got a text and got asked to join up with the team because they had an injury, which was crazy news to get."

Needing to jump through a massively abbreviated process to get checked out before heading to China, Curl traveled to California to go through a round of medical testing, including COVID tests.

Just before she was about to head to the airport to get on a plane to join her teammates in China, her final COVID test popped up as positive, sending her into quarantine and preventing her from playing with the Team USA.

"It was not an ideal situation, and its still kind of hard to believe," Curl said. "Ive had enough time now to process it and deal with it, and Im excited about the upcoming year."

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